Bruce Levenson is one of the most popular NBA owners in the league today. However, he did not start out with a love of basketball. Over the long term, he has done a great job of helping others get ahead. From the early part of his career, he has been interested in business. When he was in college, he started experimenting with starting companies in a variety of ways. This led him to eventually leave his corporate job and start one himself.

Early Business

Although he was passionate about his business, in the early days it did not go well. However UCG Founder, Bruce Levenson was able to learn a lot of lessons that would help him later in life. One thing that he realized was that he loved working for himself much more than for other people. After his first business did not work out, he started another one. This would be the business that would eventually change the course of his life.

Selling Out

After he had some success with this business, he would sell it to an outside investors. According to Forbes.com, he made hundreds of millions on the deal, and he was now one of the richest people in Atlanta. At the time, the Atlanta Hawks were one of the worst teams in the NFL. This is something that a lot of people do not realize today. Bruce Levenson decided to invest in the team and try to turn it around. This is something that he was laughed at for, especially as the Hawks were one of the worst teams in the league in a variety of different measures. However, over time, Bruce Levenson was able to invest and build up the team again. This is a great example of applying business lessons to other areas of life.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson


Over the past few decades, the worlds of fashion and technology have seen a lot of changes. The constant is that both industries appear to be growing at the same pace. There is a mutual relationship between the two concepts in that with time, fashion becomes technologically in style. A comparison between the present and the past gives insights into what the future may be like. These words were spoken by Burch Christopher, a fashion icon.
Putting present and past side by side
One of the technological advances that were the hallmark of the 70’s was the boom box. It was popular because suddenly people had the ability to walk around with the tunes that they liked most. In the 80’s, the boom box came with the cassette deck, and it was possible to play music on one side while recording on the other. Fast forward to the 90’s and the boom box was replaced by the walkman. Then, the invention of the iPod brought an end to the trend of the walkman as the fashionable tech gadget. This is an example of how technology develops in alignment with fashion ideas.
Currently, the merging between fashion and technology is very seamless. Most fashion designers take a keen interest in design projects that are in line with tech development. Fashion can be seen as a playground where experiments of all kind are possible according to Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch designer. It is a known fact that the deeper you dig into technology, the greater the rewards. Anouk is famous for designing the self-painting and drink—making dresses.
The designs of the future in relation to technology
Terese Alstin came up with a design of a bonnet that has an airbag. It is meant to be worn by cyclists around the neck. On impact, the airbag deploys and protects the rider from injuries to the head. Going green is another trend that has been applied a lot in fashion. Projects such as the creation of T-shirts from the inner tubes of bicycles have become possible. There has also been the invention of shoes that can create enough charge for a mobile phone when one starts walking.
There are times when great technological inventions fail to sell because they seem geeky. These are the times when fashion comes in to assist. DVF once helped Google sell their glasses simply because they seemed too geeky.
Chris Burch is the CEO and also founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also part of investments in nine other companies. He is 63 years old and is very passionate about fashion and technology. Burch creative capital is based in New York.
According to Huffington Post, Burch is a co-founder of the Luxury fashion brand. He understands the power of branding perfectly. These are the skills that he uses when performing sales and spanning his businesses. He has effected a lot of transformation when it comes to fashion and technology.

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TOWN Residential is one of the best real estate agencies in America, and they work in New York to make sure that they can get their customers to places that will be more fun for them to live in. There are NYC apartments for rent that people need to try out on their own, and there are many places that can be shown by the staff when they work with a customer. NYC apartments for rent are going to be priced based on the market of the city, and they are very familiar to the people at TOWN Residential.


Their team will be sure to speak to the customer about NYC apartments for rent, and they can cover all the different kinds of apartments that someone might want to live in. Each apartment has the amenities that people are looking for, and all of these locations are getting more and more modern. They are going to have wifi and full buildings that has other places to visit within them. The people who move to the city to have the city lifestyle should make sure that they have taken care of finding a places that appeals to them.


