Drinking Different Types of Water And Comparing to Waiakea

Many people seem to think that bottled water is bottled water, and that it does not matter the name that is given to the company. However, for a while, many people thought that water was simply water, and it didn’t matter what the source was. The truth is that the source matters greatly. After all, it is the source of water that determines whether or not the water is ultimately healthy for the individual. One thing that is established about water is that it is very vulnerable to contaminants that can cause problems in the individual if they are not careful with the water that they consume.

Fortunately, there is water that is very healthy for the individual. This water is called Waiakea. The name of the water comes from the source which is the Waiakea springs located near the Hawaii volcano. Therefore, people are drinking Hawaiian volcanic water. One of the best things about Waiakea is that this is the type of water that has been purified and enhanced with electrolytes without any artificial processes. Many other companies that sell enhanced water put the water through an artificial process. While people do get some of the electrolytes, it does not compare to the quality that Waiakea offers.

Another good thing about Waiakea is that they are making it a point to be environmentally friendly. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to make sure the packaging is not going to cause any problems in the environment. For one thing, the plastic bottle is biodegradable. Therefore, it is not going to cause as much problems when it is thrown away. Therefore, Waiakea is not only taking care of the health of people, but also the environment. Waiakea is an example of high quality water that is going to improve the health of the individual.


How Dr. Dov Rand Helps People Lose Weight And Take Years Off Their Age

Dr. Dov Rand is a practicing physician in West Orange, New Jersey. He owns his own practice called Healthy Aging Medical Center. He is a graduate of the rigorous Albert Einstein Medical Center of New York City (https://www.newjerseybioidenticalhormonedoctors.com/new-jersey-bioidentical/healthy-aging-medical-centers/). He offers several services to those who are patients of his practice. Among these are anti-aging medicines which help people ward off the effects of aging and continue living healthy lives. He also offers weight loss services where people are provided with healthy ways to lose weight using evidence-based approaches.

IV Therapy Protocols makes up a significant chunk of Dr. Dov Rand’s practice. This can include therapies such as High Dose Vitamin C programs, Glutathione, and Meyers’ Cocktail. The goal is to help people return to the optimal levels health and wellness so that they feel and look their best. In addition to doing blood work and discussing diet and exercise habits with patients, Dr. Dov Rand also has genetic tests done which can inform him and his patients about their health risks for such health risks as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other genetically related conditions.

Among the other services Dr. Dov Rand provides at Healthy Aging Medical Center are therapies such as The HCG Diet, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Heart Smart IMT Evaluations, Male Hormone Optimization, and IV Nutrient Therapy among others. To take part in these and other services a person can call his office at 1-800-775-2150 Ext. 158 or fill out a form on his website at newjerseyivtherapy.com.

Dr. Dov Rand can help patients lose weight in a natural and quick way using methods such as the HCG diet. This diet is great for anyone, even those who have stubborn body fat they haven’t been able to shed no matter what methods they have chosen. He says that everyone nowadays seems to want to lose weight but when they try the latest fad diet they find out it is either useless or even dangerous. The problem is that they all fight against the way the body wants to naturally lose weight. His diet works with the body instead of against it which leads to an effective way to lose weight.