A Guide To Fashion Consultant DonataMeirelles

The fashion industry is one of the most exciting, sought-after and thrilling industries on earth. This exclusive field of work generates billions every year, and it has its fair share of prominent figures. The same thing can be said for organizations that support the fight against deadly diseases. This is where DonataMeirelles comes into the frame as this woman has provided plenty of time and capital in supporting this cause. DonataMeirelles is just one of many who have received great news in the support of finding a cure for this disease. A recent article in The New York Times stated that an HIV patient has been cured for the second time. This is big news because we as a people could be on the verge of discovering a cure.

This big news is spreading like a wild fire, and it has captured the attention of millions. DonataMeirelles said that “I’m very pleased of hearing about this news, and I’m very moved by the cause.” Unlike many of her counterparts, Meirelles puts her boots on the grounds by doing the actual work. This phenomenal woman has used her clout to spread awareness through cyberspace. In total, DonataMeirelles has well-over 463,000 followers. This enormous audience is capable of reaching a much larger audience because these individuals’ friends will receive the information. When it comes to Aids, nothing should be left to chance. This is why all avenues should be covered, and social media certainly fits the bill for promoting something.

AmFar, a New York-based organization, has also played a key role in raising funds for Aids awareness. This particular nonprofit organization has a host of sponsors, and it auctions off high-end products to meet its quota. DonataMeirelles has stake in working with this amazing organization, and more than $400 million has been invested into AmFar’s program for developing affective treatments.

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Getting Helpful Fashion Advice from Donata Meirelles

With so many people right now who are looking for fashion advice, it can sometimes be difficult to get tips from fashion models and those who are huge in the industry. Thankfully, Donata Meirelles has worked to help women and men to look their best no matter where they work or where they’re going. By choosing the right types of garments, you can feel confident in your look and know that you’re choosing a professional who is going to be helpful in many different ways.

The great thing about Donata Meirelles is that she believes in going with more neutral and muted colors to complement your look. Especially with the warmer weather months, neutral colors can keep you feeling and looking cool no matter where you happen to be going. This is ideal for people of all ages and sizes, allowing you to pick and choose the right type of garment that is going to complement the outfit that you are wearing. There are lots of different options when it comes to these types of pieces. View more fotos of Donata Meirelles at aloalobahia.com

Along with going with more muted colors for your wardrobe, it’s crucial to add in accessories when and if you can. Adding a scarf, hat or going with a gorgeous pair of sunglasses and earrings can finish off your look and allow you to look polished. It’s easy to purchase accessories that can cross match with many different outfits, allowing you to choose the ones that are right for you and get you feeling great about yourself. Now is the best time to give this a try and it’s easy to take advice from Donata Meirelles simply because she is one of the biggest names in fashion at the moment. You can learn more about this expert by visiting her on social media and her main website.

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Donata Meirelles Tips on Finding an Authentic Voice in Fashion

The typical fashion consumer expects fashion publications to address diverse subjects in fashion, and more importantly — simplify fashion trends. Donata Meirelles, in her career at the Vogue, has been instrumental for simplifying fashion trends — without losing their authenticity. She is a believer in a personalized approach to fashion and trends. Although most of the publications in Brazil still refer to her as fashion police, she views herself as a loyal consumer to Brazilian brands, who has interests in brilliant fashion items. For the last five years, the Brazilian fashion market has been home to incredible trends, and Donata used her position to inject professionalism on these trends.

One of the trends that Donata Meirelles has spent time analyzing is transparent bags. She believes that the trend is incredible and more importantly — timely. She illustrates this by mentioning some of the notable names that have won this trend in the last 24 months. Donata, however, notices that most of the consumers are missing on some important details on wearing transparent bags. Donata notices that most of the women possessing these incredible bags do not know what to include in their bags. Donata believes that a modern, transparent bag should compliment one’s fashion sense, and not giving contrasting looks. Also, Donata believes that one should capitalize on how they put items in the transparent bags — for easy access and safety of the items.

Donata is also keen on other fashion trends, especially — the accessories. She refers to herself as first a consumer and then as an expert. As a consumer, Donata loves bold pieces, and she is not afraid to try out some items. However, every item in her wardrobe must blend in the current fashion taste. As an expert, however, Donata believes that the key to better fashion is — personalization. The Vogue fashion director believes the personalization of fashion is more vital than the price tag. She is however not against expensive brands. Donata golden rule is to incorporate a fashion item — to already existing trend — without losing its beauty.