TOWN Residential also keeps up with the prices in the city to make sure they’ve got luxury apartment space at competitive New York prices. They will analyze these plans, and they will show their customers which locations will be the right prices. They have to be sure that they can get the help that they need for their clients, and they explain to the people who are working with them what NYC apartments for rent are the best for them. Everyone who is shopping through the city for an apartment can get the help they need when they are working with TOWN Residential on a shopping trip through the city.


Sam Tabar is known as a bit of a journeyman in the business world. His expertise and work ethic has made him a top commodity around the globe. Despite being born in the U.S. to an English speaking family, Tabar is multilingual, speaking foreign languages such as French and Japanese as a result of his work with different nations.


Tabar’s name is well respected in the hedge fund management industry. He’s held leadership positions in numerous financial institutions. Tabar is able to combine his knowledge of law and business like no other businessman before him. Many professionals believe this gives Tabar a leg up on the competition.


Tabar’s innovative thinking really shows in the creative asset raising strategies he develops that in turn make companies more lucrative than before. He gained a lot of notoriety with the work he did while employed at Hong Kong based company PMA Investment Advisors LTD.


Up and coming environmental company FullCycle Energy Fund, was the most recent company to take notice of Tabar’s expertise and skill. They hired Tabar as their new Chief Operating Officer (COO), making Tabar responsible for the fund management strategies of the company. A position that comes with a lot of pressure, but if anyone’s up to the task it’s Tabar.


Tabar being himself, is full of glee to be the new COO of FullCycle Energy Fund pressure or no pressure, as PR Newswire describes. Despite his many accomplishments and achievements, he is honored that FullCycle believes in him. Maybe because Tabar is a bit of an environmentalist himself. Tabar has been interested in developing affordable renewable resources and fuels that will do away with environmentally harmful nonrenewable resources and fuels for a while now. A dream he knows won’t come true without the creation of affordable environmentally friendly fuels.


Tabar knows he has his work cut out for him. It’ll be very difficult to persuade society to transition to alternative fuel sources since it’s become so dependent on polluting sources like fossil fuels. Tabar is more than confident that his work with FullCycle will bring about a steady solution in due time though.

George Soros is best known for being the head of the multi-national hedge fund, Soros Funds. As the head of Soros Funds, he is responsible for investing billions of dollars in assets of individuals, pension funds, and other financial entities. Over the past 50 years, his career has been very successful and has allowed him to amass a very substantial net worth in excess of $25 billion. While the Austrian-born investor on Investopedia has amassed a sizable net worth, he has also donated a considerable amount of him wealth to various political and social causes.

While he was not born in the United States and is not a citizen, Soros is very aware of the significant impact that the United States Presidential Election will have on the world economy and social setting. Soros has been a very strong supporter of the Democratic Party in the past and has donated a considerable amount of money to keep the Republicans out of office. However, he has soured on the political process in the past when he ended up donating over $25 million towards a losing effort when John Kerry ran against George Bush in 2004.

While Soros had taken a step back when it comes to political donations, he seems to be very intrigued in the 2016 election. It has been reported that he has once again donated over $25 billion to the Democrats, this time in support of Hillary Clinton’s election to beat out Donald Trump. While having the money provided by Soros will be very beneficial on Twitter, the ultimate benefit could be that the donation could act as a catalyst to encourage more wealthy democrats to donate to Clinton.

Thus far, a number of wealth liberals have donated a considerably amount of money to the Hillary Clinton campaign fund on politico.com. Top environmentalist Tom Steyer of San Francisco is rumored to have donated over $30 million through his SuperPac and New York hedge fund manager Don Sussman has donated nearly $15 million.

