Jorge Moll, Neuroscience to Benefit all People

Degrees in Neuroscience and Experimental Pathophysiology have enabled Jorge Moll to give help to people that have issues that are subject to affecting their quality of life in a negative manner. As a family man he lives a life in Rio de Janiero. Both his work and his family are his truly valuable endeavors.

He currently is president and board member of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education, see also He is also Director of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinfomatics Workgroup. This is an imaging and diagnostic laboratory. When asked where he acquired his idea for the D’Or Institute of Research and Education, he explained his passion to provide research, education and healthcare in Brazil.

When asked about a normal day in this obviously busy man, Jorge Moll has days that are filled with meetings covering conferences with everyone from students to scientists to entrepreneurs. These individuals are representative of a wide range of fields and allows them to freely collaborate and exchange ideas. Ideas are always plentiful. The talent he has is the ability to choose those that are open to collaboration and those that can become an actual plan of action.

The advice that Jorge Moll has for the young people that may choose to follow in his footsteps as a scientist and entrepreneur is to not hold on to ideas for prolonged periods. The choices are to either “run with them or move on to the next one as quickly as possible.”

His beliefs are that reality can be changed and that by doing interesting things, a positive impact can be had on lives as well as industries. Jorge Moll does not deny his variety of failures. Most of these due to not obtaining the results he desired or by prolonging the time that obtained the desired result. By utilizing both your strengths and weaknesses of your strategy, you may reach that point both more quickly and helpfully.

Jorge Moll future business idea is to have a company that makes entering a hospital a positive and simple experience.

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