Lime Crime Is Breaking Tradition With Diamond Dew Eyeshadows

A makeup line that has made a name for itself from the unique name of the company to the uniqueness of the product lines, no one does it better than Lime Crime. The makeup industry has seen nothing more than success from every product that they release. In recent news, their latest endeavor has proven to be just one of the biggest products ever made.

The one thing that Doe Deere has proven she knows much about is makeup. From a very early age, Doe knew that she would one day be a name people know and with a brand called Lime Crime, she did just that.

In the last batches of makeup releases offered by Lime Crime, the Diamond Dew lip color was such a success that Doe wanted to make a line of eyeshadows which did the same thing. The new product will leave your eye’s looking as though you crushed diamonds and applied them to your eyes. The formula is gentle and does not cause any harm should you get a flake or two in your eyes.

If you are interested in something to go along with the diamond dew eyeshadow, the hair dyes they currently make are perfect for beauty enthusiasts. There is no shortage when it comes to product lines that pop out against the crowd with Lime Crime. They know what beauty lovers like and they know how to give them what they are looking for.

If you are interested in all the Diamond Dew colors, the selling of a bundle will get you all the colors in the collection. The collection can be purchased together for a cheaper price than for the purchase price of each one individually.

All the products that are made by Lime Crime are vegan friendly and are not tested on any animals while creating the products. For animal lovers, this is very important. Also if you are someone who only purchases products that has no animal fats or byproducts in it, you will love the colors from Lime Crime as well as with the product itself for being animal friendly.