Achievements of Raffaele Riva in Business

Raffaele Riva is the founder of AUREA MultiFamily Office. Since the year 2008, he has continued to facilitate the establishment of partnership and co-ownership of affiliate companies. The businessman has overseen the establishment of several regulated companies under AUREA. Such companies include; BGB AUREA Ltd, Milano Fuduciara, Aurea Consulenti Associati SA and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia. Riva serves as the chairman of the companies. His excellent managerial skills enable him to balance his duties such that he does not neglect any company, and he is never overwhelmed. His areas of specialty are real estate, wealth planning, international issues, asset and wealth management, among other related issues.

Before AUREA foundation, Raffaele Riva founded several advisory companies where he served as a manager and also sought partnerships from people with common interests. Through the advisory companies, he offered services such as corporate financing, estate planning, international cross-border activities, and corporate restructuring. These positions equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to start AUREA successfully.

Early in his career, Riva secured a job as a senior executive of a multinational conglomerate. He served as a board member of several companies in Europe, Central, and South America. He has worked in Milan and Manchester between 1988 and 1992 in a `Big 4`firm as an assistant supervisor and assistant manager in accounting and auditing.

In 1987, Riva graduated with an honors degree in economics from a catholic university in Milan. He specialized in corporate financing, banking law and mergers, and acquisition. He acknowledges that his education background and experience are the main factors that have facilitated his success. He speaks fluent English, French, and Italian, which enables him to serve clients from different regions. Riva loves art collections, skiing, and show-jumping. He is good at time management hence finds time for his career and personal interests.