Isabel Dos Santos Receives New Position at Unitel

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A energia, a criatividade, a capacidade de sonhar destes meninos é muito inspiradora para todos. Estes pequenos campeões, em Malanje 🏆. Olho para eles e penso no seu futuro. Todos nós – empreendedores, governos, empresas – devemos investir nos jovens: educação, emprego, oportunidades de carreira… futuro. Ao fazermos isso, imaginem o salto de desenvolvimento que podemos trazer a todas as nações de África. #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Crianças #Angola #futuro These children’s energy, creativity and ability to dream are very inspiring for everyone. These little champions from Malanje 🏆. I look to them and think about their future. All of us – entrepreneurs, governments, corporations – must invest in youth: education, employment, career opportunities … the future. If we do this, just imagine the development leap that we could bring to all African nations.

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Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman, investor and the richest woman in Africa, and the eldest daughter to the former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and studied at King’s College in London where she pursued Electrical Engineering. During her early 20s, the businesswoman held various top positions in organizations under the European stock exchange. Besides, she has investments in multiple countries which include Portugal, Angola, Gibraltar, and Germany. She was recently ranked eighth in the top wealthiest people in Africa as well as being recognized among the 100 most influential women worldwide by BBC in 2015. See more Isabel Dos Santos profile on Forbes.

Unitel Executive Team Shuffles

Recently, Unitel, the leading Angolan telecommunication network appointed a new director-general replacing Isabel dos Santos who remains in the management role. She operated as the chairman of the board, but the replacement came reducing her rank in the board of directors. The businesswoman will, therefore, become the company’s administrator after a statement delivered shortly after a general meeting held during the appointment. The changes come at a time when the businesswoman faces legal proceedings on the financial problems at Unitel.

PT Ventures proposed the new director general of Unitel through an election and supported by Sonangol which passed through the board and approved. Other changes made in the company include Miguel Geraldes who replaced Englishman Anthony Dolton which will become effective on May sixth. Besides, the agreement between PT Ventures (Oi) and Sonangol escalated when the Paris arbitration court decided on other investors in the company paying six hundred million euros. The money will act as compensation to Brazilians due to the blockage experienced during dividend payment.  Visit her facebook to learn more about her platforms.

Another anonymous source from ECO stated that Sonangol appointed Joao Boa Quipipa as the company administrator to manage the financial department. As such, Isabel dos Santos has to receive endorsements from the PTV and Sonangol before determining the company destiny or talk on behalf of Unitel. Unitel comprises of four shareholders each with equal shares, and they include Oi; Sonangol; Vidatel, a company owned by Isabel dos Santos; and Geni, owned by Leopoldino Nascimento who is the current chairman of the board.


Donata Meirelles Tips on Finding an Authentic Voice in Fashion

The typical fashion consumer expects fashion publications to address diverse subjects in fashion, and more importantly — simplify fashion trends. Donata Meirelles, in her career at the Vogue, has been instrumental for simplifying fashion trends — without losing their authenticity. She is a believer in a personalized approach to fashion and trends. Although most of the publications in Brazil still refer to her as fashion police, she views herself as a loyal consumer to Brazilian brands, who has interests in brilliant fashion items. For the last five years, the Brazilian fashion market has been home to incredible trends, and Donata used her position to inject professionalism on these trends.

One of the trends that Donata Meirelles has spent time analyzing is transparent bags. She believes that the trend is incredible and more importantly — timely. She illustrates this by mentioning some of the notable names that have won this trend in the last 24 months. Donata, however, notices that most of the consumers are missing on some important details on wearing transparent bags. Donata notices that most of the women possessing these incredible bags do not know what to include in their bags. Donata believes that a modern, transparent bag should compliment one’s fashion sense, and not giving contrasting looks. Also, Donata believes that one should capitalize on how they put items in the transparent bags — for easy access and safety of the items.

Donata is also keen on other fashion trends, especially — the accessories. She refers to herself as first a consumer and then as an expert. As a consumer, Donata loves bold pieces, and she is not afraid to try out some items. However, every item in her wardrobe must blend in the current fashion taste. As an expert, however, Donata believes that the key to better fashion is — personalization. The Vogue fashion director believes the personalization of fashion is more vital than the price tag. She is however not against expensive brands. Donata golden rule is to incorporate a fashion item — to already existing trend — without losing its beauty.

