Milan Kordestani Leading in Adoption of Organic Methods to Produce Eggs

Milan Kordestani was born in the United States, in the State of California but later migrated to the United Kingdom after the divorce between his parents. In the United Kingdom, he started his early education at Eaton Square before then joining Sacred Heart Preparatory where he later graduated from high school education. His early life was dominated by love for horse riding where he could be seen riding various horses without fearing, irrespective of the level of aggressiveness portrayed by the horse. While still in his childhood, Kordestani showed great resilience to continue with horse riding. At one point, a horse threw him off the track, but he recollected himself and brought the horse back to the camp.

He wanted to compete at world class level where he could get opportunities to win blue ribbons. Through his determination and hard work, Kordestani went ahead to win several horse-riding competition. In one instance, Kordestani won the first leg of a Triple Crown horse race. His exploits would continue where he could either win or challenge for the top spot in various races that included experienced riders. His most significant achievement in horse riding is becoming second at the World Champions horse competition where he was competing with riders in his age group.

During his sophomore year, Kordestani found Milan Firms, an organization that specializes in poultry production and sale of poultry products. The organizations, which was established in 2015. The company has been raising poultry through organic means by use of saffron. Milan Firm has been producing saffron through hydroponic technology where it has been known as the first organization to use that technology.

The products offered by the company are purely organic, and they do not have foreign elements that are added to improve the production of eggs and other poultry products.

Milan Firm has been adopting a transparent production method that allows consumers to see how they produce their products. It is a firm that is based on an honest model that produces and sells products without any secret. The plants are grown by the firm use organic methods which customers can easily verify. Due to the transparency strategy adopted in running the firm, its growth has been consistent, and it is currently supplying eggs across the western coast.

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