Luke Lazarus Prepares Startups for Pitch to Venture Capitalist

According to Luke Lazarus, there is one correct way for a startup business to pitch to a venture capitalist.

First, they need to know their business plan, thru and thru, then they need to have a perfect mission statement that spells out their unique position in the business landscape; lastly, they need to have an unshakeable business story.

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If and only if their business story can move both the venture capitalist as well as the consumer, do they have a sure foundation for success.

With all three elements, they can have confidence they have a sure footing to grow toward success. Having cultivated a firm foundation for success is something that Luke Lazarus is very firm about when he works with startup businesses, and that is one reason he spends a good portion of time working on each of these three elements.

Understanding Startup Culture

A business startup also has a culture that depends upon how the startup sees itself in relationship to one another and the culture it operates.

When Luke Lazarus works with a startup, he tries to integrate his principles of success into the culture of a startup. One of those principles is to have a clear story and elements that will communicate to an investor what they are about, and they understand how to communicate those values to others.

As Luke Lazarus explains to startups, it is not enough to have excellent service and products. Still, it needs to be able to be communicated to others both through marketing and advertising.

Many times a business person cannot be there with the consumer when they first exposed to the business and the story of the company, so they depend on the marketing of the industry through its account to reach others. Today these elements are being communicated through multimedia.

In the past, consumers were satisfied with a two-dimensional photo of the business to make a sale of the company, but today consumers live in a media world where they expect to be drawn into the business thru all the sense as well as thru high-definition media.

Startups are under enormous pressure to develop a great story that can be communicated on several platforms and to several types of customers: social media, TV, online marketing, cable television, bulletin boards, smartphone advertising, as well as radio, blogs, and podcast.

Pitching the Venture Capitalist

When a Venture capitalist team comes to be pitched, they are very aware of what they are looking for, and that is the key that Luke Lazarus stresses in his startup lectures and one-on-ones.

A venture capitalist has a checklist that they use to limit whom they will invest in and those they won’t spend more time. An important skill they look for from startups is the ability to share their stories with others and receive an emotional response.

Consulting Australia

Luke Lazarus has been consulting with startups since 2013 and has proven through his work how he makes positive changes that lead startups to success.

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Luke Lazarus has experienced many startups receive venture capital investments and even move on to launch their IPO on major stock exchanges.

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Indie Game Developer Alexis Kennedy Prefers Fun Over Profit

Gaining experience in any industry is valuable for gaining the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. With over ten years of experience, Alexis Kennedy can be expected to have learned a lot of important business and life lessons.

Alexis Kennedy founded his first game company, Failbetter Games, in 2010. He created several story-driven titles at this firm until he teamed up with Lottie Bevan to start a new game company in 2016 called Weather Factory. This new company was the launchpad of a Kickstarter campaign for a card-based game called Cultist Simulator. The campaign brought in over $100,000 that exceeded their initial goal of $38,152. The game was released for PC in 2018 and it was later released for mobile devices in April 2019 in association with Playdigious.

Alexis Kennedy decided to enter the indie games business during the time that his first child was being born. He had elected to take a 6-month break from his software consulting job, and he relished the time to get away from the profession. His plan to get away from the job worked out in that regard, but he missed out on getting paid for over a year. This almost resulted in financial ruin, and Kennedy discourages others from doing the same thing.

Kennedy begins his typical daily routine by checking in on his teammates via Slack where he finds out key details about the progress from the previous day. His team is connected remotely, so they have to adhere to disciplined routines to remain productive. The workday for Alexis Kennedy consists of a variety of roles in design, management and writing.

The definition of success, according to Kennedy, is to do the type of work that you enjoy while earning a satisfactory income. By prioritizing fun over profit, Kennedy believes he has accomplished the type of success that he and his teammates have sought.

The Grupo RBS Expands Into Different Areas Of The Media

The Grupo RBS brand has been expanding its areas of interest in the 21st-century to bring about a change in the way the nation of Brazil perceives its media sector. The group is located in its home states of Rio Grande du Sol and Santa Catarina where the company has become one of the most important providers of news and social justice campaigns in the area. Grupo RBS was formed with the aim of bringing the best in news, education, and entertainment to the people of these states through its many different media outlets.

In order to create one of the best media organizations in South America, Grupo RBS recently underwent a structural change with the brand focusing on the development of different sectors of interest for the people of Brazil. The latest way of looking at the work of Grupo RBS sees the company divided into eight broad departments that are given responsibility for their own separate area of the brand. To know more about RBS visit

Under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, often known as Duda, the Grupo RBS brand has been switching to a focus on the online content it has been developing for a number of years. The arrival of the online content of the Grupo RBS brand has been focused on attracting a new younger audience to the content produced using a youthful, vibrant approach to content production. The younger audience of Grupo RBS is catered to with the Digital Product Development Unit that works independently to the HSM brand that factors in many of the traditional media outlets of the Brazilian brand.

The RBS brand has been developing its social consciousness sector with a move towards helping as many people within the local communities of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol. The social consciousness of the Grupo RBS brand has been developing in conjunction with the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Fund that adds to the charitable work being completed by the media company.,297812.jhtml

Angela Koch Helps Lead US Money Reserve

Angela Koch has proven herself as one of the most influential leaders in the business world. As one of the most successful female chief executive officers, Koch has helped make US Money Reserve one of the most successful companies in the retail industry.

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Under her leadership, US Money Reserve has experienced consistent growth. Since becoming the companies’ top executive, Angela Koch has adopted her own philosophy in order to manage the company. Her philosophy has included professional development, a success oriented culture and also making the company a sales based organization.

Part of Angel Koch’s philosophy has been influenced by her past work experiences. After she dropped out of college, she went on to work multiple jobs at the same time. This gave her an opportunity to establish a great work ethic as well as learn more about businesses.

While she was working multiple jobs, she focused on learning everything about a particular business. This allowed her to develop significant knowledge that would help her become a leader. Over the next several years, she would develop her leadership skills and establish herself as a highly competent manger.

As US Money Reserve’s chief executive officer, Angela Koch has looked to make the company an organization that focuses on maximizing sales. Today, the company has a staff of professionals that constantly market the products as well as provide information about how the precious metals will benefit them.

Over the past several years, US Money Reserve has increased its sales figures on a consistent basis. As a result, US Money Reserve has been able to increase its revenues and profits on a consistent basis.

Another key to the growth and success of US Money Reserve has been professional development. All of the employees at the company have been able to advance through promotions as well as develop additional competencies in their job. With an emphasis in added responsibility, the employees perform a variety of tasks that contribute to running the company more efficiently.

After getting promotions for their hard work, the employees are then put in position to become managers and enhance their leadership abilities. This has allowed US Money Reserve to become one of the best run companies in the retail and financial sectors.

US Money Reserve was founded 18 years ago in Texas. The company serves as a retailer of precious metals that include coins made out of gold and silver.

Over the past 18 years, US Reserve has won major awards for its excellence in marketing its products. Along with winning a major award, the company has provided quality products that have helped many people build their wealth.

With its vast selection of coins, US Money Reserve provides consumers with legitimate currency that they can use to either save, invest or make purchases. Some of its latest coins have been commemorative pieces of world monarchs and former presidents.

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US Money Reserve does more that just sell coins. It also supports and educates its customers so that they can learn how to benefit from the precious metals market.

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U.S. Money Reserve