Anyone who loves chocolate and wants an easy, healthy dessert recipe needs to see Markus Rothkranz freezer chocolate and marzipan video. This video will have you head over heels to get in your kitchen and start making your own chocolate. A healthy chocolate is something we all need to see. Not only is this video enticing, it was fun to watch him whip up all the ingredients. He takes super healthy ingredients like cacao powder, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla, raw carob powder, cashew butter and whips it up and freezes it. The marzipan consists of almonds and maple syrup which is too blended together to add to the chocolate.

The difference with his chocolate is there isn’t all the hydrogenated oils and stuff that makes you fat like many other store bought chocolates on the market. This vegan chocolate recipe could actually help one lose weight because it’s packed with minerals and healthy fats unlike most store bought chocolates. There is so much more evidence behind healthy fats helping one to lose weight and why he uses coconut oil.

There are many options for this chocolate; however, Markus suggests getting some fresh organic fruit like strawberries and cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide by soaking them in it for one minute. After that it’s time to start dipping them into the chocolate to be placed on a pan that goes into the freezer. Then after about ten minutes he shows the mouthwatering delicious chocolate covered strawberries.

This recipe has got to be the healthiest no-bake chocolate I have ever seen. He takes the marzipan and pours it into waxed cups filled with the chocolate so you can have your own little healthy reesces pieces. Then after about forty five minutes one can have some hard chocolate that will change one’s life. The candy looks ready to eat as soon as it comes out the freezer and it is so simple one will definitely need to try.

Having one’s sweets in a healthy way is a great way to help change one’s lifestyle but still enjoys those guilty chocolate pleasures. Also, don’t forget this recipe is one hundred percent vegan which means no animal products. This video is a great start for the entire do it yourself crowd that wants to make delicious healthy snacks that everyone will be sure to enjoy. He has other videos of great recipes to share if you get the opportunity to watch his awesome Markus Rothkran awesome YouTube channel.

For a number of years, Laidlaw had been Relmada Therapeutics investment banker — primarily assisting the company with business-related interactions. This changed, however, in December of 2015 — when Relmada Therapeutics began their restraining order, and eventual lawsuit, against their former investment banker, Laidlaw.

This, of course, is not a decision made without reason. Relmada Therapeutics began their lawsuit against Laidlaw after the latter published a press release — following a meeting between Matthew Eitner, James Ahern, and Relmada’s chief executive officer — indicating that a proxy contest would be held in order to appoint five new directors to Relmada Therapeutics; something that was neither in the best interests of Relmada Therapeutics nor requested.

Something I noticed myself is that many people seem to have had negative interactions with Laidlaw & Company; and that many of these complaints are more recent. In recent years, a variety of companies have taken similar measures to Relmada Therapeutics against both Matthew Eitner and James Ahern — and Laidlaw & Company. These complaints, however, went unreported by Laidlaw & Company.

All in all, I personally believe Laidlaw & Company is a bit of a shady company. While many may consider what they did to Relmada Therapeutics to be an honest mistake, I find it hard to give them the same benefit of the doubt — simply because they had complaints from other companies in the past, a majority of which going unreported by Laidlaw & Company, as aforementioned. Additionally of note is that many past workers have filed lawsuits against the company in the past — a majority of these actually being settled, likely due to being an in-company matter.

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When a cosmetics company is founded by a woman who started her professional career as a rock musician, people take notice. Unfortunately, that notoriety may only last a “New York Minute” if the cosmetics themselves don’t meet high standards. In the case of the now well known leader of innovative cosmetics, Lime Crime, the cosmetics have surpassed expectations. This makeup is fun, colorful and can be worn by people of all ages. They’re suitable for any lifestyle from conservative business environments to the hottest international music clubs.

Beginning with core philosophies that are appealing in themselves, Lime Crime has caused a buzz. Vowing to always remain vegan and cruelty-free, this company has managed to successfully walk that tightrope of integrity and marketability. If people come to the cosmetics line looking for vegan products, they are pleasantly surprised by the fabulous colors and the ease with which they are applied. Conversely, those who are initially attracted to Lime Crime for their color varieties and visual appeal feel good about their purchase from an animal rights standpoint. This company has proven that when done with heart and devotion a company can “do good” and “do well” at the same time.

