Eva Moskowitz Builds A Successful Charter School Network

Eva Moskowitz is the founding CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, the largest and top-performing public charter school network in New York City. Eva is also a former City Council member for the Upper Estate Side in New York City. She worked with the charter school movement to privatize public education. She has also worked closely with the Harlem Education Fair and the New York City Charter School Center. In addition, she manages Students First NY and the Great Public Schools. Eva Moskowitz is the co-author of Mission Possible (2012), a basic guide to the management of charter schools. In 2001, she wrote Therapy We Trust. In 1996, she published a scholarly study of Betty Friedan’s work. She holds a PhD in American history from the Johns Hopkins University. Eva is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Eva Moskowitz is a vocal supporter of educational reforms. She seeks to offer parents with a better education alternative for their children. Her practice in politics as a chair of the City Council Education Committee opened her eyes regarding the education crisis in New York City. She became aware of thousands of students trapped in severely failing schools. This situation motivated her to quest for establishing high-quality public charter school to bring relief to most families that had no alternative. In 2006, Eva Moskowitz quit politics and founded the first Success Academy Charter School in Harlem. She sought to offer children with a strong, effective, and robust curriculum that enables them to succeed.

Success Academy is reputable for its leading performance in the annual standardized English and math exams. The network has 34 schools. It serves as the example of the success of school choice movement. Eva Moskowitz received Reason Foundation’s 2016 Savas Award for Public Private Partnerships. Initially, she served as a visiting professor of communications and mass culture at the University of Virginia. She was also an assistant professor of history at the City University of New York and chaired the faculty seminar in American Studies at Columbia University. Eva Moskowitz was the director of ReadNet, the children’s literacy program. In addition, she worked as the director of public affairs at Prep for Prep School where she also taught civics.