Academy of Art University Produces Oscar

Daniel Arriaga, an alumni graduate from the Academy of Art University is getting a lot of attention for winning an Oscar in 2018. Upon graduating from the nations largest art and design school, Daniel Arriaga lands a job with Pixar as Senior Director. Every graduate’s dream is to create something that’s appreciated for years to come and Daniel has succeeded in just that. For an animated film director, he has accomplished the highest degree of honor. There is no question that Arriaga and his team did a phenomenal job in winning over the judges. Daniel put passion in this movie because he connected with the character’s culture, being from there himself. He wanted to be extremely accurate and authentic as possible so a lot of research and time went into designing the film. He poured so much life into this movie that you will forget that the characters are actually dead.


The Academy’s main goal is to produce talented artists as free-thinking and creative individuals. This is the greatest accomplishment they can achieve. Just like a parent’s pride when their child succeeds in life due to the years of nurturing and preparation. The University strives to provide a creative environment and challenges each student to blend their styles of creativity, technical skills, and knowledge in an urban environment. Academy of Art University prides itself in beautifying its communities with art, design, and inspiration in an urban context.


In 1929 Richard S. Stephens decided to start an Academy for artists and called it the Academy of Advertising Art. He wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance of being accepted regardless of their art portfolio and to hire professional artists as teachers. It also has an impressive Automobile Museum with over 200 vintage cars making up some of the world’s rarest and expensive cars. Additionally they have one of the only student designed exhibits in NY Fashion Week. The University has and is making a great impact in the world around us from animation movies, fashion, automobiles to visual effects and so much more.