One of the latest offerings on Amazon from Lime Crime is a dazzling array of metallics. From it’s eye shadows, which make use of water during application, to it’s lip colors this is a trend which is really gaining ground in the fashion world. Women who are no longer satisfied with the standard smoky eye and lip gloss are becoming devotees by the thousands. Trendy yes, but certainly no “flash in the pan” Lime Crime is again setting the current trends.  See pictures of the new metallic shades in action via their Tumblr page.


A currency devaluation is something Kyle Bass fully expects from China in the next two to three years. He has made a prediction that this devaluation will occur by the end of 2016. Bass’ prediction was made with “forty to fifty percent” accuracy, by his own admission. He believes the chance of China’s currency being devaluated this year is less than binary. However, Bass has been railing about the credit bubble in China since the fourth quarter of 2015. His tune hasn’t entirely changed, but it has transitioned into several less foreboding keys. Bass has said that he doesn’t see a “Lehman Brothers” moment for China, and that what happens to their economy won’t be “Armageddon”.

But UsefulStooges suggests that the billionaire may be doing his dead-level best to influence the economy on his own, too; and that’s something that must be considered. While his bet is that Asian currencies will decline and the US dollar will increase, ultimately the net result would–again according to Bass–be a 20% declination in America’s economy. If, in order to see the billions he has tied up in this wager, Bass were directly trying to influence investors into restraining Chinese investiture, it could be argued that the comparative increase in the US dollar that this Chinese currency devaluation may facilitate would actually be a net loss.


The problem becomes compounded when one considers that Bass has a history of questionable, manipulative financial tactics. Consider CAD, a pseudo-humanitarian group Bass uses to force pharmaceuticals into price-drops which accordingly diminish their stock value. In the end, this forces pharmaceutical companies to curtail funding which would have gone to areas like research and development. Cures on the horizon are lost. Meanwhile, when the stock-drop hits Wall Street, Bass short-sells his holdings and makes millions. The infirm lose, and Bass wins.


Additionally, Bass may be operating under some form of socialistic economic ideal. He has close ties with a despotic socialistic leader named Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She presides over Argentina, and has defaulted that country economically twice. The time it took her to do this? Within thirteen years. How could Bass continuously support her decisions if he didn’t agree with them on some ideological level?

NYC city has become known as one of the hottest cities in America. It is often called the Big Apple, and a lot of people like to look for homes in New York. TOWN Residential has done a great job of making people feel like NYC is the place to be. This is a company that has listings on some great homes in Tribeca, the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Midtown West and Battery Park.


It is easy for people to check out TOWN Residential and see the homes that are going to change their lives. When people check out the listings for TOWN Residential they will notice that there are rentals and homes for sale. There are a number of condominiums, cooperatives and apartments available through the various sections of Manhattan. This is one of the upscale spots inside of NYC where all of the great restaurants are. It is also an area that has clubs. That is why tons of people like to live here.


TOWN Residential has become one of the go-to real estate companies that is able to provide people that are moving to New York with access to lofts and all types of apartment listings. What this company has really done is maximize the exposure of the luxury homes in New York. Millions of dollars are spent on the properties that are sold by TOWN Residential. People that look for property with TOWN may be interested in those properties that have doormen and elevators.


The great thing about TOWN is that this real estate company has access to the upcoming developments in New York City. Everyone that is looking for a home in New York may not be planning to pick up and move right away. In many instances there are people that are relocating to a certain area and they may be open to new apartments or homes that no one has ever lived in. TOWN has the ability to help people stay connected with these new developments.


The landscape of NYC is changing all the time. People that live here are going to take the time to consider new properties if there is something that is better suited for their lifestyle. People that love to hang out in a certain part of town may move there if the current spot that they live in is no convenient to where they spend their time.