Donata Meirelles is synonymous with consistency in the fashion world. Although she is in charge of fashion directing, she believes that her voice as a professional should be clear and indisputable. Her advice to upcoming creatives is to find an authentic voice in a sea of fashion trends. The process, according to Donata Meirelles, requires fashion director who is willing to spend time in studying trends. In her role as a fashion director, she confesses that she spends more time than the average consumer does in analyzing trends and fashion items. \


Steve Lesnard: How to Start Success Marketing Campaigns

Steve Lesnard has been serving in the marketing industry for a long time, and he knows what most of the customers are looking for. The marketing executive has been creating marketing campaigns for his customers for years, and he is highly experienced in whatever he lands his hands on. Many digital marketing mediums have been introduced in the marketing field. Steve Lesnard knows most of these platforms, and he believes that customers need to learn how to use them. The modern platforms have shown that they can be useful in marketing, and they require little amounts of money. When not used in the right way, Steve Lesnard believes that modern marketing platforms can fail organizations. The companies that want to thrive in the market must always place the needs of their customers in the front line. You must learn to introduce your products in the market in obvious statements, showing consumers that the items in question will add value in their lives. Here are two paramount principles to use in marketing.

Make it memorable and straightforward at the same time

When starting your company, it is crucial to ensure that the storyline remains in the perfect direction. The ideal product introduction will be able to show all the benefits the consumers will get. This is not easy even for the most experienced professionals. Simplifying the information will make the marketing team become more innovative and look for the most relevant features before they can communicate. Pick the line that you believe will be memorable to the customers and then go for it. Complex terms will only complicate the whole campaign, and it will give you poor results.

Make it real

When you want to give your clients a great experience, you must bring into life whatever you are marketing. You can try and use videos and any other platform to make the customers understand and associate themselves with whatever they are about to purchase. Highlight the best features of your product in this stage too so that the customers can show interest.

L’Oreal: Breaking Beauty’s Boundaries

Last year on September 30, 2018, L’Oreal Paris held their most awaited second annual fashion and beauty show – and it was nothing short of grand. The L’Oreal fashion and beauty show was held with a floating catwalk on the river Seine right at the heart of Paris. L’Oreal made sure that they are not just a beauty and fashion brand, but they made sure that they are going to be bold with their mission to make fashion and beauty more accessible to everyone. Which is why the event was also made open to the public, contrary to the usual fashion shows that had a very strict guest list. Even if the fashion show was open to all, it was still attended by some of the top names in fashion, show business, and beauty.

As the show started, diversity and inclusivity was a very prominent theme for the show, and a star-studded cast graced the runway along with A-List models, Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgoin, and Elle Fanning. They portrayed creativity and diversity which are traits that are also very prominent in the French capital, and this also served as the inspiration for L’Oreal’s show. The fashion show was also supported by a lot of top names like Nikolaj Coster – Waldau (the actor for Jaime Lannister on the HBO phenomenon, Game of Thrones) and Paralympic ski champion, Marie Bochet – who is also L’Oreal Paris’ newest ambassador.

The Spring/ Summer Fashion Week event was a platform for L’Oreal to bring their brand of beauty to everyone, local and abroad. L’Oreal makes it a point to include every kind of women when they produce their products, and they are breaking the barriers of beauty one product at a time.

The development in diversity of L’Oreal is sparked by Nicolas Krafft – and he is responsible for the extensive growth of the company. Nicolas Krafft developed his position in the company as a business leader and workes his way up the ladder. Nicolas Krafft has played a very critical role in L’Oreal’s journey towards growth and development and he has helped propel the demand for L’Oreal products in the market.

Things to Keep in Mind when Doing Media Outreach

Media Outreach is a vital aspect of this digital era of promo. You can not simply do things how you require it.

Take a look at the Things Which You must keep in mind when doing your networking outreach:

Study initially prior to pitching.

Any Public Relations outreach initiative such as a media release begins with research. This is crucial to recognize whether your energy is mosting likely to be a success or not. It involves a prolonged procedure of finding reporters, media sources, the target market and sites that support your brand name’s message.

Find a media data source which you may service.

Research study.

After developing a networking listing, have a look at their posts. Most likely to their websites, websites and also societal networking profiles. Evaluate what they’re posting and also just how they connect with their fans.

Produce a relationship.

As quickly as you have actually obtained an understanding of the networking, approach them without even requesting any kind of favor or promo. Create a web link by just appreciating and sharing their posts, asking concerns or commenting in their messages, or sending a message regarding just how well you love their articles.

Be ready.

After developing a professional connection, you may begin opening on your request.

They have a great deal of work and also target dates to do, so be sure you’re prepared when they claim yes to your offer. As they’re active individuals, they appreciate it if they float with brands that come all set. Surprise them with suggestions, stats, as well as be sure you are aware of what they do.

Reciprocate the like.

They aren’t likely to ask you something, but as quickly as they create on your tale, offer something to cultivate your partnership together. It can be in some loan or kind, such as cost-free products, vouchers or price cuts.

