Business Guru Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur known to be devoted to helping beginners in the business industry. Glen writes blogs that are aimed at inspiring entrepreneurs to join business ventures and highlights the problems that they may face and how to deal with them. Glen has specialized in the field of strategy, administration, and management of business activities. Currently, he is working in mentoring the C level Executives, Sitter Bees, and Dreamfunded. Glen majorly educates innovation development and Executive growth in his writings which assist the young entrepreneurs in surviving the market.

Glen’s responsibilities majorly involve developing M&As, elaborate guidelines for a startup company and establishment of plans for companies. Glen Wakeman founded Launchpad in 2015 and dedicated it to assisting entrepreneurs. He has been helpful in the industry having graduated from the university with an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor Degree in Economics. Nova Four is also a company established by Glen Wakeman.

LaunchPad aims at helping entrepreneurs at their starting phase of planning their business ideas. The company then functions by turning this idea into solid strategy and plans that are workable. The services are cheaply offered considering it takes a few minutes to transform an idea into a feasible and executable program (Releasefact).

The functioning of LaunchPad came from Glen when he was approached by beginners in the business industry with powerful ideas but had problems drawing up the project. Glen resorted to using his experiences in finding the reasons why some business fail to achieve their desired purpose. Now, he uses the research as a way to establish longlasting solutions to his clients (

Glen Wakeman has acclimatized himself to the various business environments around the world including Asia, Africa, and Europe. He, therefore, knows the problems one can have while undertaking business activities around the globe. He has some young entrepreneurs who look up to him as their mentor and often seek his counsel in case of a business-related problem.

Glen has established an online platform that allows easy interaction with young and experienced entrepreneurs where one can quickly obtain a solution to a problem. Glen Wakeman has been able to have a significant impact on the survival of many businesses around the world and is involved in the making of successful entrepreneurs.