Blackstone Investment Analyst And Landscape Photographer Max Salk

In a recent interview that Financial Analyst Max Salk gave about his business practices and success, he stated that just like every other person who goes on a business venture, he too was doubtful about his career choice and how well it would work out for him at first. But he feels that since he has a genuine interest and enjoyment for what he does, he was able to keep himself motivated to advance in his chosen field. The skillful stock market researcher majored in Finance and History at the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus. While attending college, he took an interest in the trading market, so he began investing in and researching stocks in his spare time.

Max Salk also had the opportunity to study abroad while he was in his junior year at the university. During the time that he was a student over in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam, he discovered that he had a passion for photography when he went out walking around the harbor there with camera in hand on one fog-covered morning. He later began documenting his travels through photos he would take and post to his website, and his social media pages. After he graduated from college, he obtained a position at an investment management firm in Chicago called PPM America, where he researched the financial markets and made recommendations on investments.

He stayed at PPM America for three years before moving to New York City to join the Blackstone firm, where he currently holds the title of Vice President, and is a U.S. Credit Research Analyst. In addition to being a financial researcher and advisor, Max Salk has a deep love of sports and music. One of the things he said he would have told his younger self was to find something he loved doing, then pursue it relentlessly, and if it didn’t work out, try something else, since as a young person, he’d have more time to do that. He feels that instead of looking outward to find their passion, people should look inward, because that’s where they will find real motivation.

Remembering the Legendary Writer, Alastair Borthwick

After death, some people are remembered for the great things they did. Their legacies live long even after they are gone. Alastair Borthwick is one of those people. He will forever be in our hearts. Alastair was an author, a journalist, a war historian, an organizer of national exhibitions as well as a broadcaster. He is known for his books, always a little further, which he wrote in 1939 and the equally vivid Sans Peurin 1946.


Borthwick was born in 1913 in Rutherglen and later joined Glasgow high school. At the age of 16, he quit school and started working on the Glasgow Herald. It was here that he started working on Glasgow’s blossoming hillwalking and climbing scene for the very first time. In 1935, he got a job at daily mirror in London. He then discovered that he had a passion for outdoor recreational activities like mountain climbing, which helped him write his book eventually.


In his first novel, he gave tales of camping and outdoor adventures. It was based on the working-class Scottish and the experienced man. This was the era when hiking and climbing had initially made its way to people’s ears. The writer described his encounters with different traders and Irish travelers. He also discussed hiking preferences and the egalitarian climber humorously and entertainingly. In another book, Battalion, Alastair wrote about the life of the British Seaforths in Sicily. It majorly discussed the Second World War, which he and other Seaforths fought. In 1945, after the war, Alastair and his family relocated to the Isle of Jura. He began his broadcasting career where he presented the BBC’s Scottish Survey. He produced over 150 shows for Grampian TV. One well-known television story was a Scottish Soldier-a 13-part series where he told stories of Scottish infantrymen.


Even in his old age, this multi-faceted and ambitious man continued to write. He wrote scripts for TVs and did a weekly column for a magazine company, News Chronicles. He and his wife Ann were later taken to a nursing home in Beith where he stayed for the rest of his remaining life. He passed on at the age of 90 years, in 2003. He will be remembered as the journeyman who told heartfelt stories, in both good and bad times.

The Many Skills of Max Salk

There are many kinds of individuals in the world, with a wide range of talents. An individual might be skilled in multiple areas, and thus diversify their professional portfolio. Max Salk is one of these kind of individuals. He was born in Chicago, but can be currently found in New York. Between economics, market history, and eventually landscape photography, he has laid the web of numerous connections across several professions. In addition, he gives back to the greater community through the Navy SEAL Foundation. Max Salk recently sat down for an interview where he discusses his present venture.

Beginning with the origin of his business Max Salk Photography, it all began when he took a semester abroad to study in the Netherlands. Max Salk found himself taking photographs of everything, but especially the backgrounds surrounding him. He was in awe of their beauty, and would frequently show them off to friends and family who visited. Over the years, he established a website that has grown more and more as he added pictures. Max Salk’s line of work involves him making and giving presentations. He spends each day understanding the material he is about to present, and making the accompanying props like a sideshow. He is a firm believer in making sure everything can be explained in a reasonable amount of time.

As a young college student, he held these traits in high regard. During the interview, Max Salk recalls an incident where he was tasked with teaching an investor meeting. This opportunity was very rewarding in the long run. He learned a lot just from watching commentary and following the market on his spare time. However, becoming an investor is not for the weak of heart. The industry is constantly shifting, and you have to keep an eye on the big picture at all times.

Max Salk is an individual who has already accomplished so much at a young age. He is knowledgeable and resourceful in his research methods, and dissemination of information to to others. He landed a career by chance from his natural photography skills molded over time.