Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Illinois Dr. Mark Holterman

Not only is Mark Holterman a doctor, but he’s a doctor that works with young kids the most important people who will decide the future for their generation (Linkedin). He is also on the side, an educator as well as a researcher.

Holterman did not come from a big family of physicians as doctors normally do. His parents did not go to college, and they weren’t sure that their son would be good enough to make it into a school, like Yale, where he could build up the potential to be the doctor he is today ( He graduated from Yale with a Bachelors degree in Biology before going to medical school at the University of Virginia. Before graduating school Holterman met another doctor who he was inspired by and visa versa she was inspired by him. He was studying to be a pediatrician while his friend was studying to be a surgeon. They both learned off of each other and because of this they are both dabbling in a little bit of the others career. Not only were these two close partners but now they are also married with three sons.

On to the business side of his career, Holterman is the CEO of Mariam Global Health which is an investment firm that helps fund and works to keep medical business’ on their feet. He also teaches pediatrics and surgery courses at University of Illinois College of Medicine.

His main gig is working as a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center. Not only that but he also works on younger children at many other establishments as well if they need his help. Overall, Holterman is a pretty busy guy writing articles for review magazines, being a doctor, a professor, a husband as well as a dad. This man has a full plate but he helps a lot of people.