Drew Madden Is Eyeing A Major Mix-Up In The Healthcare Industry

CVS Pharmacy is one of the largest pharmacies and convenience stores centered around health in the United States, if not all of North America. Even though CVS cut out nearly a billion dollars’ worth of revenue generation this decade by giving up the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Despite such a loss of revenue, CVS Pharmacy still has an attractive balance sheet, statement of cash flow, and income statement – so nice, they’re considering the purchase of Aetna, a major insurance policy provider operating in the United States of America.

CVS isn’t the only big business slated to mix up the world of healthcare, as Amazon has already captured several pharmacy licenses for some of the largest markets in the USA. Although Amazon currently isn’t slated to distribute medicines, the licenses the digital giant obtained are for the distribution and sale of equipment used in the field, like gurneys or tables to operate on patients, alongside other similar equipment.

Reports have also indicated that Amazon is preparing itself to bring home licensure that facilitates the sale and distribution of prescription drugs and other medicines.

As Amazon is already the largest online retailer, they have the wherewithal to enter the world of physical retail stores. They’ve already demonstrated the capability by buying up the entirety of Whole Foods earlier this year for several billion dollars.

Experts believe that CVS is only considering the purchase of Aetna to safeguard itself against Amazon. Likewise, CVS recently started offering one-day delivery for most prescription drugs around the United States – that is, everywhere in the USA.

Amazon is eyeing the world of healthcare in the United States due in whole part to its extremely large endowment. The United States spends far more money per capita than other countries with identical or similar life expectancies.

Drew Madden has recognized the potential of a major mixup in the healthcare market. Mr. Madden is an entrepreneur who has spent the bulk of his career in information technology related to healthcare, having spent over half a decade as the President of Nordic Consulting Partners.