Dr. Dov Rand Weight loss Specialist And Regenerative Medical Expert

Dr. Dov Rand is a weight loss specialist who received his medical training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. His passion is to help his patients who are having health problems as they age. Dr. Dov Rand from West Orange uses his experience and training in helping patients with health issues, such as weight loss and other medical conditions that come with growing older. He practices regenerative medicine that can greatly benefit his patients. This focus includes programs that address wellness, including IV nutrient therapy and different resolution to anti-aging and weight loss.

Dr. Dov Rand constantly develops programs for his patients on an individual basis to meet their specific medical needs. His programs include getting his patients to focus on areas in their lives that often sabotage their quality of living. Dr. Dov Rand affords his patients the opportunity to be relieved from conditions that are age-related. He is focused and determined to help his patients with restoration of their health, to improve their strength and to prevent disease.

At the Healthy Medical Center, treatments Dr. Dov Rand offers inventive approaches to menopausal problems such as mood swings, weight gain, mental fogginess, high blood pressure anxiety and hot flashes. These symptoms, are alleviated with Dr. Dov Rand’s treatments that he developed. His approach to helping his patients with aging issues such as those who suffer from night sweats, memory loss, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, low libido, fatigue and hormonal imbalance, he offers treatments that allow the body’s hormonal functions to perform normally.


Knowledge of Nutritional Approaches

Dr. Dov Rand was influenced by the study of nutritive principles. He developed the HCG nutritional program that included a hormone that pregnant women produce. This hormone develops in the placenta and nourishes the development of the fetus. A test has been done that shows the hormone can help in the prevention of deteriorating degenerative muscle in individuals who use diet to help with losing weight.

The HCG diet is accessible to patients who would like to see fast results in their weight loss program, and Dr. Dov Rand makes it available to them.


Nick Vertucci Writes A Book About Rebuilding His Fortune In The Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is famously a guy who made a lot of money investing in real estate. He likes to share his methods and story with others which is why he recently published a book that can be found on Amazon titled, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. In this book he writes about how he lost everything while working in the text industry and then transitioned over time to the real estate industry where he found enormous success.

It was in the technology industry that Nick Vertucci started his professional career. This all came apart in the early years of the 2000s when that industry entered a historic recession. He write in his book that he lost everything during this time and things only started to turn around when he started in the real estate industry by buying properties and then flipping them for a profit.

When the 200 dot-com crash happened Nick Vertucci’s business went under. He lost pretty much everything including his business and his family. A friend of his invited him to take part in a real estate seminar that lasted three days which he was at first dubious about but then learned had great value. His life and financial situation turned around due to what he had learned during this time and was really the biggest life-changing event for him.

After making a huge amount of money in real estate Nick Vertucci started up a radio program called “The Real Estate Flipping Hour“. This show, introducing the “Flip with Nick” tactics, was very successful. He talked about how people could make millions by investing in real estate, particularly by buying homes foreclosed on by banks, putting in some effort to improve the property, and then either selling it or using it as a rental property. The “Flip with Nick” system can be boiled down to, “Get In, Get Out, Get Paid” when it comes to using a property to make money really quickly.

Nick Vertucci has written a book which details his own personal account as well as showing people how they can use six fundamental blocks to build their own successful businesses. The book is 350 pages long and was published by Lioncrest Publishing. He says that he wants to show people how the life-changing philosophy that he was taught can really positively impact their lives. He expresses that he came from a family of very humble beginnings, made a fortune in the tech industry, lost all that, and then rebuilt by following successful strategies in the field of real estate.

Professor Sujit Choudhry Explains Issues With Constitutional Democracies

While the phrase ‘constitutional democracy’ might not be one that gets thrown around on a daily basis, it is still an exceptionally important concept since so many of the world’s leading nations operate under such a societal system. Sujit Choudhry, a Berkeley professor, has spent his life researching everything to do with constitutional democracies, and what he has learned is quite shocking. There is no doubt that constitutional democracies produce stable, happy societies, but Choudhry has discovered a crack in the system that could eventually lead to its downfall. He discusses this development in his most recent article. Read more on constitutionaltransitions.org.

