Academy of Art University Brings the World to Students to Explore and Experience Their Creations

Students at Academy of Art University are being introduced to both creative and artistic opportunities the world has in store for them during the Annual Spring Show. Alumni, the general public, as well as industry leaders come together during the event to explore what the students have created. It feels like the whole world comes to them to explore and explore their creations during the event, the only time it comes to them.

Students showcase best as well as brightest work during Academy of Art University’s one of the most important days. The attendees will explore and experience the artistic creations of the graduating class, a group of designers, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, photographers, communicators, technologists, strategists and problem solves. Industry leaders and professionals in top companies in the world will also talk one-on-one with students on career opportunities as well as possibilities.

The event also fosters networking immensely. Academy of Art University recognizes the importance of networking and they are also looking to advance networking opportunities to students. It exposes students to networking opportunities from right time they get into the university. Beyond the conventional benefits of networking, advertising and related lines of career depend majorly on networking. During the event, students get to mingle with professionals from top companies such as Disney, Industrial Light & Magic, Nickelodeon, and Double Negative who are invited to the event by the university’s School of Animation & Visual Effects (ANM). The representatives of global companies comes and reviews the work of students to be able to advise them accordingly.

The Academy of Art University’s event allow showcasing of innovative design as well as talent through fine art as well as fashion, and illustration and industrial design. Students from all departments presents their best work to the special industry guests during the event.

About Academy of Art University

It is an institution of higher learning that was established in 1929 by Richard Stephen to transform aspiring students into industry professional artists and designers. During the beginning of the institution, the general feeling was that if aspiring artists who are hardworking and dedicated could be accorded proper instruction, they will develop to become the professionals much designed in the world today.