Bhanu Choudhrie and the Endless Investments

Country boundaries, languages barriers, and culture norms were once too steep for a perspective business cross through. This has now changed immensely due to the advent of new technological innovations. A lone individual can potentially run a successful business from the comfort of their own home. Bhanu Choudhrie is an individual from New Delhi who changed these natural hindrances head on. His story from a boy in a small India village to one of the biggest innovators of the current generation is jaw dropping. The website Ideamensch recent sought out an interview where they asked Bhanu Choudhrie to elaborate on his history and current economic outlook. More information about Bhanu Choudhrie at Behance

Bhanu Choudhrie was raised in a household that focused on the individual skills a person could develop. He saw how his parents created a real estate business, while his father in particular started a side hustle of selling TVs in the area. The idea of doing what your passionate about and sharpening those skills made a strong impression on a young child. Once he was old enough for college, he left his home life to pursue a degree at the University of Boston. He was in a very favorable position going into the turn of the century. There was a prestigious business degree in one hand, and years of experience accumulating in his other hand.

He jumped into the industry from his new investing firm C&C Alpha Group in London. Bhanu Choudhrie went to work on putting resources into every sector he could become involved with. The number of failures far outmatched the success stories, but he learned something from each experience. Each successive venture had lower and lower poor return rates, and the number of successful ideas with his name were steadily increasing. The year 2008 ended with him earning an award for his efforts.

At the core of his personality, Bhanu Choudhrie is someone full of passion and drive to try out many different ideas. He is a quick thinker and knows when to jump ship and change course. His journey is a classic tale of a renewed taste for new innovation.


MAGFAST: The Charger For Today

All of us really consider the charger to be the most important aspect of the phone. Without it, we could not have our devices powered up to be on social media, to work, or talk to our favorite person. Although we love the chargers we have, there is a new one on the horizon that aims to change the way we see them. This new game changer is called MAGFAST. It’s a family of chargers that work independently from each other, and you are going to love the results of this product. No other charger actually works quite like this one.

MAGFAST Chargers can be put anywhere you would use your regular charger for your phone. The big difference is there are no cords to trip over. It’s all wireless, and there are different methods to charging multiple phones, but it can be done at the same time. That means you can just buy one for your household, and have your family all charge their phones with this one device. So, you get to save money too. This will help because you don’t have charger cords all over the place. Plus, you won’t get mad at the dog or cat for chewing it up. MAGFAST Chargers is the right thing to have in your home.

Did you know that MAGFAST offers a component that you can have in the car? This will help you out because you can still power up your phone and use your gps to get where you need to go. MAGFAST offers up so many different ways for you to have a fully powered phone at your convenience. It’s one of a kind and you should consider getting the bundle for yourself. MAGFAST Chargers will not disappoint you or your family.

The Impact Of Telehealth, According To Jack Plotkin

Jack PlotkinIt’s not always easy trying to get to the doctor’s office for your annual physical but nowadays you no longer have to thanks to the advent of telehealth. As Jack Plotkin says, the whole concept is being able to consult with your doctor without having to be in the same room as them. Back in the day, they had to do it over the phone and the doctor had to diagnose it based on the scarce amount of information they had been given by their patient. As you might imagine, this did not always work well but it has gotten easier nowadays because of wearable health technology such as smartwatches and the rise of modern innovation. The devices they have now can transmit your health stats wirelessly to your doctor so they can examine the results.

This may seem like a convenient method for many patients but it’s not particularly easy for doctors as they don’t always have access to their patient’s medical records that they need to diagnose them. The nurses too also find themselves with a lack of access to the EMRs that they often need to assist their patients. Of course, this may soon be changing thanks to virtual health. Set to launch within the next year or so, this new platform will attempt to amalgamate the current medical records with the rest of the medical database making it easier for them to access whatever files they need. However, Jack Plotkin is concerned about the rising costs.

