5 Reasons Why LocationSmart is the Future of LaaS

Imagine working with a LaaS company with over two billion access points around the world? More access points in the world of IP geolocation means more opportunities for a company and therefore, more profits.

LocationSmart is the first-ever company — in the oversaturated market of LaaS — to reach the two billion access points mark. Thanks to better structures and trained personnel, the company is a significant change in the following areas.

First, the company understands that for most companies, IP geolocation services are mandatory for legal purposes. Therefore, the company has put structures that enable companies using their LaaS services to comply with government requirements. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

Through LocationSmart ratings around the world, it is easier to operate in different markets around the world without additional requirements. Some of the companies that have used its services include companies in the world of gaming and casino. The company has clients in the transport industry too.

Second, the company appreciates the importance of security in this market —, especially personal safety. Although advancements in the LaaS market has brought some significant changes, private security has become hard to provide.

Fortunately, LocationSmart is the best entity when it comes to detection and preventing online scams. Changes in the IP address is one of the best ways to detect fraud. Without better systems, it is impossible to detect and prevent fraud.

LocationSmart — as a leader in this niche — also help clients in safeguarding internal systems. Although most of the frauds are easily detected through changes in IP addresses, protecting systems is critical.

Therefore, the company helps companies in giving systems an added shelter to system access by third parties. In 2017, the company also introduced an encrypted system, whereby, there is a protection to all the interactions between the companies and clients. The management of the LaaS company believes that advancement provides a long-term solution to systems security.

In less than three decades, the advertising world has also changed significantly. Companies are not keen on how they spend money on passing the message to potential clients. LocationSmart, through its systems, is assisting companies in this area.

Since the company has access points across the world, it is easier for then to understand what each market requires. This system has assisted clients in understanding which approach works best in which market. The approach has also helped companies in reducing the adverting budget.

Finally, copyright protection remains one of the most discussed concepts in the advanced world. Luckily, LocationSmart has helped clients in achieving the above — thanks to their modern systems.

The company is also the only company in this market to protect digital data for its clients. With digital data and copyright protection, it is correct to state that the company is the most advanced entity in LaaS.

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