Negative Reports Given by Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management

Many investors have become successful in the stock market. This involves buying and selling of company shares listed in the stock market. It is one of the best investments giving investors huge returns within a short period. Sahm Adrangi is one of the investors and has helped many investors with investment tips that enable them make profits. He founded Kerrisdale Capital Management way back in 2009 and has helped the company grow significantly. The company specializes in investment management.

Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi focus on research to establish shares that are doing well in the stock market. After thorough investigation, he releases reports to the public. He focuses his research on all companies ranging from real estate firms to online marketing companies listed in the stock market. He has gained experience throughout his career. He has worked at Chanin Capital Partners, Longacre Fund Management, and Deutsche Bank. Being a graduate of economics from Yale University has enabled him have an easy time leading Kerrisdale Capital Management.

  1. Joe Company is one of the real estate companies doing well in the stock market. Sahm Adrangi has released a negative report about the company. Its share prices are extremely high, and many people are tempted to buy the shares. According to Kerrisdale and Sahm, the company’s shares are overvalued and a time is coming for the prices to go down.

Sahm Adrangi has reported about an online marketing company; QuinStreet, Inc. Themarketing Company is generating revenue from a flawed business model that cannot be trusted. In fact, it is getting revenue when users click links and fill out forms. Currently, its shares are doing well, and Sahm is confident that the shares prices will go down soon as the firm has no proper business structures that can make the business sustainable. Also, Sahm Adrangi has given a negative report about Proteostasis Therapeutics which is a biopharmaceutical company at the development stage. The company relies on one drug; PTI-428 which Sahm and Kerrisdale are sure is ineffective in cystic fibrosis treatment.

Paul Mampilly Wants to Help Ordinary People Grow Their Savings

Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street insider who has switched the focus of his career on helping ordinary people instead of the ultra-rich.

He has a long and enviable record on Wall Street for choosing winners, starting from 1991 when he was hired as an analyst for Bankers Trust. Soon he moved onward and upward, managing money for ING and Deutsche Bank. He grew money for the royalty of Europe when he worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland and private banks in Switzerland. For hedge fund Kinetics Assets Management, he served as Managing Director, getting the fund named as one of the World’s Best by Barron’s.

The prestigious John Templeton Foundation invited Paul Mampilly to compete in an investment competition they run. They gave each contestant $50 million to manage for two years. Whoever had grown that money the most during the next two years would be the winner. They could not have picked a worse time, because they began in 2008. From 2008-2009 the financial markets and the economy of the entire world were plunged into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Investment assets all over the world went down in price. Yet he won the contest without shorting stocks or taking on too much risk. He made a 76% return, growing that $50 million into $78 million in that two year period.

Paul Mampilly still follows the markets every day as he did for twenty years as a Wall Street insider. He still picks up on technological trends that are going to transform daily life and make fortunes for earlier investors. He still uncovers the companies that are positioned to profit from these megatrends, which include the Internet of Things and personalized medicine. However, he is no longer doing all that for the benefit of European royalty or the ultrawealthy clients of major banks and hedge funds. He is doing it for hardworking middle class Americans, the ones who subscribe to his newsletter Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill.

He is helping his Main Street subscribers get the same benefit from his extensive research, contacts and analysis as the wealthy used to receive from him. By following his recommendations, they can profit from the technology small tech stocks he finds. And from the special investing situations that sometimes happen. And, besides, editing Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly writes for Banyan Hill’s free email newsletter, Winning Investor Daily.

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Financial Expert-Madison Street Capital

It is one of the most renowned financial advisor experts not only in Chicago but across the world. Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is an investment bank with their Headquarters located in Chicago and since their establishment; the firm has been responsible for delivering quality financial services as well as services to their customers who include both private and public corporations. Madison Street Capital has been helping their clients make investments decisions, have access to credit, as well as dealing with financial challenges. Over the years the financial facility has made a name for itself by assisting a variety of well-known businesses around the world.

Madison Street Capital has assisted various groups in all sectors to achieve their goals. In 2014 the firm announced that they had assisted Vital Care Industries by finding a suitable lender that helped the medical group acquire commercial loan. Vital Care Industries is a medical company which was established in 1984 and has been responsible for manufacturing medical sterile products. The organization is based in Illinois. The Chief Executive Officer of Vital Care was glad that his company had found a suitable lender. In 2015; the financial institution got another golden opportunity when National Association of Certified evaluators and Analysts, selected the Chief Operating Officer and the Co-founder of Madison Street Capital Mr. Anthony Marsala to participate in 40 Under Forty Awards. The Awards honors young effective leaders with several accomplishments s in the financial industry. Marsala has more than 14 years of experience in the industry. Madison Street Capital was also named as a finalist in M &A Advisor Awards in 2016. Madison Street Capital is an Award winning firm that won a Turnaround Award in January 2017.

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank intuition which is based in Chicago. Ever since the inception of the firm; it has been experiencing a tremendous expansion with the investment firm distributing their financial service as well as products to other nation across the world including Africa, Asia, as well as Northern America. The firm is built on strong values of leadership, honesty, fineness, and service delivery to its customers. Some of the services and financial products that the group provides include; business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory, financial opinions, wealth preservation and tax planning, mergers &acquisition as well as asset management ( Madison Street Capital has their customers’ challenges at heart and they work effortlessly to solve their financial problems as they help them achieve both their personal and investment goals. For more information about Madison Street Capital, one can visit