Discussing a Current and Relevant Issue

Constitutional democracies bring together a foundation of laws and a system of equal voices to produce a society that is fair and balanced. However, that sort of open-ended freedom often has its downsides, and one downside could potentially allow those with nefarious intentions to gain power and keep it permanently using the very tools of democracy that so many hold dear. Choudhry points to the situation in Poland as proof of what can happen when a constitutional democracy is allowed to decay from the inside.

When Poland first elected to give majority control to the newly-formed right-wing nationalist party, it seemed like the anti-establishment cry from the populace demanding change, but the change they received is probably not what they expected. With such complete control, this radical conservative party was able to remake the constitution of the nation as they saw fit. What remains is a husk of its former efficient self, but the nation still labels itself as a constitutional democracy simply because that was the system that allowed these radicals to take control.

For more views, click on http://www.iconnectblog.com/2017/02/five-questions-with-sujit-choudhry/

Choudhry makes a connection between those events in Poland and certain developments in the United States. The Trump administration is certainly conservative enough to fall under the category of nationalism, and they clearly believe in a more authoritarian style of governing. Should Trump prove that point by stepping across a constitutional line in the sand, it will be a test for America unlike any it has ever seen. It’s much more difficult to fight the enemy hidden within.

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Ara Chackerian Wants To Preserve and Change the Wilderness at The Same Time

Ara Chackerian, a forestry visionary, believes that wilderness can play an important role in society. It could be an inspiration, a place for recreation and a place to pursue athleticism.


Due to its importance in society wilderness areas should be preserved. They must be taken care of and their resources must be kept intact.


According to patch, to help preserve the wilderness, a devoted group of wilderness experts assists public and private organizations in managing wilderness. They make sure that parts of the wilderness like trees, wildlife, the animals and everything are taken of in the appropriate manner. This group will ensure that the wilderness will be passed on to new generations.


To continue to preserve the wilderness, a person should know certain techniques that will insure that there are a variety of wildlife and shield the decreasing forest. The wilderness should also be protected from threats like fire, drought and stormy weather. People like Ara Chackerian know that one wilderness could be quite different from another forest. What works for one wilderness may not work for another one so a person must be careful not to use the same techniques for every forest.



Matt Pedigo, a member of the Michigan Wildlife Council, thinks that a park-like forest with old trees that are far apart from each other could be good for hiking, camping, and bird-watching, but it may not be good for wildlife. A variety of animal like young, dense wood for the shelter that they give. It would be good to ensure that a wilderness is good for humans as well as for animals.


Ara is not only a visionary, but he is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. His career has lasted many decades and has mostly dealy with healthcare technology. He has been able to start new companies that have become very successful. All these companies have dealt with many types of diagnostic imaging. on.



Chackerian’s current endeavor is to spread awareness of an innovative mental health procedure called transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is hoped that he is just s successful with this endeavor as he has had with other efforts.



Visit: https://angel.co/ara-chackerian

IC System Ethical and Honest with Professional Results

IC System began in 1938 thru the efforts and organizational skills of Ruth and Jack Erickson. The Erickson’s core values for IC System were honest service while being guided by ethical standards. IC System is celebrating 80 years in the business of portfolio recovery for its clients and remain firm in the founding principles in which it started. The Erickson ownership is now in its third generation and carries on the principles for Ruch and Jack Erickson.

IC System has always integrated innovation into its business practices and was the first portfolio recovery company in the United States to switch from typewriters to computers in 1968 (http://tcbmag.com/honors/articles/2013/2013-minnesota-family-business-awards/i-c-system,-inc).

IC System follows strict government regulation standards set by the Consumer Finance Standards Bureau and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. IC System is continually seeking better ways to carry out its work using acceptable government standards in its professional applications for clients and consumers.

IC System agents have at their disposal the most advanced collection tools to use in interacting with clients daily.

IC System is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. While the times have changed and we live in a digital age, the principles began with the Erickson’s in 1938 have remained the same, “ethical and honest.” IC System takes great pride in being able to offer customer-friendly practices. IC System strives to gain the best results for every opportunity at hand. IC System has been awarded the BBB Torch Award consecutively from 2013-2015.

When Ruth and Jack Erickson were starting their small business back in 1938 to serve the needs of its clients, they made sure they founded on honest and ethical principles that would last. Now having served over thousands of its clients with professional and satisfactory results the three generations of Erickson input have made IC System the family-owned and customer-friendly portfolio recovery business what it is today.


