Barbara Stokes Donates Building Materials To Habitat For Humanity

As the CEO of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes has played a large role in the upliftment of society as well as in the development homes for those who have been affected by natural disasters. In spite of these prevalent efforts, Stokes has tried to do even more good than before through her repeated philanthropic efforts. One of the more recent endeavors that she decided to take on was in collaboration for Habitat for Humanity. She donated almost $50k in drywall and Fascia which were then used to build homes for the needy. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


The materials that Stokes has donated are going to be used by the organizations for their constructions taking place in Madison County. These materials are enough for nine homes within the area.



This is not the first time that Barbara Stokes has extended her support to those in need. In the past, she has worked with several other institutions and has extended her support to various communities that have been affected. Her own organization has also extended help to those in need and has been able to help thousands of people get back on their feet.


The work that Stokes does is nothing short of admirable and is something that she plans to continue doing for the years to come. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.

Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter Is The Uber For Private Air Travel

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is an app for people who find themselves traveling a lot, especially on luxury airliners. For those who are not travelers, JetSmarter won’t appeal much to them, but for those who are, JetSmarter has some nice benefits. Sergey Petrossov started JetSmarter in 2012 as a company similar to Uber, except for private jets. Users can book flights and be on their way without the hassle of long booking processes, which can sometimes end in a flight not being booked at all.

Sergey’s company has grown into a billion-dollar corporation in the seven years it has been running, which turned him into a billionaire before the age of 30. Sergey was also recognized in Forbes Consumer Technologies portion of 30-under-30. His idea was simple, yet no one has ever tried to execute it before him. The idea came to him during one of his more frustrating attempts to book a flight and it dawned on him that the age-old flight booking processes should be replaced.

At JetSmarter, the goal is to minimize the amount of time it takes for individuals to get to their destination using air travel, from picking the take off time to stepping off the jet. Uber is the closest company that resembles what Sergey Petrossov is trying to do with JetSmarter and as the net worth grows higher, currently above 1.5 billion, Sergey’s company has come farther than he could have imagined at the start. Many investors have opted into JetSmarter to continue expanding the service, including the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

Not only does JetSmarter help people through the booking processes to get places faster, but it also saves them a lot of money over time with hundreds of free flyer hours for regular users. When the average cost for twenty hours of private air travel can exceed $130,000, getting free hours over the course of a year or several months can be a lot of money.

A Guide To Fashion Consultant DonataMeirelles

The fashion industry is one of the most exciting, sought-after and thrilling industries on earth. This exclusive field of work generates billions every year, and it has its fair share of prominent figures. The same thing can be said for organizations that support the fight against deadly diseases. This is where DonataMeirelles comes into the frame as this woman has provided plenty of time and capital in supporting this cause. DonataMeirelles is just one of many who have received great news in the support of finding a cure for this disease. A recent article in The New York Times stated that an HIV patient has been cured for the second time. This is big news because we as a people could be on the verge of discovering a cure.

This big news is spreading like a wild fire, and it has captured the attention of millions. DonataMeirelles said that “I’m very pleased of hearing about this news, and I’m very moved by the cause.” Unlike many of her counterparts, Meirelles puts her boots on the grounds by doing the actual work. This phenomenal woman has used her clout to spread awareness through cyberspace. In total, DonataMeirelles has well-over 463,000 followers. This enormous audience is capable of reaching a much larger audience because these individuals’ friends will receive the information. When it comes to Aids, nothing should be left to chance. This is why all avenues should be covered, and social media certainly fits the bill for promoting something.

AmFar, a New York-based organization, has also played a key role in raising funds for Aids awareness. This particular nonprofit organization has a host of sponsors, and it auctions off high-end products to meet its quota. DonataMeirelles has stake in working with this amazing organization, and more than $400 million has been invested into AmFar’s program for developing affective treatments.

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Wes Edens Buys Stakes In Aston Villa

Wes Edens is a savvy investor that sees opportunities in different markets. He is a considerable part of basketball in the world owning part of Milwaukee Bucks. Under his leadership, Milwaukee Bucks have maintained an upward trend in sports and won many games over the years. Milwaukee Bucks is no competing with high profile teams like the Golden State Warriors. Wes has increased the team’s wealth by opening a new stadium and growing sales of its merchandise. Wes Edens recently invested in international sports, saying that it is a lucrative business venture for daring investors. He purchased a majority stake in the Aston Villa Football Club, a founding member of the Premier League. The League is one of the most prestigious leagues in the world and is known for its high level of competition in football. Only the best football clubs make it to the Premier League which has a capacity of 20 teams.

Teams on the Premier League have to work hard and perform well during the football season to maintain their place because under-performing clubs are kicked out. Wes Edens believes that with the right management, Aston Villa can make it to the Premier League. The club was last seen on the league during the 1980s when they were a force to reckon. They were even one of five other English clubs to win the European Cup. However, Aston Villa has been struggling to deliver in recent football seasons. The 2016 football season was not a pleasant experience for Aston Villa, and they dropped to playing for minor leagues. The team, however, believes that an upgrade is possible and that they can make it back to the Premier League with hard work. With Wes Edens’ help, the club has developed new strategies to improve their games.