Jack PlotkinMedicare and Medicaid won’t subsidize these procedures and many insurance companies have also refused to cover it as well. So it’s currently only a procedure for the wealthy and elite but he remains confident that it will become the new norm one day. So we’ll wait and see.

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The Sports Career of Russell Gimelstob

Born and raised in New Vernon, New Jersey, a man destines to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an athlete. That man is none other than Russell Gimelstob. Throughout his entire life he had a passion for sports much similar to his father. He started off his sports career at Newark Academy playing tennis. At Newark Academy Russell Gimelstob broke several records which one included being the youngest tennis player in school history to be name a captain as a sophomore. He continued to further improve his ambition by spending two of his off seasons training at the home of Robert Lanadorp, Palos Verdes, California. This was a huge honor considering Landadorp’s prestige notoriety, having to work with famous people such as Tracey Austin and Pete Sampras. Plenty other people wanted to work with Russell Gimelstob but he graciously declines to focus on his academic studies. Shortly down the road he did take up an offer for the NCAA-maximum five paid recruitment trips where he used one at Cornell, where he ends up meeting Cornell Men’s Varsity Team’s Coach, Barry Shoemaker. Being given the opportunity to work with Barry Shoemaker was among the main reasons Russell Gimelstob chosen Cornell. He ends up graduating Cornell 2002, obtaining an M.P.A., he also had a distinction of a B.A. the year prior.

Fast forward to a little over a decade later, Russell Gimelstob was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. Russell Gimelstob received his Hall of Fame induction at the 2013 Boys Varsity basketball game against Glen Ridge, during the halftime segment of the game. This prestigious award can easily be noted as the top award accreditation of Russell Gimelstob’s sports career. Going from leading his college Tennis team to three championships back in the mid-90s to being inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside other notable athletes; Russell’s sports background is definitely an impressive one indeed.

Following Trends With Genucel

Although trends are constantly changing and you should not always pay attention to the “current” trends following skin care trends is kind of important. Skincare is made to help everything about your skin. If you want your skin to keep a youthful and healthy look then you have to take good care of it. Staying hydrated is very important. Keeping your body hydrated keeps your skin hydrated which gives it a better look and feel.

Skin care is continuously changing. There are some predictions of what is going to happen with skin care in the future, but no-one really knows what the future will hold. Some of the predictions include being able to customize your skin care routine to your needs. There is a huge diversity when it comes to skin. No skin type is the same. So allowing people to customize their skin care will be a huge thing. Genucel by Chamonix is a skin care company that is advancing their products to allow for this customization.

Another thing that Genucel is doing is they are making skincare easier to access. They are going to offer things like automatic shipments weekly, monthly, or how ever often someone may need them. They want their customers to be able to get the products that they need without having to go searching in the store. Genucel is also using all natural ingredients to make their products. They are doing everything that they can to give their customers the very best that they can.

Genucel wants people to know that the skin care trends are easy to follow. You just need to find the ones that focus on moisturizing and aging prevention. You want to find the products that are going to keep you looking youthful and keep your skin nourished. Genucel is a great skin care brand. They are very focused on producing the very best skin care products that you can and are doing their best to keep up with the most current trends.

Try Genucel today and let us know what you think!

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About Privinvest Group

With facilities in France, Germany, and the Middle East, Privinvest Group is a leading shipbuilding company. The major manufacturing hub of the company is Cherbourg, France, and more than 700 highly-sophisticated naval vessels have been manufactured at this facility. Crafted from aluminum, steel, and advanced composite materials, Privinvest ships the preferred vessels of 38 navies and has commercial and private customers around the world.

Privinvest is a market leader that is known internationally for its mega yachts, commercial ships, and naval vessels. CMN is part of the Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. Ships manufactured by Privinvest are state-of-the-art and designed in facilities in the Arabian Gulf, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. These facilities have manufactured some of the world’s most recognized vessels in the naval, commercial, and luxury super yacht sectors.

