WIT eLibrary- Furthering Research One Download At A Time

The Wessex Institute of Technology, also known as WIT, is located in Accurst, Southampton in the United Kingdom. As stated on the WIT website, “The overall aim of Wessex Institute is to develop a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms, particularly directed towards the exchange of information between academic and professional users within the industry.” While the institute provides several methods for the sharing of knowledge, one valuable resource is it’s eLibrary.


The WIT Press eLibrary hosts an abundant collection of materials. Available documents include papers presented at the Wessex Institute of Technology’s international conferences. Articles from WIT’s Science and Engineering publications can be downloaded from the eLibrary, as well as, WIT Press International Journals. The WIT eLibrary boasts more than 28,000 open access, peer reviewed papers, and all are available for digital download.


With a quick and functional search option, based on www.wessex.ac.uk, the WIT eLibrary grants instantaneous access to current research. These documents are able to be downloaded in PDF format. The extensive eLibrary is simply another example of the extraordinary effort the Wessex Institute of Technology is taking to share knowledge and exchange information in pursuit of furthering advancement in science and engineering research.