Luke Lazarus Shares How He Helps Businesses Get Investors

The currently tech-boosted market is a place where a lot of businesses fall, either because of competition or financial struggle. There are only a few entrepreneurs who are able to weather out the challenges of the market, and one of them is Luke Lazarus.

After creating and selling four companies in a span of ten years, Lazarus is now considered financially independent. Creating business for profit is no longer his goal, now, he is determined to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus received his executive MBA when he was just 24 years old from Melbourne Business School. By the time he was 33, he already created four successful firms and became a seasoned entrepreneur.

He decided to pursue another profession, and that’s to give his guidance to new or struggling startups. He helps his fellow entrepreneurs with his new company, he decided to create Luke Lazarus Consulting. One of the things that his consulting firm offers is to make a successful business plan.

According to Luke Lazarus, the making of a successful plan depends on a successful story. A good one should be able to inform both the company’s partners and prospective investors. A good story should be able to compel, as well as become significant in a customer’s life. The product should also become synonymous to the story being established.

To make the story and the product more compelling, an attention-grabbing presentation should be made, and that’s for a good reason. In order to convince an investor to invest money in your product, you should be able to get hir or her attention first. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Luke Lazarus makes sure that each of his clients’ presentations would be able to get grab the attention of investors. This includes using a good illustration of the products, as well as using relatable stories and personal experiences in which the investors can relate. After all, a good product will be wasted if the investor doesn’t feel like it will be of good importance.

Another service that he offers through his consultancy is researching. With the technology available today, it is now easier as ever to get information about the customer and the competitor. Social Media sites and the Internet are great ways to do research in pitching a product. Using his research tools, Luke Lazarus makes informs his client to a better decision. In addition, he always makes sure that he learned from his experiences.

Luke Lazarus meditates after he wakes up in the morning before going to work. When at work, Lazarus dedicates his time completely to his clients. In addition, he believes that time is very important, that’s why when he can, he multitasks efficiently. Another thing that helped him succeed is by believing at himself and learning from experience.