Philip Diehl’s Prudent Stewardship At The U.S. Money Reserve

Recently, Enterprise Radio’s Eric Dye hosted Philip Diehl. Over the years, entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners have used the show as a platform for sharing their strategies, products, creations and experiences. At the beginning of this year, Philip embarked on an aggressive media appearance where he deliberated on various topics. His topics have centered on the excellent customer services at the US Money Reserve and prospects of the gold market.

Philip is regarded as one of the finest directors to be at the helm of U.S. Mint. While serving at the Mint, Philip received many accolades including the 50 States Quarter program. In addition, he played a pivotal role in minting platinum coins. These platinum coins were the first ever to be minted and issued by the U.S. government. In one of his interviews, Philip said that together with his management team at the Mint, they turned the organizations from an agency into an entrepreneurial success. In addition, he made a six-year commitment to augment customer service at the Mint. In the end, U.S. Mint’s customer service matched the leading businesses in the U.S.

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Why Buy Gold

After assuming his role as the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip replicated the entrepreneurial principles to enhance customer service at the Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve ranks high in distributing government-issued coins, precious metal bullion and bars. Under Philip’s stewardship, the U.S. Money Reserve has started an IRA program. Through this program, customers are allowed to hold physical gold as a wealth protection strategy for retirement while enjoying gains realized from increases in gold prices.

Philip urges customers to choose U.S. minted platinum coins, silver and gold given that they are legal tender guaranteed by the U.S. government. U.S. Money Reserve guarantees the purity, gold content and weight of the U.S. minted gold coins. Philip contends that with the anticipated market volatility, gold prices will increase.

About U.S. Money Reserve
Many clients trust the U.S. Money Reserve. The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) rates the Reserve as AAA. In addition, within 30 days, the firm provides refunds on non-bullion certified coin orders. In the industry, the firm’s return policies are regarded as one of the best. The firm is proud of its fastest delivery times. Every shipping order is fully insured and signed accordingly. The U.S. Money Reserve facilitates client-connect advantage. Veterans in the gold market provide clients with expert advice and one-on-one consultations. Consultations are free of any charges. In addition, clients are provided with secure offline transactions and optimal live pricing services.

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