Sujit Choudhry is Featured in a New Book where he Discusses Eric Holder

Sujit Choudhry is a former law clerk, university dean, and professor. Despite his long list of accolades, Sujit is best known for his time spent as a constitutional adviser. Sujit traveled the world, helping world leaders and setting up democratic constitutions. Sujit Choudhry advised world leaders on subjects such as official language policy, secession, and federalism, see constitutionaltransitions.org.

Sujit is also an author, providing his work to books and journals such as The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and Is Every ballot equal? In a recent effort contributed to Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? Sujit writes about a tweet from Eric Holder, Barrack Obama’s Attorney General. The tweet was published in late 2017.

The tweet defined the firing of Bob Mueller as an absolute red line. “If removed or meaningfully tampered with,” Eric Holder wrote. “There must be mass popular, peaceful support of both. The American people must be seen and heard,” he concluded.

On first glance it appears that Holder is calling for the people to not allow Trump to fire Mueller, but he clearly states there will be support from both sides. In the book, Sujit Choudhry breaks down his personal opinion on the tweet, but he also talks about the thought process of Eric Holder.

Choudhry’s chapter in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? talks about two possible concepts that Holder could have been coming from (works.bepress.com).

The first possibility is a constitutional red line that is non-controversial and widely accepted by previous Presidents. This concept is based on what is allowed by the Constitution of the United States: Holder could have been saying that there are actual rules against a President firing a special investigation that is investigating the President.

The other concept that Holder could have been speaking about is civil unrest. He could have been merely stating that civilians are too involved with the investigation and neither side will buy the conclusion, no matter what is decided. If Trump fires Mueller, people could riot; If Mueller finds Trump guilty of a crime, people could riot. The red line could have been a symbol of the political divide in America.

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Why Every Young Investor Should Listen to Investment Expert, Chris Linkas

With the ongoing global economic crisis, every newbie in the world of investment needs a guide from the right investment experts to be able to sail through the investment storms. Thanks to the inspiration Chris Linkas for his financial acumen which he is using in advising young investors and giving them a guide in this field. He has an experience of over 15 years in financial matters and that’s why his advice is so tangible especially when he is insisting on investing early enough when a person is young.

It is obvious that many young people don’t have an investing mentality since their aim is to start investing when they get older. This has led many to work longer than required to sustain themselves when they are supposed to have retired. They forget the earlier you start your retirement plans the higher your return on investment will be. That’s why Chris Linkas advises millennials to start their investment journey now when they are young because of some basic benefits which include:

Development of a disciplined spending habit – young people are known for impulse buying and being extravagant but when you focus on your greater goal you become disciplined in your expenditure

According to Chris Linkas, young people have a great opportunity of learning from their own mistakes. This enables them to take risks and if they fail they can always try again because they have enough time which old people may not be having.

Since young people have time on their side, the little they invest is compounded by interest over time. They have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of compounding (http://reporterexpert.com/chris-linkas-talks-to-millennials/). Hence they can grow their wealth slowly over time.

Chris says that millennials have a high affinity for technology and hence they can keep to trends which will help them invest in various online platforms which elderly people may not know.

The advice given by Chris Linkas is valuable to young people because of his expertise and working experience in various the United Kingdom-based investment groups and organizations like the European Credit Group. Prior to joining this group, he served in New York in funding business where he gained much experience.


The Outstanding Reputation of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a top global supplier of food products. The company supplies high-quality value-added products to some of the world leading food outlets and retail food brands. In the United States, OSI Industries is considered one of the largest private companies. The company’s outstanding capabilities include efficient delivery of food products, effective supply chain, custom food products, and high-quality food products.

OSI Industries operates in about 17 countries in different continents with approximately 65 facilities. The company also raises people’s living standards by providing job opportunities. For instance, there are about 20, 000 employees in all its facilities. Through custom food products, OSI Industries values staying consistent and responsive to clients thus are supporting the future growth of other businesses. One of OSI’s primary goals is ensuring that its customers get a great experience consuming their products. The head offices of the company are based out of Aurora, Illinois.

In 2016, OSI Food made a great achievement by receiving a prestigious award, Globe of Honor Award. The company won the award for its excellent management as well as employing unmatched environmental measures. OSI was among the few companies that were recognized for strategic environmental governance. The company also acquires highly competent and experienced professionals who play a significant role in strategizing the most appropriate business operations.