Donata Meirelles is synonymous with consistency in the fashion world. Although she is in charge of fashion directing, she believes that her voice as a professional should be clear and indisputable. Her advice to upcoming creatives is to find an authentic voice in a sea of fashion trends. The process, according to Donata Meirelles, requires fashion director who is willing to spend time in studying trends. In her role as a fashion director, she confesses that she spends more time than the average consumer does in analyzing trends and fashion items. \

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Doe Deere’s Journey to Success as an Immigrant

Doe Deere was born in Russian, but she like many focused and determined immigrants are on track to make America great. Her entrepreneurial spirit and unstoppable efforts have led to the success of her makeup line, Lime Crime and her new fashion line, Poppy Angeloff.

Doe Deere, like many immigrants came to America seeking an opportunity to succeed in life. At 17, she arrived here with her mother and sister. They started out in New York where they struggled and at one time became homeless with some help they changed their circumstances drastically. Doe Deere went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and her sister was able to attend Columbia University with the help of the leader of a non-profit organization called Sanctuary for Families.

From the homeless shelter, they moved to the projects in East Harlem. While it wasn’t the best living situation, it was an improvement from what they were coming from. Both she and her sister had their own rooms and they had a kitchen to prepare their meals. Despite their dire situation, Deere’s family felt like things were looking up.

After not being employed for a long time, Deere’s mom was finally able to secure work as an accountant, the profession she had in Russia.

In the 2000’s, Doe Deere started experimenting with makeup and in 2008 she founded Lime Crime. At that time, she was employing 35 people out of her Los Angeles head quarters. For nearly 20 years, Doe Deere has been working hard to accomplish the American dream. Clawing her way up from homeless to CEO, Doe Deere has created a uniquely creative line of makeup that has specific traits.

Lime Crime is a line of makeup that is vegan. Deere does not use animal by-products to formulate her products. Beeswax is also excluded. By communicating directly with her customer, Deere has had a successful product line. She encourages interaction with her customers through social media, Snapchat, FaceBook and YouTube. Because of her interactions with customers, she knows what they want and she delivers it repeatedly. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is a product of her struggle and her desire to make it anywhere after making it in New York.

Fabletics Takes On Major Online Retailers

There are a lot of places you can look online for your clothing. You may have already went to places like Amazon or even Walmart online. While these companies are great, they may not have the exercise clothing you want or the quality to make you happy with it. That’s where Fabletics can help.


Fabletics Online

There are a lot of places that work online, but Fabletics can help you to keep getting great quality clothing without the hassle of going online when you need them. Fabletics uses a different kind of system that allows you to sign up one time and pick a style you like, then you will get an outfit every month for your needs. These outfits are sent to your home and then you can wear them right away. This is great if you live in an area that is too remote to go to the store all the time or if you live in an area that is dense and hard to get around in. This option is one that can change the way you shop online.


No going Back Online

Once you have set up your subscription, you don’t have to go back online and do it again. This is nice if you don’t want to be online every month or a bunch of times to order your clothing. You can set it and forget it. This makes it one of the easiest options for your clothing needs and the best part is the quality is great.



Fabletics has some of the best quality outfits that you will find and you don’t have to pay a bunch of money to have them. The costs are very close to your local department store without the worry they will fall apart in a few days or weeks. The best part is you will get a new look the next month anyway.


There are a lot of options when you are looking at outfits online, but Fabletics is by far one of the better ones to use. You will get great clothing every month and you will be happy with the great quality they are. What are you waiting for? Get online and pick your outfits out today.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Fights Loneliness and Financial Challenges With Bumble

While it is up to everyone to find a solution to the different issues in their lives, it does not hurt to get some help. Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the people that have helped out with some of life’s challenges. People have three challenges that have been met by Bumble. One challenge is finding a relationship. This is one challenge that some people struggle with more than others. Whitney Wolfe Herd has seen the struggle on the side of the women. For one thing, dating apps have often resulted in spam entering the woman’s inbox. Another factor in the challenges women face with dating is the fact that they are advised against approaching.

