How Boraie Development is changing the Landscape of Newark City.

Boraie Development is again making headlines in New Brunswick, for the right reasons. The developer of industrial, commercial, and residential properties has unveiled a new project; the Aspire, and is now open for summer residency. The one of a kind modernized apartment mainly targets young, vigilant tenants who are looking for class and luxury.


Situated within a short distance to the towns train station, the Aspire has advertised two-bedroom, one-bedroom, and a total of 238 studio spaces designed to attract a classy eye. Residents will enjoy luxury features including a lobby, and private parking linked to the main building. The Aspire has a luxury lounge with multiple flat screens, a pool table, Wi-Fi, and a dining table spacious enough to accommodate over 12 guests.


Also, the apartments are fitted with a concierge system that allows them to keep track of events in the locality, to pay rent online, and to receive messages on deliveries and visitors. The building has an open roof deck on the 18th floor fitted with barbeque machines, and thus residents can entertain family and friends.


The Aspire is among the many projects Boraie Development firm has completed over the years. The real estate entity is responsible for completion of many other projects including the Shaq Tower. The tower is first of its kind to be constructed in Newark in the last 50 years. To facilitate the completion, Boraie Development partnered with the famous NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal, corporate stakeholders, and the local government.


The historic project is meant to revive the overall real estate scene of Newark City which has been lacking behind for a while now. Shaquille O’Neal was born and bred in the city and is devoted to seeing it succeed. In addition to the Shaq Tower, he plans to invest over $150 million into a new 35-story project along McCarter Highway. Shaquille is confident that together with Boraie Development, they can make an impact in the city’s real estate industry. For more details you can visit


Omar Boraie is the president and chairman of Boraie Development. He is assisted by his sons, Sam and Hiam, to run the day to day operations in the firm in their capacities as vice presidents. Omar has been into real estate for over 30 years, and his star continues to shine. Apart from his business endeavors, Omar has instilled a giving back culture in the company and to his sons. Sam Boraie is a director at Elijah’s Promise, an initiative that offers food and clothing to the homeless in the city.





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Whitney Wolfe Is Empowering Women Through the Tech of Tomorrow

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble in 2014 to change the dynamics of the dating app game with her platform empowering women to initiate romantic connections. The phrase “Make The First Move’ is the apps slogan but it may as well also be the CEO’s mantra as she expands into new ventures. BumbleBFF aims to connect women socially within a “hive” of friends and Bumble Bizz is the professional career social alternative designed for women. For each of these new endeavors, Whitney Wolfe brings with the platform not just an ethos that puts the well-being of women first, but a corporate structure that aims to empower women and bring equality to the workforce.

Not satisfied with merely revolutionizing the dating app game, Whitney Wolfe aimed to instill gender parity into the organizational structure of her company. To do something like this takes ingenuity, vigilance and thoughtful care. For instance, Wolfe identifies one issue she encountered, what she calls the “confidence gap”, finding that women generally didn’t feel the entitlement to advocate for themselves regarding salary and work conditions. This issue is compounded by the specific needs for working women, especially mothers who have to balance work with the job of raising children. It may seem paradoxical for a boss to advocate for higher wages and better working conditions for their employee’s but Wolfe instituted structural processes, like frequent reviews that have built-in salary discussions, to ensure woman had training in how-to and the opportunity to advocate for themselves. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

Having grown from four employees to more than eighty within four years, Bumble is more than just a successful app, Whitney Wolfe is now taking her leadership experience into the world of entertainment. It was announced in July of 2018 that Wolfe would be joining the board of directors for Imagine Entertainment, the media company owned by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. This move may reflect a Hollywood that is opening its doors and aiming for restorative justice in the age of the “Me Too” movement and it is certainly a chance for the CEO to lend her voice to culture at large and advocate for gender balance in Hollywood and that stories women care about make it to the screen. The Bumble movement reflects not just tech being made for and by women but Whitney Wolfe is a leader of a new era where women are designing the future and the future is a bright place for them.


Southridge Capital Is A Helpful Company That Supports Its Community

Southridge Capital is a company that is located in Connecticut that has made many positive changes to the financial solutions sector. The company has always been there to help people and small businesses when they need it the most. Dealing with debt issues, in today’s world, is difficult, and it can be especially hard to be in debt for a prolonged period of time. Many people have found that debt has made them feel less happy and has even affected their relationships.


Southridge Capital continues to help as many people as possible with their debt issues and can work with individuals on many different levels. Their services are priced reasonably for the small businesses who need them the most. Southridge has also engaged in philanthropy, over the years, and has worked hard to be a socially responsible company. It has supported leadership in the communities it serves, giving, and volunteer work, and plans on continuing to do everything it can to have a positive impact on society.


Stephen Hicks is the founding principal and CEO of Southridge Capital, and he works to put together the long-term strategic plan for the company. He is mainly in charge of the business development needs of Southridge and how it executes its overall strategy. He put the company together in 1996 after being an active investor for over three decades. He came up with the idea for Southridge while he was serving with a smaller New York hedge fund. The Principal had made the decision to move back to Australia, and he let Hicks work on his own business on the side during the last year while he was still with the company. You can visit their website



Stephen Hicks works hard everyday to grow Southridge Capital, and most of his days begin with him looking over the company’s portfolio. He then writes down a list of items he would like to take care of during the day and also seeks new investment opportunities. He breathes life into new ideas by drawing on his limitless experience in his field. He knows that the best ideas are the ones that can be leveraged to help the most people. Check out




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