Matt Fleeger Of Gulf Coast Western Offers His Insight


Matt Fleeger, President and Chief Executive Officer at Gulf Coast Western, gives his insight on how to “navigate” the changes and challenges the oil industry faces today. In a recent article dated June 18th of 2019, Matt Fleeger begins to discuss the “challenges” the oil industry has been facing in recent years. He says the oil industry is “evolving” because of the new demand for “new, alternate energy sources.” In what is described as similar to tides in the sea, the oil industry is facing “highs and lows“. He further states that the industry is now “forced” to “re-invent their existing business models” to keep up with the changes. In a world where resources are depleting to the point of critical shortage, the need for renewable energy is even more vital in today’s society. The article then talks about strategies that the oil industry must “adopt” to “survive”.

The first strategy he talks about is the “willingness” to be flexible. Mr. Fleeger states that “flexibility” is the most important characteristic that any company in the industry must be open to. He then talks about the many times when, his very own company Gulf Coast Western, had experienced challenges that many other energy companies face today. He says that his company has “weathered some tough times over the past couple of decades.” Despite this, his company grew from this experience and continues to do so. He further goes into detail about the company’s past experiences that included a time during the recession.

In line with growth through experience, the next strategy Mr. Fleeger discusses is partnerships. Additionally, the article covers other strategies such as philanthropy and leadership.

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Gulf Coast Western

As mentioned Matt Fleeger serves as the company’s President and CEO. Gulf Coast Western is an energy company that focuses on domestic oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Founded in 1970, the company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Steve Lesnard: How to Start Success Marketing Campaigns

Steve Lesnard has been serving in the marketing industry for a long time, and he knows what most of the customers are looking for. The marketing executive has been creating marketing campaigns for his customers for years, and he is highly experienced in whatever he lands his hands on. Many digital marketing mediums have been introduced in the marketing field. Steve Lesnard knows most of these platforms, and he believes that customers need to learn how to use them. The modern platforms have shown that they can be useful in marketing, and they require little amounts of money. When not used in the right way, Steve Lesnard believes that modern marketing platforms can fail organizations. The companies that want to thrive in the market must always place the needs of their customers in the front line. You must learn to introduce your products in the market in obvious statements, showing consumers that the items in question will add value in their lives. Here are two paramount principles to use in marketing.

Make it memorable and straightforward at the same time

When starting your company, it is crucial to ensure that the storyline remains in the perfect direction. The ideal product introduction will be able to show all the benefits the consumers will get. This is not easy even for the most experienced professionals. Simplifying the information will make the marketing team become more innovative and look for the most relevant features before they can communicate. Pick the line that you believe will be memorable to the customers and then go for it. Complex terms will only complicate the whole campaign, and it will give you poor results.

Make it real

When you want to give your clients a great experience, you must bring into life whatever you are marketing. You can try and use videos and any other platform to make the customers understand and associate themselves with whatever they are about to purchase. Highlight the best features of your product in this stage too so that the customers can show interest.

How Peter Brigers Skills and Fortress Investment

Peter Briger is a core chairman of the board of Directors and is also Co- principle at Fortress Investment Group. He joined the company in March 2002 and heads Credit and Real Estate Business departments. He has served as the co-chairman of the company’s board since 2009. In 2006, Peter was appointed the director of Fortress Investment Group. In 2017 he was appointed to serve as a Co-Chief Executive Officer and also a member of the Advisory Board of Spearhead LLC. He also sits and is a member of Caliber schools board and serves as a director at Princeton University Investment Company.

Before he joined Fortress, he had spent 15 years working at Goldman Sachs &Co. He became a partner at the company in 1996. At Goldman, he held the position of Co-Head of Trading business and whole loan sales, he also held the position of the Co-head of Asian Real Estate and also held the position of a Co-Head of Asian distressed Debt Business. He is a financial expert and an advisor on distressed debt matters.

Peter Briger is a US citizen residing in New York, married with 4 children. He joined Fortress Investment Group to manage hedge fund operations. He owns about 66.6 million shares at Fortress worth about $2 billion. Since 2005, he has received close to $150 million cash pay-outs from the company.

He is a graduate of Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) where he received an MBA. He is also a Princeton University B.A holder.

Peter Briger is a titan in Finance and is among Forbes 400 top business professionals. He is credited with helping Fortress Investment group attain its current status. He heads the business division of Fortress investment and is primarily concerned with distressed debt and illiquid investment. At Goldman, he served in both leadership and managerial roles. He gained vast experience at an investment bank where he honed his skills in foreign investment, real estate, distressed debt management and loans and trading. He used these skills to turn around Fortress investment.

Peter Briger has engaged himself in a lot of philanthropic activities including investing more than $600 million in maintaining and conserving Ney York’s Central Park. He also participates in social causes including programs that alleviate poverty, helping children and providing quality education. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

What employees say about Peter Briger

He has made Fortress Investment what it is and employees say that he is smart and quite thoughtful. He has created a fast-paced environment at the company. Employees are well remunerated and the company has created a favorable working environment.

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