With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd has made a lot of adjustments that restrict men from initiating with women. This allows women to initiate. There are so many advantages that come with this. One advantage is that women do not feel paralyzed by all of the spam that shows up on their inbox. As a matter of fact, when women get too many messages, they may have a hard time making a choice. When the inbox is cluttered, it can actually slow down the process of finding a date.

Another challenge that Whitney has taken on is the financial challenges. It is far too common for women to be struggling with finances. It gets even worse if there is someone who is dependent on them. This is one of the reasons that they deal with a lot of stress. Whitney lowers the stress levels by bringing forth a networking app that allows women to network together to findsome kind of opportunity that is going to help them make the income they need for themselves and anyone that depends on them.

Many people are learning the importance of having people and income. There are people that are coming up with methods that make it easier for people to pursue the life they want and have the relationships that will help them grow. Whitney is also willing to talk with people and answer questions when it comes to relationships and careers.

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How Fabletics Makes Use Of Consumer Reviews In Order To Drive Its Growth

Successful retailers nowadays take advantage of a new trend which has been called the “power of the crowd”. This refers to online reviews of products left by other consumers. Most people now consider these as reliable as recommendations from friends and family about products and heavily rely on them to make their buying decisions. One of the online retailers that makes great use of this “power of the crowd” is the women’s activewear brand Fabletics.

In the four years of its existence, Fabletics has seen phenomenal growth, in no small part due to their member’s reviews of their products influencing other buyers. It now has over a million members and has $235 million in annual revenues. The corporate marketing officer of Fabletics, Shawn Gold, says that they make member reviews a prominent part of their website which has tremendously helped move product since other members rely on them so much. He says these reviews also help retain Fabletics members as well as improve customer loyalty to the brand.

In addition to online member reviews, another way that Fabletics helps to build brand loyalty is through their Lifestyle Quiz. When a new member makes their first purchase they are able to fill out this quiz which hones in on what types of fashion they find appealing. This helps the new member save time on latter purchases as the website learns what they like and don’t like so that what they do like is featured more prominently for them. This individualizes each member’s experience on the Fabletics website.

Online reviews are used quite frequently by customers. A recent survey showed that more than half of consumers research a company in any given month and rely heavily on reviews left by other customers. 60% of these people said that overall negative reviews will lead them to not using a business. This shows that a business’ reputation is one of the most important considerations that people take into account when deciding whether or not to use that company or not.

Fabletics is a brand that is owned by TechStyle Group. It came about when the owners of the company saw an opportunity in the women’s activewear market that wasn’t being met. While there are a number of brands in this field they are quite expensive and mostly only cater to women with select body sizes and types. They joined up with the actress Kate Hudson who also wondered why fashionable women’s activewear was so expensive.

Under Kate Hudson’s leadership, Fabletics makes clothes that can be worn by women of every body type and size. She also focuses on making clothes available that are not only fashionable and high quality but also affordably priced. This has proven to be a winning combination and they have many women who have become dedicated fans of the brand. Kate Hudson is involved in all aspects of Fabletics including giving the company its broader vision. She actively reviews budgets, for example, and has been heavily involved in choosing Fabletics social media strategy.

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Fabletics-Bringing Active Lifestyles to Everyone

Fabletics has become a household name and the go-to for active wear for most people. It has grown to be worth $250 million in just three short years and that has been no small feat considering they have gone up against Amazon which controls about 20% of the fashion market.


Fabletics didn’t just happen overnight, however and they choses to grow gradually. Instead of taking the pop up method that most new companies use, they got to really know their market and mingles with the local communities in order to get to know their customer base better. That approach led to them having 30-50% of their in-store retail customers already being members and another 25% becoming members. They also were able to avoid getting “killed” by showrooming, where customers browse offline and then buy their products cheaper elsewhere.


Kate Hudson, founder of Fabletics believes that it is important to get creative with advertising and she wants to encourage people to get more active. She recently expanded her clothing sizes to span from XXS to 3X to expand her customer base and to help encourage people from every shape and size to live a more healthy lifestyle.


Hudson believes that it is important to live a live that you are passionate about so that you can truly become fearless and conquer your goals. She gets a lot of inspiration from her mom, Goldie Hawn, and she is part of the Hawn foundation, which encourages mindfulness in children.


Hudson stays on top of her business and checks her sales every week and pulls whatever isn’t selling to make room for a better selling piece of apparel. There is no set of guidelines that guarantees what will be a good seller so she relies on the information that she gathers from the Lifestyle Quizzes that new members take.


