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One key point that Luke Lazarus would love to stress in his dealings is that talent does not equal skill. This concept is one that Luke Lazarus has seen time and time again in his life. He’s helped many different startups and companies and sees magnificent truth in this simple principle.

Skill, to people like Luke Lazarus, is something that occurs when one someone has done the work over several years and will continue to invest in themselves over time to make a difference in their lives.

The statement talent doesn’t equal skill is a bold statement, but it will certainly ring true in a broad variety of industries. Luke Lazarus is one individual that spends his time working with companies to go from obscure and nascent entities to thriving entities that will continue to exist.

He will take them to the promised land of initial public offerings and multi-million dollar exits. He knows the curve, and he lives in this world where he optimizes for success.

Luke Lazarus is one person that would know about the profound principles present within the world of company building because of his growth in the industry. Luke built out his firms and sold them. Now he serves as a consultant to many different firms to help them do the same.

Lazarus is direct and doesn’t spin any tall tales. He surely helps out cuts out the noise and works hard to improve the startup and emerging companies he works within the start. The business consultant knows that there’s much to do and much to optimize for in the beginning of a startup and works hard each day to help people get started in the right manner.

A few people talk about this style as if it is overbearing, but others would beg to differ and would state that his style is just what is needed in building a startup. Being honest, direct, and straight to the point is one thing that will continue to be of substantial importance in the world of business where things can go wrong and someone must fix it.

He will look at entrepreneurs and see what they are building. Lazarus will then check out what needs to happen with the startup, the end goal, and what must be done to complete that goal.

One specific area he will continue to press hard on is that of weaknesses. He knows that deficiencies will kill a startup and that paying attention to this pays off quite handsomely. Knowing where you don’t have the skillset or the knowledge is something that will be critical in raising a startup and an early-stage company.

Lazarus will acknowledge that many people have wisdom, intelligence, and a can-do attitude, but he will also see that many do not have financial skills, marketing, or taking a company public.

That is all fine as long as the company is aware of its faults and weaknesses overall. A company that is not aware of its shortcomings can not thrive.

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