Wes Edens graduated from Oregon State University with a degree. He has worked in the investment market for years earning him enough experience and knowledge. Wes is part of Fortress Investment Group, a prominent investment firm. The firm focuses on investments that include modern and technology advancement. Fortress Investment Group has received awards for its work and was named the leading Hedge Fund Manager.

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Getting Helpful Fashion Advice from Donata Meirelles

With so many people right now who are looking for fashion advice, it can sometimes be difficult to get tips from fashion models and those who are huge in the industry. Thankfully, Donata Meirelles has worked to help women and men to look their best no matter where they work or where they’re going. By choosing the right types of garments, you can feel confident in your look and know that you’re choosing a professional who is going to be helpful in many different ways.

The great thing about Donata Meirelles is that she believes in going with more neutral and muted colors to complement your look. Especially with the warmer weather months, neutral colors can keep you feeling and looking cool no matter where you happen to be going. This is ideal for people of all ages and sizes, allowing you to pick and choose the right type of garment that is going to complement the outfit that you are wearing. There are lots of different options when it comes to these types of pieces. View more fotos of Donata Meirelles at

Along with going with more muted colors for your wardrobe, it’s crucial to add in accessories when and if you can. Adding a scarf, hat or going with a gorgeous pair of sunglasses and earrings can finish off your look and allow you to look polished. It’s easy to purchase accessories that can cross match with many different outfits, allowing you to choose the ones that are right for you and get you feeling great about yourself. Now is the best time to give this a try and it’s easy to take advice from Donata Meirelles simply because she is one of the biggest names in fashion at the moment. You can learn more about this expert by visiting her on social media and her main website.

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Forsthoefel: Florida Emergency Room Doctor

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency room doctor in Florida. He has been practicing emergency medicine for seven years and is based in Tallahassee. Dr. Forsthoefel’s has had a lifetime of exposure to medicine, but he didn’t know if he wanted to become a doctor until his college years. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Religion in 2004 at Florida State University. Towards the end of this undergraduate degree, Eric decided that he wanted to study medicine, and went to school at the University of Louisville Medical School for his MD. At Louisiana State University, he did his residency in emergency medicine. 

During Dr. Forsthoefel’s training, he became proficient in assessing, treating, and responding to patients amid an emergency. Dr. Forsthoefel’s credentials include two board certifications in emergency medicine from the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He got his Louisiana State Medical License in 2013 and Florida State Medical license in 2014. 

What Led to Dr. Forsthoefel’s Interest in Emergency Medicine?

During his studies, Dr. Forsthoefel discovered that he loves practicing emergency medicine. He appreciates the chaotic nature of his work and remains able to make adjustments to a variety of unexpected situations. For this emergency room physician, organization remains key to thriving in the fast-paced world of the ER. Teamwork also allows for the maximum success levels in a chaotic environment. He and his colleagues continuously try to improve practices and situations in their work environment, which, in turn, promotes patient treatment and outcomes. 

Dr. Forsthoefel’s Passions

Dr. Forsthoefel continually focuses on both the business and patient aspects of treatment, including maximizing the efficiency of electronic medical records. Dr. Forsthoefel’s passion for details helps him stay productive, especially in his practice in the emergency room. Because of this passion for detail, his patients get better service and a medical history that is extremely accurate. This attention to detail enables Dr. Forsthoefel’s patients to get the best diagnosis possible. His short-term and long-term goals include improving the health care system and diagnosing through a focus on precise informational details. 

Jason Hope Is Trying To Build A Better Future Through Advanced Tech

Jason Hope is known for his work as an entrepreneur and investor along with the philanthropical efforts that he is known to frequently engage in. As a futurist, he is devoted to ensuring that mankind has a bright future through technology by making responsible advances and decisions. As an entrepreneur, he finds it to be a better idea to focus on one idea at a time rather than jumping around from project to project without focusing enough time on any one of them on an individual basis. Not paying enough attention to your investments can lead to some considerable losses due to poor decision making. This is why Jason Hope watches the industry of tech closely to try to predict where the trends will lead the world to next.

For more information connect with Jason Hope on linkedin

One of the concepts that Jason Hope believes will have a huge impact on the future is what is known as the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is based on the idea that more and more things will be able to connect to the internet through the use of wireless and other technology. While smartphones and accessories are already being connected to the internet, he sees a future where every appliance can be connected to and then controlled through the internet remotely. This will not only allow people to be able to access their devices easier than ever before, but it will also create a lot of interesting opportunities when it comes to marketing.

