Talkspace: A Therapy app for the Mobile Generation

With so many more people that own smartphones as well as having mental health issues. it seems inevitable that mental-health professionals would try to use a number of smartphone services like Talkspace to get in touch with their patients

A person will no longer have to commute to sit in a therapist’s office. They can use therapy applications that have Skyp-type video-phone call optin and other options like a chat protocol. Talkspace is one of these new therapy apps and has around 500,000 users that can get in contact with about 1,000 online professionals.

Magellan Health hs as recently made a deal with Talkspace. This deal will allow Magellan’s clients to use Talkspace’s on-deman psychotherapy system with the help of Magellan’s assistance program. This means that as part of a person’s package at Magellan, they will be able to have an online therapist

The advantages of using the Talkspace app is that a person can have an on-demand, asynchronous relationship with a caregiver, is good for a people who don’t have much time to have therapy and a one-hour session on Talkspace costs less than a one-hour session on a real couch.

Scott Christnelly, a spokesperson for Talkspace, thinks that this app is beneficial. Each Talkspace therapist is a licensed social worker and psychotherapist that are closely watched to make sure that they are doing a good job.

Christnelly used to work in the real world at a community organization that dealt who had chronic physical and mental illness. At this real world organization, he felt that he dealt more with paperwork then having a healing relationship with his patients.

The cons of Talkspace are that some people still prefer having a face-to-face meeting with a therapist, the Talkspace management does not understand the clinical challenges and that there is a learning curve to know how to the app properly.

Some more pros are that a person can have flexible therapy hours, some clients have a closer relationship with therapists then when it is face-to-face and some clients love the flexibility of Talkspace.