Customize your pitch.

You can not send them the very same e-mail which you sent out to a various reporter. If you believe they don’t understand, you are making a significant mistake.

Try to customize each pitch you delivered. It shows that you comprehend them as well as you did your study.

Attempt harder.

Can you feel irritated when a reporter did not pay your tale? It does not indicate they don’t like your narrative. You can be lacking in relationship-building, and also they’re still excited to supply you an additional opportunity.a

Try more difficult as well as work in your link. They can be needing you to apply even more initiative in understanding them.

Consider the best timing.

Timing is important in networking. Make sure you recognize which sort of media you’re linking to. That can be important as pitching depends upon their preparations.

For example, targeting web site sites thinks accepting stories around 3 months. News websites are extra worried regarding providing associated information, so make certain you adjust to their very own 12 to 48 preparation.

Send complimentary examples.

It will certainly not cost so much in your end but might offer you enhanced yields.

On the other hand, if they do not enjoy the product, it will not injure you a whole lot. What is substantial is, you tried.

Make face-to-face relationships.

Although it isn’t relevant to all complete strangers or blog owners, welcoming them to get private meetings, celebrations or just for having java, is a gorgeous time to begin resilient specialist organizations.

Jeunesse Global: Improving Lives by Manufacturing Quality Healthcare Products

Jeunesse Global LLC is a company that deals with the manufacture of skincare products. The company was established in 2009. They manufacture a variety of skin care regimens including Luminesce; this is a product that makes sure your youthful vitality is restored. Your skin will also be radiant, and the wrinkles will also disappear gradually. Additionally, your skin will always be nourished and moisturized.

The company also has a huge collection of products that help to combine different supplements to make sure that your skin gains that radiant and healthy look. Their collection is known as the “Y.E.S. System.” It is an abbreviation for Youth Enhancement System. Some of the products and categories at Jeunesse Global LLC will be discussed in this context.

Jeunesse Global, LLC is a company that deals with the sale of skincare supplements and products on a worldwide scale. They offer Luminesce; this is a product that helps to make sure that you have regained your youthful vitality. The wrinkles on your skin will also disappear gradually while making sure that it is nourished thus making sure that you have maintained that radiant look. Other products produced by Jeunesse Global, LLC include; Luminesce daily moisturizing complex; Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum; Luminesce youth restoring cleanser; and the Luminesce advanced night repair, helps to restore and replenish the skin. Jeunesse Global, LLC has also produced Instantly Ageless. This is a product that helps to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines.

Other products include AM & PM ESSENTIALS, dietary supplements that have nutrients and vitamins; RESERVE, a supplement that is meant to protect the cells against future harm; FINITI, a supplement that is made using fruits and vegetables; and ZEN BODI, a supplement that helps to manage weight. The corporation also deals with the manufacture of hair care products. Their products are also available online. Since its inception in 2009, Jeunesse Global, LLC has been operating from Altamonte Springs, Florida. As an international corporation, they also have other offices from other parts of the world. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the founders of the company. They are happy that they have positively impacted the lives of many people through the various products that Jeunesse Global, LLC produces.

Louis Chenevert- The former CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert is one of the highly successful entrepreneurs in the world. He is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, a conglomerate that produces various products such as jet engines and elevators. The company is mainly known for its operations in the aerospace industry. It is the leading producer of jet engines for military and commercial use. It is under his leadership that this company rose to be one of the best performing corporations in the world. His expertise in production management helped the company to lower the cost of production which translated to more profits. Pratt & Whitney is the company under UTC that deal with jet engines.


Louis Chenevert was born in Canada. He attended HEC Montreal School of Business at Montreal University from where he graduated with a degree in production management. Since then, he has been through various organizations where he has proved his capacity to transform production operations. His first job was with General Motors in Montreal. He worked in the auto industry for 14 years before leaving to join the aerospace industry.

Pratt & Whitney

When Louis Chenevert felt that he needed to change from the auto industry, he decided that he would build his career in the aerospace industry. He was influenced by his colleague who had left the auto industry to join the aerospace industry to join Pratt & Whitney Canada. This is a subsidiary of Pratt & Whitney from the United States. It develops small jet engines. After joining P&W Canada, he showed what he was capable of by changing the production operations in the company. The total production capacity of the company improved under his leadership. The time it took to develop one jet engine went down as did the cost.

Louis Chenevert impressed the management of this company which saw it prudent to have him lead P&W in the United States. He was appointed the president a few years later. In 2006, he was appointed the CEO of UTC. His track record as the head of the company is considered the best in the company’s lifetime. He ensured that the company improved on the utilization of technology and development of human resource.