One of the things that Jason Hope does to help entrepreneurs is giving out grants. Getting a business started can be difficult even if somebody has an amazing idea that they want to bring to life. One of the biggest concerns that new entrepreneurs have is that they will not be able to get the financing that they need to get their idea off the ground. Jason Hope has found that many of the people that he has awarded grants to were able to do a considerable amount just $500. Great ideas from the younger generations are what will drive technology and he wants to be there for them.

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Rick Cofer Shares Insights on How Determinate Sentence is Isnt Always the Best Way to Disseminate Justice

Determinate sentences are not always fair and just to everyone involved in a child sex crime case. Rick Cofer and his colleagues are some of the attorneys who are dealing with these real issues every day. Juvenile cases are complicated because there are a lot of surrounding circumstances in play and if not handled properly, a minor can be handed a determinate sentence.

Rick Cofer and Rick Cofer Law also recognizes the point that determinate sentence is not always the answer to child sex crimes. They often serve to punish rather than rehabilitating young offenders. To be on the same page, determinate sentence is a sentence which is definite and subject to review by a parole board or any other agency. This way of dissemination of justice is not always the right approach because once one is convicted, he or she has to serve the whole sentence without necessarily being motivated or rehabilitated to be better members of the community after they are released.

A good analogy is that of a parent punishing a kid. If a child makes a mistake and he gets grounded, what is the best way around it. How about the child apologizes, realizes his mistake and vow never to repeat the same mistake? Would it be prudent to change the punishment because they are remorseful and he has realized his mistake? If a child realizes his mistake and requests for forgiveness and the parent remains stoic and the punishment remains unaffected, it evokes the child’s negative emotions.

Determinate Sentences Act has undergone transformations for the past few years and now, there is an exception for Aggravated Sexual Assault as well as Sexual situations where violence was not witnessed and the victim was below 17 years old but the perpetrator was utmost 3 years older than the victim. Rick Cofer Law acknowledges that juvenile cases should be handled more carefully especially when their offenses are serious enough to warrant determinate sentences.

Juvenile sex offenses sentencing involves the actual sentence and the if the minor must register as a sex offender. There three possible sentences for youth offenders namely determinate sentence, indeterminate sentence and probation. Probation often involves home arrest subject to some requirements including daily curfew, court-mandated therapy, counseling, or community service. An indeterminate sentence, on the other hand, involves imprisonment for a unspecified period of time. Determinate sentences are given to more serious offenders and the jail-term can last up to 40 years, especially for sex crimes as well as 1st degree felonies. Rick Cofer and his firm, Rick Cofer Law, advocates for better policies and laws to handle juvenile sex crimes much more amicably.

CEO Barbara Stokes Of GSH Of Alabama Makes Generous Donation To Habitat For Humanity

Businesswoman Barbara Stokes is well-known in the disaster relief industry for taking charge after a disaster has struck in the United States. She is a co-founder of GSH of Alabama, LLC, and works as its chief executive officer. Her company responds to disasters by shipping homes for people to live in who have had their own homes made unlivable due to damage. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

GSH of Alabama signs contracts with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) in order to provide these homes. Barbara Stokes says that the goal is to get her company’s homes to evacuees and refugees within a week of when the disaster struck. Her company’s homes are built in their manufacturing facility and then trucked to where they need to be where assembly is completed and utilities are hooked up. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Barbara Stokes believes in supporting this community. She has volunteered her time for many local charities over the past 15 years. She has also made some big donations to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. Her latest donation was $50,000 worth of Hardi siding and drywall.

Habitat for Humanity thanked Barbara Stokes for her generosity. Their Construction Manager Don Adams stated that he planned to use these materials to complete nine homes they were working on. The remainder of the materials were going to be either put away for other projects or would be sold in their ReStore so that they could raise money for their programs that support low-income households.



Sergey Petrossov Role in Improving the Transport Department

At twenty-nine years, most professionals serve in junior positions in the corporate section. This is mostly because people are expected to take various steps before they can finally become corporate leaders. There are few individuals who have already been named company leaders before they could turn thirty. Sergey Petrossov is among these young personalities. When he was turning twenty-nine, he was already the owner of an influential company that was operating in the transportation sector.

The billion dollar company has not only thrived since it was founded, but it has brought smile and convenience in the lives of many people who love to travel using planes. JeSmarter has been ranked as the best in many respectable platforms because it enjoys management from an individual who is highly experienced. The online company has made things so easy and at the same excitement for consumers using private jets.

Sergey Petrossov was always looking for technology-based companies so that he could showcase his passion. The young executive was busy running other successful online-based companies when he got the idea of using a private jet for travel.

Sergey still remembers his first time in the private jet. The day stuck in his memory because even after so much time because of the experience the businessman had when he was traveling. Everything was luxurious in the travel, but the kind of booking hardships he had to deal with gave him sleepless nights. The JetSmarter founder realized that he had the skills and knowledge to introduce an online platform that could enable easy booking for the customers whenever they were planning the use the private jets. Within months, consumers were aware of the services that were offered by Sergey and his online company. The institution grew and reported good profits under the watchful eye of the businessman.