The group consists of six modern shipyards, employing a total core group of 2,500 employees. The cumulated experience of all facets of the group equals to 350 years. Privinvest has shipped approximately 2,000 vessels worldwide.

Vessels supplied by CMN offer:

  • Combat System Integration Capabilities and Integrated Mast
  • Naval Vessels up to 95m (Vigilante, Trimaran for maritime surveillance, Inceptors, Combatant, and Corvettes)
  • Logistic and Training Support
  • Supply Vessels and Work Boats
  • Hydrokinetic Turbines (Ocean Renewable Energy)
  • Refit, Repair, and Overhaul of Naval Vessels and Yachts
  • Renewable Energy Platform Assembly

Over the past 68 years, CNM has established its dominance as the world-leader in the building of fast-surface combatants. Privinvest continues to stay on the cutting-edge of naval-vessel engineering and construction. Privinvest Group has a reputation as a world-class leader in the building of sophisticated warships, and the Baynunah Corvette Program is further enhancing the manufacturing abilities of the company.

The production techniques, skilled workforce, investment in modern design, and business culture has set Privinvest apart from its global competitors. With international clientele that spans across multiple continents, this company supplies vessels to navies across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The philosophy of the company, to put innovation and the needs of the customer first, have led the Privinvest to the status of being a global giant in the shipbuilding industry.

American Addiction Centers: Helping You Clean Up

It’s truly remarkable what a place like the AAC (American Addiction Centers) has done to help out addicts since 2007. It is a job in which they don’t look for any special recognition or praise. They do it because it is their mission, and it is why they decided to open their doors in the first place.

It started with them noticing how other companies were doing business, and they decided they wanted to do things a little bit differently. The other organizations were only interested in the bottom line: Money. It is not about the money for the American Addiction Centers.

It is about making sure people have the help they need when they need it. It is that patient-first approach that separates them from any other addiction center out there.

It always comes down to the patients for the AAC and how they can help them out when they are struggling with an addiction. A lot of people don’t know when an addiction is going to strike in their life, but when it does, the AAC wants to make sure they are ready to handle it and get rid of it.

They want it go away for good. The AAC knows if it comes back, it is going to come back even stronger. It will also be a lot harder to get rid of as well. It is why it needs to be treated properly the first time. Read more: American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

It is the same with any disease or illness out there that someone is suffering from in their life. If they don’t get it taken care of the right way, it will manifest into something that could become fatal.

The AAC has had a success rate that is nearly double the national average, and it is something they take a great deal of pride in because they know the importance of working together. They need to work with their patients, and they also need to work together as a staff. It’s about being open to ideas and really figuring out what the best course of action is when it comes to an individual at one of their treatment centers.

They know they need to get to the bottom of the issue and figure out what is going to get this person to a point where they are able to come home with a new lease on life.

With addiction, it has taken many lives. It is why the AAC is consistently raising awareness on the many dangers that exist with various substances out there. They are working 24/7 to help their patients and educate the public. While the AAC can do their part, they also need others to step up and help when they see an addict struggling.

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Glenn Schlossberg Successful Career Life

Becoming a successful company executive is difficult. Every business leader has to come up with a daily routine that works perfectly for them. Sometimes, staying up late so that you can work hard does not bring the results people want to see. Going away for a vacation can be refreshing and very important for a company. Glenn Schlossberg owns a very successful company that designs women cloths. Being in a very competitive industry was tough for the executive from the start. One day, when he was away for a vacation with his family, he discovered that it was easy for him to create new designs. Since then, he took his whole family for vacations in Europe and many parts of Asia so that he could take time off work. Fortunately, each time he is away gets something that benefits his company in many ways. Many modern customers can learn so much from this successful business leader.

