Glen Wakeman: life through teaching

Inspiring people to be their best is the most fulfilling job in the world. Causing someone to think and stretch himself or herself to achieve the impossible is pure joy. Glen Wakeman understands this. Having made a name for himself in the business world, he has now turned his attention to educating those who want to make a name for themselves in the same world. Most successful people shy away from holding someone else’s hand to show them the way because of the fear of these same people becoming their competition.

Glen wakeman, on the other hand, finds it refreshing. Educating other people has given him an opportunity to interact with raw talent as well as with experience. He encounters raw talent in the entrepreneurs he inspires and teaches the way to success and experience in the teachers he gets to share a platform with. As a result, the more he teaches, the better he becomes at what he already is good at. His passion for nurturing entrepreneurs has seen him earn the role of a mentor among so many in addition to being a business revolutionary.

Most recently, Glen Wakeman released a video in which he discusses the key factors to succeeding in any business. His official website also is a tool he uses to tackle different issues in business. Every day, he posts an article on a particular area and breaks down the holes one needs to block to succeed and the direction to take to succeed.

Being the current CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, you can be sure the very steps he advises people to take are the same ones he had taken and still takes to stay where he is (Releasefact). He says, his productivity each day starts by a review of yesterday’s productivity. He reviews his performance each day so that he can make sure he doesn’t repeat the mistakes he committed yesterday and strengthens the areas he did well in.

Mr. Wakeman says that he draws his passion for work by explaining the new ideas he has with others. This is how come he has managed to keep the fire for business and teaching burning so vibrantly at the same time. Explaining things to others helps him bring his concepts to life!