Fabletics has over 21 million followers on Twitter and it has also opened 18 retail stores. Fabletics has gotten 1.2 million members monthly in eight different countries and they are growing by about 35% every year in sales. Fabletics has grown successful for many reasons and it continues to grow because it offers a great product at a great price and is run by people who care and want to encourage healthy living. Even though there are competitors, they do not offer the unique and personalized service that Fabletics does and they aren’t as unique.

Adam Goldenberg-A Smart CEO

Adam Goldenberg has had much practice with Entrepreneurship. Since his teens he has been a remarkable COO in a publicly traded company. Probably his success could be attributed to his know how of combining technology and fashion. By learning this at an early age,he was able to partner with a great person and together they ventured into the online business.

It is because of his savviness in business, Adam Goldenberg appeared on CNBC.com and stated that the company JustFab was going to be re-branded to TechStyle Fashion Group. He related that the fashion that they had experience much growth in their business and for this reason it was needing a change. By doing this , their system would help to improve their service offering and their customer care.

He noted on techstyle.com that the fashion trends change rapidly and stated again that their brand achieved this great success due to the way they built their brands online. JustFab’s name change to TechStyle Fashion Group was due to the fact that Mr. Goldenberg was trying to change they way that fashion was accessed by people by delivering on-trend fashion at an incredible value. He stayed true to his vision but somewhere along the way the company became a platform for building up brands.

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Adam Goldenberg stated in a release, “ Our new corporate identity captures the essence of what JustFab has become- where Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley – and we’re thrilled to enter into this next phase with TechStyle as our name.”

This direct quote from Adam Goldenberg sums up his reasons. He started as one company and grew it into multiple brands such as Shoedazzle, JustFab, Fabletics, and FabKids. Mr. Goldenberg also has stated that by making these changes, he also has put a complaint mechanism in place. He feels by doing this that he has made his customers happier and has noticed that complaints have tapered off.

The overall rating from his customers and shoppers for TechStyle’s brands was positive. He feels that the company on rgtadvisors.com, since the name change, is on its way to make six hundred fifty million dollars within this coming year.

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What Futuristic Fashion Looks Like

Over the past few decades, the worlds of fashion and technology have seen a lot of changes. The constant is that both industries appear to be growing at the same pace. There is a mutual relationship between the two concepts in that with time, fashion becomes technologically in style. A comparison between the present and the past gives insights into what the future may be like. These words were spoken by Burch Christopher, a fashion icon.
Putting present and past side by side
One of the technological advances that were the hallmark of the 70’s was the boom box. It was popular because suddenly people had the ability to walk around with the tunes that they liked most. In the 80’s, the boom box came with the cassette deck, and it was possible to play music on one side while recording on the other. Fast forward to the 90’s and the boom box was replaced by the walkman. Then, the invention of the iPod brought an end to the trend of the walkman as the fashionable tech gadget. This is an example of how technology develops in alignment with fashion ideas.
Currently, the merging between fashion and technology is very seamless. Most fashion designers take a keen interest in design projects that are in line with tech development. Fashion can be seen as a playground where experiments of all kind are possible according to Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch designer. It is a known fact that the deeper you dig into technology, the greater the rewards. Anouk is famous for designing the self-painting and drink—making dresses.
The designs of the future in relation to technology
Terese Alstin came up with a design of a bonnet that has an airbag. It is meant to be worn by cyclists around the neck. On impact, the airbag deploys and protects the rider from injuries to the head. Going green is another trend that has been applied a lot in fashion. Projects such as the creation of T-shirts from the inner tubes of bicycles have become possible. There has also been the invention of shoes that can create enough charge for a mobile phone when one starts walking.
There are times when great technological inventions fail to sell because they seem geeky. These are the times when fashion comes in to assist. DVF once helped Google sell their glasses simply because they seemed too geeky.
Chris Burch is the CEO and also founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also part of investments in nine other companies. He is 63 years old and is very passionate about fashion and technology. Burch creative capital is based in New York.
According to Huffington Post, Burch is a co-founder of the Luxury fashion brand. He understands the power of branding perfectly. These are the skills that he uses when performing sales and spanning his businesses. He has effected a lot of transformation when it comes to fashion and technology.

Visit Chris Burch’s website to learn more.