When people are working for many hours every day, they are bound to experience burnouts, exhaustion, and stress. Research shows that when professionals take breaks in the course of their busy schedules, then they can increase their cognition, productivity, and creativity. Scientist discovered that it is during the regular breaks where company executives increase their creativity. The brain is always looking for a change so that it can adapt to the changes. When you are in the office for long hours, the brain slows down its activities. You might be shocked that your projects are starting to take longer than expected because of lack of a break. Glenn Schlossberg is in full support of breaks, even when the work in the office is too much.

Glenn Schlossberg was reading a book not long ago, and he discovered that his company is successful because of the breaks he has enjoyed over the years. In the fashion industry, every customer wants to get nothing but the best. It is the work of the company owners to introduce new designs. After a long time, they are getting new fashion trends to become a tough thing for business owners. When they are away, they get the inspiration needed to grow their products and impress the customers. For more info about Glenn you can visit

Robert Deignan Explains How You Can Have a Better Relationship With Technology

Robert Deignan is an entrepreneur in the technology industry who founded the company ATS Digital Services. As the founder of this company, he offers a service that eliminates malware from computers and other devices. Rather then use software to eliminate malware, Deignan’s company gets rid of malware by using remote professionals. This type of service has been quite effective at helping computer users get rid of harmful malware more easily. Robert spent a number of years working as an employee for a technology company that offered software to eliminate malware. He has also played professional football and completed a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Purdue University. 


With his experience in the technology industry, Robert Deignan has learned about the advantages and disadvantages of technology. According to Robert, it is important to improve your relationship with technology by using it sparingly. Users of technology will need to keep in mind that technology can be very helpful but also quite distracting. As a result it is best to use technology for a certain amount of time each day. 


One of the best ways to improve your relationship with technology is to use only one monitor. When you use one monitor, you will be able to focus on one particular task at all times. Using two monitors can usually be very distracting. As a result productivity can decline and cause some problems at work. Therefore, users of technology will be more satisfied when they only use one monitor at a time. 


Another way to improve your relationship with technology is to shut off or put away devices that send you text messages and emails. While these are very useful and help alert you of important things, they can also be very distracting. Therefore you will want to refrain from using these devices whenever you don’t need them at the moment. 


Over time, many people have realized that technology can be very addictive. As a result, it is important to make sure that you use technology for a certain amount of time each day. In order to avoid getting addicted to technology, it is a good idea to use it for a certain amount of hours and for certain tasks. By limiting the use of technology each day, you will be able to avoid getting addicted to it. This will allow you focus on doing other activities that don’t require the use of technology. As a result, technology will more beneficial for you when you use it sparingly.

Blackstone Investment Analyst And Landscape Photographer Max Salk

In a recent interview that Financial Analyst Max Salk gave about his business practices and success, he stated that just like every other person who goes on a business venture, he too was doubtful about his career choice and how well it would work out for him at first. But he feels that since he has a genuine interest and enjoyment for what he does, he was able to keep himself motivated to advance in his chosen field. The skillful stock market researcher majored in Finance and History at the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus. While attending college, he took an interest in the trading market, so he began investing in and researching stocks in his spare time.

Max Salk also had the opportunity to study abroad while he was in his junior year at the university. During the time that he was a student over in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam, he discovered that he had a passion for photography when he went out walking around the harbor there with camera in hand on one fog-covered morning. He later began documenting his travels through photos he would take and post to his website, and his social media pages. After he graduated from college, he obtained a position at an investment management firm in Chicago called PPM America, where he researched the financial markets and made recommendations on investments.

He stayed at PPM America for three years before moving to New York City to join the Blackstone firm, where he currently holds the title of Vice President, and is a U.S. Credit Research Analyst. In addition to being a financial researcher and advisor, Max Salk has a deep love of sports and music. One of the things he said he would have told his younger self was to find something he loved doing, then pursue it relentlessly, and if it didn’t work out, try something else, since as a young person, he’d have more time to do that. He feels that instead of looking outward to find their passion, people should look inward, because that’s where they will find real motivation.