A Guide To Fashion Consultant DonataMeirelles

The fashion industry is one of the most exciting, sought-after and thrilling industries on earth. This exclusive field of work generates billions every year, and it has its fair share of prominent figures. The same thing can be said for organizations that support the fight against deadly diseases. This is where DonataMeirelles comes into the frame as this woman has provided plenty of time and capital in supporting this cause. DonataMeirelles is just one of many who have received great news in the support of finding a cure for this disease. A recent article in The New York Times stated that an HIV patient has been cured for the second time. This is big news because we as a people could be on the verge of discovering a cure.

This big news is spreading like a wild fire, and it has captured the attention of millions. DonataMeirelles said that “I’m very pleased of hearing about this news, and I’m very moved by the cause.” Unlike many of her counterparts, Meirelles puts her boots on the grounds by doing the actual work. This phenomenal woman has used her clout to spread awareness through cyberspace. In total, DonataMeirelles has well-over 463,000 followers. This enormous audience is capable of reaching a much larger audience because these individuals’ friends will receive the information. When it comes to Aids, nothing should be left to chance. This is why all avenues should be covered, and social media certainly fits the bill for promoting something.

AmFar, a New York-based organization, has also played a key role in raising funds for Aids awareness. This particular nonprofit organization has a host of sponsors, and it auctions off high-end products to meet its quota. DonataMeirelles has stake in working with this amazing organization, and more than $400 million has been invested into AmFar’s program for developing affective treatments.

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