About Sergey Petrossov and His Career

Sergey PetrossovSince high school when he established his first business, Sergey Petrossov’s strong job ethic and drive to succeed as a businessman has been obvious: a tire rim import/export company for luxury vehicles. Now, Petrossov is JetSmarter’s founder and CEO, an app-based mobile community designed to assist individuals to travel through private jet for a fraction of the price and like meeting like-minded individuals. Before JetSmarter was launched, Petrossov, who was named one of Forbes ‘ 30-under-30 and one of the Top Working Professionals in South Florida, co-founded two IT projects: an internet customer service chat system and a distance learning platform for Russian-speaking academic organizations. Petrossov has no such thing as a “typical” day. He spends a few days talking to stakeholders while spending other days meeting the requirements of customers. One continual, however, is that he is always looking for ways through innovation to optimize the product, anticipating how the demands of his customers will develop and how to solve them rapidly and efficiently.

Technology continually enhances people’s lifestyles, so Sergey Petrossov never stops thinking about making the most of all the gadgets and devices individuals have at their fingertips. He’s always looking for ways to streamline procedures and use technology to create something better and simpler than JetSmarter has been successful in doing.

Sergey Petrossov

Business development relies mainly on a mixture of innovation and marketing. Constant innovation depends on anticipating and catering to the next move and trends of the customer at all times. The mistakes that occur along the manner are one of the most important elements that move a company forward. The private aviation sector is extremely inefficient, and Petrossov has constructed JetSmarter to take the sector into the 21st century with effectiveness and a younger customer base.