Dr. Clay Siegall Focused on Targeted Cancer Therapies

Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder as well as CEO of Seattle Genetics. This is a biotech firm that develops targeted therapy drugs mainly for cancer.


He has a B.S. in zoology. He earned this from The University of Maryland. He holds a Ph.D. in genetics that is from the George Washington University.


It was in 1998 that Dr. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics. Under his leadership, the firm is at the top of the targeted therapies industry. From being a tiny start-up, Seattle Genetics has become a power player today in the area of cancer research.


Dr. Siegall has a lot of plans for his company. There is an ever increasing list of drugs that are in its pipeline for development. There are an increasing number of the potential indications for the existing drug portfolio of the company. Hence Seattle Genetics will be moving into the drug development industry of the 21st century with a lot of authority.


He believes that systemic chemotherapies that are being used as a cancer therapy are not fit to be used anymore. This is because the value, as well as efficacy of the targeted therapies, is becoming clearer all the time. This way the old therapies will become more effective when they are supplemented with targeted drugs.


Dr. Clay Siegall has always been interested in medicine. He is aware of the power of technology. He wants to intervene in the course of nature by restoring health to all those who have been consigned to death by fate.


He realized that the treatments such as radical surgery, amputation and chemotherapy were not correct. Hence he decided to look for a better way. This is how the story of his firm started.


Besides, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He could see that working in a firm does not give the kind of autonomy on projects that he wanted. Even the money part was important here. Besides, having your own firm gives recognition too. Hence he wanted to be his own boss. This is why at Seattle Genetics he sell his proprietary drugs to make money.