Jorge Moll: Understanding Human Motivations In The Brain

Dr. Jorge Moll has created the D’Or Institute of Research and Education for Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience in Brazil. He has continued outreach to students, scientists and researchers bringing everyone together in his mission of understanding human values and brain motivation when utilizing FMRI encoding models and measuring behavior. This procedure allows for discovering visual and semantic domains in our brain. Dr. Jorge Moll has always wanted to help people who suffer in bad conditions that affect their lives. He believes in collaborating with many different levels of professionals creating an open zone of ideas. Dr. Moll seeks to create an action plan based on this open teamwork module. He finds it is best to be transparent, accepting and experienced. As we approach the future, Dr. Moll wants to bring awareness to machines and human brains working together. He finds that many publications lack scientific introduction. As a Neurologist, Dr. Jorge Moll dreams of the day when a hospital visit is simple and actually enjoyable. His goal is to impact reality and industries to make lives better. He has co-written over 80 publications addressing human behavior and brain responses ( In particular, he has studied areas such as early life stress, depression, conceptional meaning, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Social Conduct and training your emotional brain to name a few. He is convinced its best to explore the strengths and weaknesses of any strategy. It can be very helpful when understanding failures. His dedication to introducing new models of thinking when it comes to innovative science is apart of his research team’s mission. Dr. Moll has has also expressed the importance discussing science more in both the academic and industry sectors. As a passionate entrepreneur, he believes one should always question their model to make it better and more useful. By doing things that impact us in a positive way, Dr. Moll is convinced we can change reality.