About Privinvest Group

With facilities in France, Germany, and the Middle East, Privinvest Group is a leading shipbuilding company. The major manufacturing hub of the company is Cherbourg, France, and more than 700 highly-sophisticated naval vessels have been manufactured at this facility. Crafted from aluminum, steel, and advanced composite materials, Privinvest ships the preferred vessels of 38 navies and has commercial and private customers around the world.

Privinvest is a market leader that is known internationally for its mega yachts, commercial ships, and naval vessels. CMN is part of the Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. Ships manufactured by Privinvest are state-of-the-art and designed in facilities in the Arabian Gulf, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. These facilities have manufactured some of the world’s most recognized vessels in the naval, commercial, and luxury super yacht sectors.

The group consists of six modern shipyards, employing a total core group of 2,500 employees. The cumulated experience of all facets of the group equals to 350 years. Privinvest has shipped approximately 2,000 vessels worldwide.

Vessels supplied by CMN offer:

  • Combat System Integration Capabilities and Integrated Mast
  • Naval Vessels up to 95m (Vigilante, Trimaran for maritime surveillance, Inceptors, Combatant, and Corvettes)
  • Logistic and Training Support
  • Supply Vessels and Work Boats
  • Hydrokinetic Turbines (Ocean Renewable Energy)
  • Refit, Repair, and Overhaul of Naval Vessels and Yachts
  • Renewable Energy Platform Assembly

Over the past 68 years, CNM has established its dominance as the world-leader in the building of fast-surface combatants. Privinvest continues to stay on the cutting-edge of naval-vessel engineering and construction. Privinvest Group has a reputation as a world-class leader in the building of sophisticated warships, and the Baynunah Corvette Program is further enhancing the manufacturing abilities of the company.

The production techniques, skilled workforce, investment in modern design, and business culture has set Privinvest apart from its global competitors. With international clientele that spans across multiple continents, this company supplies vessels to navies across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The philosophy of the company, to put innovation and the needs of the customer first, have led the Privinvest to the status of being a global giant in the shipbuilding industry.