Eric Pulier’s Holistic Life Of Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is a multitalented American business person whose expertise in his various passions surpasses the average mark. He was a high school, student at Teaneck High School until 1984 when he graduated to join Harvard University. Eric Pulier majored in English and American literature and earned his bachelors in 1988 magna cum laude. Eric’s campus life was marked by an enthusiasm of life that stood out among fellow grads. He was a serial columnist for the Harvard Crimson and earned the reputation of humorous writer with an in-depth knowhow in many facet of life.

Eric began his entrepreneurial journey immediately after school by launching People Doing Things, a tech firm with a specialty in health care and education. In 1994, he started Digital Evolution to offer an interactive platform to clients. After four years of operation, he merged the firm with US Interactive LLC to maximize the company’s packages. Eric’s tech expertise became obvious to the general public and the country’s leadership fast due to his serial excellent outputs. His portfolio earned him an opportunity granted by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to exhibit technological works for the president. His exhibit remains in display in Washington D.C and is now known as ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century’. His tech experience broadened when he continued to launch 15 more tech firms and raising funds to aid the growth of other emerging organizations in the field.

Eric Pulier is a regular philanthropist with a golden heart seeking to alienate suffering from children and people with chronic illnesses. He has close associations with Multiple Sclerosis Society which educates society on the multiple sclerosis and raises money to address the medical complications faced by the less fortunate. Eric merges his passion of tech with philanthropy where he can such as the foundation of Starbright World, a private social media network set to help children with chronic ailments have an interactive online platform.

Eric serves on the boards of several organizations such as the XPrize Foundation to farther advance his philanthropic endeavors. He is the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA and has a renowned article, The Enterprise Complex, on Forbes Magazine. Eric is the father of four and enjoys spending time in his LA home with his family.

About Eric Pulier:

How Eric Pulier Has Influenced The Growth Of Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and technologist who has invested widely in nurturing young professionals and advancing the culture of entrepreneurship. He is also a prolific author and most of his articles address issues surrounding business and technology. Eric founded and co-founded several businesses that have elevated him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Such businesses include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, US Interactive and Akana. Additionally, Eric Pulier has channeled more effort into venture capitals that include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies and Trident Capital, which have been working with ambitious and talented startups across the country.

Education and early life

Eric attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1984, from which point he proceeded to the Harvard University. Before he enrolled for high school education, Eric Pulier had vowed to pursue his dream of becoming the most successful entrepreneur and computer programmer. He started gathering materials and conducting research on different areas of programming, and it is through this dedication that he was able to launch a database company when he joined high school.

This success story has motivated many young professionals who are looking to pursue their dreams across the country. When he joined the Harvard University for a degree in English and American Literature, Eric Pulier already had a good background in computer programming. He, therefore, enrolled for Computer Science at neighboring MIT. He completed both courses in 1984 and was able to emerge with high honors amid different challenges along the way.


Philanthropy and taking part in causes that bring light to lives is one of the things Eric Pulier has invested largely in. He started by building a platform that could help by offering solutions to intractable problems among economically disadvantaged persons.

He pioneered the creation of an educational program that was reserved for people with Multiple Sclerosis, where they could connect with the world and learn things that would help them feel better about themselves. Most importantly, Eric Pulier has been an active member of the Campaign for Free College Tuition, which is supporting the provision of free college education to all Americans.

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