Interestingly, the production plant of the company that is based out of Scunthorpe began its operation in 1989. The plant is quite popular in the region for producing protein products such as beef and pork. In 2013 and 2015, OSI also gained much recognition after receiving several awards. The company received the invaluable awards for its incredible practices and measures such as ensuring sustainability of the environment, employing an integrated approach, and high health and safety standards for all employees.

The high-value protein food products offered by OSI gives it an outstanding reputation. The company also provides food products for snacks, desserts, and side dishes among others. Some of the notable products offered include breakfast sausage, raw chicken products, hot dogs, bacon, and pizza. It is also worth noting that kettle products, dough-based products, and pork are offered.

OSI Industries acquired Baho Food in 2016. Baho food was another leading food product provider in Europe. The company offered similar products as OSI. Some of the products offered by the company were pork and beef. OSI acquired the company to strengthen its presence in different parts of Europe. For instance, OSI Food now has access to a wider customer base in Germany and Netherlands.

For details: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Armenia, Eric Holder, and Sujit Choudhry

Every government that’s ever been worth its positive societal weight in salt has had a constitution, effectively laying down the laws of the land for its citizens now and for generations to come. Many constitutions, even though the views of people change all over the world, are based on one another using comparative constitutional law.

This subject – comparative constitutional law – is something that University of California, Berkeley – School of Law professor Sujit Choudhry is a world-renowned expert in.

Choudhry has written countless valuable works over the years related to the field of United States law and constitution in general, the most recent of which is Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? – he wrote a chapter in the book, maybe not the whole thing (works.bepress.com).

But that chapter involves discussion on what former Attorney General Eric Holder, who served under Barack Obama, tweeted in late December 2017 regarding Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

That tweet, paraphrased, said that the United States citizenry should either take issue with Robert Mueller being fired or losing powers within the Department of Justice – should that happen, which hasn’t, thankfully, happened yet – or be perfectly OK with it. “The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative.

Sujit Choudhry talks about what the “RED LINE” Eric Holder tweeted about meant – the line of above which stands for the American people’s acceptance of such an issue, should it happen, and where space below illustrates a space for disapproving Americans to stand.

More on http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry

Ultimately, the federal government doesn’t determine whether what’s going on in the United States is appropriate or not, if – and only if – the American people stand up for what they believe is right. If they’re not active for what they want the world to be like, then the federal government – or any government – can effectively do what they want to.

Just a few days ago, Armenians protested its capital’s streets by the tens of thousands because they didn’t agree in what its government was doing. Every citizenry should be as active as Armenians were just days ago.

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Sujit Choudhry and An Analysis of The Country’s Disintegrating Democracy

We hear of so many people today that are trying to change the world, transform it and shape it to how they think it should be. People these days can do a lot of things, but what they need to do is to be a hero and put their life for the others. But, what the world needs is for more political thinkers that have skin in the game or those who put action first before words. One of these people these days seem to be Professor Sujit Choudhry.

Disintegrating Democracy

The strong points of Atty. Sujit Choudhry about the disintegration of the democracy today is a sign that there has to be a lot of changes that had to be done. There has to be news to address the threats to the democracy that the country faces right now. The expertise of Sujit Choudhry, in fact, in constitutional law would vouch for this argument that unless we make ways to contain the threats of democracy, things can get worse. The good thing, too, about his ideas is that he puts his name behind them and would pay for the consequence of his ideas.

In the Release Fact article, we can read that in his new book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis, he argues that the values of the American world can be undermined by those who don’t want democracy to reign. Without the right constitutional tools and understanding of federalism, semi-presidentialism and bills of rights and an architecture of a good constitution, things could be in chaos. This is the reason that the West should extend all their efforts to uphold what true democracy is about: freedom.

About Sujit Choudhry

Mr. Sujit is the lawyer behind many strategies of countries to improve their constitutional standing. He has been an advisor to many foreign dignitaries today in building their constitutions. Some of these countries include Sri Lanka, Yemen, South Africa, Ukraine and Jordan, check constitutionaltransitions.org. Without such partnerships and assistance to countries, Mr. Sujit would not be able to build the brand and reputation that he has already established on his own. All of these efforts are under his Center for Constitutional Transitions project.

Keep up with Sujit’s latest tweet, follow him at https://twitter.com/sujit_choudhry