On The Path To Greatness: Robert Ivy And The Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy is a rare breed of architects who has recently been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award: He joins the ranks of other greats like actor Morgan Freeman, and authors Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote. The Noel Polk awards marks the complete apex of one’s career; the single highest regard for which one can be publicly recognized for personal excellence. And so, the NPLAA is inherently very hard to attain.

Robert Ivy, however, has a professional pedigree worthy of standing up to any criticism. As a former Chief Executive Officer for the American Institute of Architects (as well as the Executive VP, too), Ivy is ready to receive the accomplishment which will be presented by a non-profit organization named the “Mississippi Institute of Letters and Artists”.

It’s quite an undertaking for Robert to become the first man in his profession to bag such a large distinguishment. Carl Elefante, in fact, who is the president at the American Institute of Architects, exalted Robert in proclaiming that, “As the CEO of AIA since 2011, and as an author, editor and practicing architect, Robert Ivy is a worthy ambassador for our profession. This award comes as a crowning personal professional achievement for him as a native of Mississippi.”

And Robert is totally at home with obtaining many other awards by now: Robert Ivy has caught up to and in some regards surpassed his architectural demi-God comrades, like as I. M. Pei (the guy who carried out the impressive pyramid design at the site of the Louvre in Paris which was popularized by the film “The DaVinci Code”). Ivy is already up there in Pei’s world as a brother of his very same architectural brotherhood: Alpha Rho Chi. Ivy is even the only architect to be afforded this honor within the 21st century! Prior to any of these achievements, Ivy was even steadily collecting awards way back in college when he landed Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas. With Noel Polk in his sights, Ivy is a true legacy in the making.

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