Sheldon Lavin: The OSI Group’s Caring, Innovative, Visionary CEO

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the global food processing and marketing juggernaut the OSI Group. Lavin has been involved with the company since 1970. At that time his financial services firm was hired to help the OSI Group get the money they needed to expand from a neighborhood meat market into a national food distributor. Lavin was able to get them the financing they needed to get new equipment and facilities to expand over the next few years. Gradually, he became more involved with the OSI Group and he eventually bought the company in the 1980s.

With his global vision, unique management style and background in banking and financial services, Sheldon Lavin has helped to build the OSI Group into a world leader in providing packaged meat, poultry, fish, vegetable and dough products to businesses throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group has grown from a company which primarily served McDonald’s and supermarkets and restaurants in the United States to an international food processing giant with over 75 facilities in 17 countries. To know more about Sheldon Lavin, visit his website at

Even though Sheldon Lavin has been an executive with the company for almost 50 years, he is still active in the day-to-day operations of the company. He is credited with creating a corporate culture at the OSI Group where the entire staff of over 20,000 is treated like one large family. Workers address Lavin by his first name, regularly have lunch with him and are encouraged to visit his office to share with him their ideas for improving the company. Lavin has also created systems which allow the families of the OSI Group staff to benefit from the company’s success through innovative programs.

Internationally, Sheldon Lavin is widely praised as a caring chief executive that consistently strives to make the OSI Group a great corporate citizen. The company has won many awards for adopting production practices that focus on worker and food safety and are environment-friendly. Lavin himself has received a wide array of awards and accolades for the tremendous job he has done in making the company a global leader. Under his leadership, the company has been committed to providing generous support to a wide range of philanthropic causes and organizations. Sheldon Lavin has proven himself to be an innovative chief executive that cares deeply about his staff and the communities in which he does business.


The Outstanding Reputation of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a top global supplier of food products. The company supplies high-quality value-added products to some of the world leading food outlets and retail food brands. In the United States, OSI Industries is considered one of the largest private companies. The company’s outstanding capabilities include efficient delivery of food products, effective supply chain, custom food products, and high-quality food products.

OSI Industries operates in about 17 countries in different continents with approximately 65 facilities. The company also raises people’s living standards by providing job opportunities. For instance, there are about 20, 000 employees in all its facilities. Through custom food products, OSI Industries values staying consistent and responsive to clients thus are supporting the future growth of other businesses. One of OSI’s primary goals is ensuring that its customers get a great experience consuming their products. The head offices of the company are based out of Aurora, Illinois.

In 2016, OSI Food made a great achievement by receiving a prestigious award, Globe of Honor Award. The company won the award for its excellent management as well as employing unmatched environmental measures. OSI was among the few companies that were recognized for strategic environmental governance. The company also acquires highly competent and experienced professionals who play a significant role in strategizing the most appropriate business operations.

Interestingly, the production plant of the company that is based out of Scunthorpe began its operation in 1989. The plant is quite popular in the region for producing protein products such as beef and pork. In 2013 and 2015, OSI also gained much recognition after receiving several awards. The company received the invaluable awards for its incredible practices and measures such as ensuring sustainability of the environment, employing an integrated approach, and high health and safety standards for all employees.

The high-value protein food products offered by OSI gives it an outstanding reputation. The company also provides food products for snacks, desserts, and side dishes among others. Some of the notable products offered include breakfast sausage, raw chicken products, hot dogs, bacon, and pizza. It is also worth noting that kettle products, dough-based products, and pork are offered.

OSI Industries acquired Baho Food in 2016. Baho food was another leading food product provider in Europe. The company offered similar products as OSI. Some of the products offered by the company were pork and beef. OSI acquired the company to strengthen its presence in different parts of Europe. For instance, OSI Food now has access to a wider customer base in Germany and Netherlands.

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OSI food solutions invest in Spain to meet high chicken demands

OSI Food Solutions is a premier worldwide food provider and partners with various organizations that they believe they share the same interest across the world. The privately held food solution company thrives on producing, processing and distributing custom made food to all their clients.

The company has seen significant growth since it was established. Currently, the company has it services in close to 17 countries with over 20,000 employees. OSI food group has 65 food facilities in the 17 states. The leadership and management of the company still have plans underway to extend their services to more potential countries.

The company has thrived and continued to excel through global council which focuses on communicating the best ideas and practices including providing a platform which helps grow the market.

Recently, the company has managed to double their food production in Spain thus experiencing major growth. The expansion has seen the company produce over 45,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef. OSI food group invested € 17 million, and the project was completed early 2017. As a result, the company increased the production of chicken from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. This was a significant investment and a success.

The expansion is as a result of increased demand of chicken in the country, and the company says it’s ready to meet more demand for chicken products. The facility has shipping and receiving areas, refrigerated rooms for storage and waste area among other parts. The project allows the company to add new products to their portfolio, add capacity and create new jobs.

Previously, OSI food group had acquired Baho Food, and the president of OSI group said that adding Baho to OSI food solutions expands and gives OSI a wider presence in Europe. Baho brings in five subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands which have processing plants and served customers in 18 countries. OSI has opted to maintain all the former employees of Baho Food stating that they will bring in their vast experience since they have served the company and hence understands the needs of the customers.

The former managing director of Baho Food says he is excited about becoming part of OSI food group and that they expect to accelerate the growth strategy by realizing their goals in the food industry. Osi food solutions has experienced a rapid growth due to its outstanding relationship with suppliers and customers as well. OSI understands the needs of their clients and hence meet their demands.

