Aaron Lupuloff Educational Leader Driven by Purpose

The educational system of the United States once a model for other countries has experienced a deep decline into a system that is failing according to Aaron Lupuloff. As Senior Executive Director of Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation, Lupuloff has great insight into that determination seeing the changes. His foundation’s duties include but are not limited to educational support, scholarships, leadership development, and other initiatives. It is no wonder the community has joined forces to partner in this contest for academic and overall student success. Central in Lupuloff’s position is that students should hold top priority in the provision of support and educational engagement a key factor to long term success. If a student is happy and has outlets to plug into they do better academically and socially.

As a long time education and student advocate Aaron Lupuloff believes that a purpose driven initiative will always be a greater barometer of academic and life time achievement over any standardized or intelligence test that can be measured. His experience in the formation of various student support and enrichment programs has shown his dedication as it deals with student development whether academics, artistic, athletic and everything in between. The foundation’s influence in support of each students interests stems from that purpose driven approach to education where funds and resources are utilized where a student needs it most to provide an environment that is conducive to productivity and happiness.

Aaron Lupuloff and his foundation invest strategically and purposefully in Gwinnett County Public Schools standing by the belief that greatness for each student is centered in school experiences the more positive the better. Outside contributors through Community involvement provides support in school supplies, teambuilding, and so much that meet the needs of diverse students in team or individual capacities. The goal of Aaron Lupuloff’s foundation is to support the Gwinnett County schools and community in such a way that it will cause a movement of educational reform that will sweep across the nation, and even the globally. He believes there is no doubt that quality of education will increase and generations to come will experience success and purpose like never before. As a proponent creating a generation of future leaders his passion and determination cannot be denied instead modeled by other leaders to support every student to their purpose. To see m ore about Aaron visit about.me