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The Food Processing Company Called OSI Group

OSI Group is a private food processing company. They are based in Aurora, Illinois and they process meat and other foods for a number of well-known food companies. The company has plants in Illinois, California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin. The foods that they process and package include pork, hot dogs, fish, and poultry. The company is considered to be one of the best food processing companies. There are many reasons why they have such a high-quality reputation in the food industry. The company has a lot of experience delivering high-quality food processing service and they know how to work with a large number meats and vegetables.

One of the company’s features is their ability to deliver custom food processing services to their customers. They can process meats, a variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as a variety of breakfasts and lunches. The company also has experience processing and packaging snacks and desserts. The pork products that the company processes include sausage links and sausage patties. The patties that they work with are both raw and cooked. They also work with roasted pork. Another feature of their food processing is their bacon processing, which includes bacon strips and bacon bits. The company processes a number of beef products in addition to their pork products. The beef products that they work with include beef burgers and beefsteaks. They also work with meatballs and meatloaf.

OSI Group is also experienced in poultry firm and hot dogs. Their poultry products include poultry strips, nuggets, patties, and turkey products. Their hot dog products include pork, beef, and poultry hot dogs, and flavored sausages. Salami and pepperoni are also meats that the company works with. The company also processes pizza products. They process pizza, crusts, dough, as well as cookies. The vegetables that the company works with include lettuce, onions, tomatoes, corn, and fruit.

OSI Group strives to deliver high-quality food service. One of the ways that they try to deliver high-quality food service is by hiring employees who are interested in working in the food industry and who have an interest in working in a team environment in the company. People who are interested in working with OSI Group may be able to find employment information on the company’s website.

OSI Group is one of the largest and one of the best food processing companies working in the food industry and they have a lot of experience delivering high-quality food processing services to their customers.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Family-Owned Farm Acquisitions

OSI Group has produced some of the world’s top meat products, and one of their most popular distributions come in the chicken market. CEO Sheldon Lavin has helped acquire several family-owned chicken farms including Fair Oaks Farms in Wisconsin and Amick Farms based in South Carolina. These farms have done a tremendous job raising livestock over the years, and they’ve upheld the corporate responsibility philosophy that Lavin has put in place at OSI Group. Although corporate responsibility may be what guides OSI Group, Lavin has said the company really doesn’t work like a corporation. All the way from these farms to the assembly lines in the plants and the researchers in the food science departments, Sheldon Lavin says everything is about family and hearing from all of those employees what ideas they have.

Sheldon Lavin is greatly respected for how he’s built OSI Group into a billion-dollar company but still kept it close to the Kolschowsky family’s roots. The Kolschowsky family are the company’s original owners who had named the company Otto & Sons back in the 1920s, and they began their relationship with Lavin not long after McDonald’s had chosen them to provide their meats. Sheldon Lavin had experience as a bank advisor and now head of a finance consulting company, and he served as the intermediary for Otto & Sons to get a bank loan to build a big factory that could output products to match high demands of McDonald’s. He had been offered the opportunity to become an executive and owner in Otto & Sons for several years, and at first he was unwilling to accept that position because he loved the finance world. But several years later as he became more involved with the company and as the Kolschowsky brothers faced retirement, Lavin became CEO and was told he could use his growth strategies to make the company big.

From the time Sheldon Lavin became CEO to the establishment of OSI China, an India branch and recent buyouts of Baho Food and a Tyson Food plant, OSI Group has built its plants into 17 different countries and serves over 40 others. One thing Lavin has done with OSI is keep its operating facilities clean in its product and fuel output, and he also was proud to accept the UK’s safety council Globe of Honour for keeping employees safe in the facilities. Lavin is also the recipient of the Global Visionary award which underscored his work on building the small meat market into the global chain it is today.

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Meet Livio Bisterzo, Founder of Hippeas

Hippeas is a new snack that is 100% organic. It contains chickpeas. The brand was launched in June with some global partners such as Boots and Holland, Starbucks, and Barrett. Jkr created the hip looking packaging. The founder of Hippeas approached the firm in 2015 to come up with a packaging that appeals to millennials.

The packaging on was designed to be in tune with the beliefs of the modern hippie. However, they wanted to avoid being too limited in terms of their target audience. To increase its appeal, Hippeas has formed a partnership with Farm Africa. They promote poverty reduction by helping farmers to grow their way to riches. The work takes place under the “Food for Good” initiative. The brand is intended to appeal to the generation of today and the future. The product designer wanted to create a brand that will be around for generations to come. Hippeas are a vegan snack, which is gluten free. They are high in protein with almost no fat. The Hippeas are available in four flavors: Pepper Power, Far Out Fajita, Herbs We Trust, and Sweet and Smokin’.

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About Livio Bisterzo
Livio Bisterzo is the founder of Hippeas, which he envisions as the next global snack for vegans. However, he sees it as appealing to more than just vegans. Bisterzo was born in Italy before he finally moved to the UK. He first ventured into business in 2003 with an events business. Later on, his portfolio expanded to include hospitality and consumer products. His achievements have been featured in leading publications such as Sunday Style, Harpers, GQ and others. Bisterzo once collaborated with RNA to develop men products with a footprint in 26 countries. However, he later exited from that business.

In recent years, Livio Bisterzo has developed an interest in health products. His first plunge into the business was in 2010. He bought a Danish company that was making healthy beverages. The company, known as Little Miracles was one of the fastest growing after his takeover. It has won several awards, as recognition of the value it offers to its customers. It avails its products in 18 countries. In 2015, he founded Green Park Holdings, a healthy foods company. He was to be at the helm of leading the change towards healthy foods.

Bisterzo and Hippeas are doing great things health wise. A healthier world should be everyone’s goal. In addition, his efforts in Africa are quite commendable. Hippeas is a brand with a positive impact.

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