QNET Agrees to Partner with Sharp in the Marketing of Air Purifier Product

At QNET, we focus on developing essential products and offering personalized services. We entered into a tactical partnership with Sharp, a Japanese technology leader. The partnership is aimed at marketing Sharp’s product known as Air Purifier.

Reasons for choosing QNET

According to Kishalay Ray, Sharp’s Consumer Business President, QNET has deployed to the market a series of innovative wellness and health products. Therefore, QNET has both the resources and necessary experience for distributing the SHARP AIR Purifier products. The prominent direct selling company will create a platform through which Sharp can reach out to loyal clients distributed across the globe.

QNET spokespersons termed the agreement as a win-win partnership since the Air Purifier product aligns with the firm’s philosophy of healthy living. The firm is planning to launch a series of healthy living products to address the high demands.

Background information of QNET

We are a premier direct selling firm headquartered in Hong Kong. We offer high-quality products that address the unique needs or desires of consumers. Our main goal is to assist people to establish successful entrepreneurial careers and improve their lifestyles. At QNET, we offer an opportunity for interested individuals to join our sales force and become economically stable.

A team of Independent Representatives distributes our products. We offer our IRs the education and resources that enables them to understand our products as well as business model. At QNET, we focus on celebrating cultural diversity. We draw our leadership team and workers from over 30 countries while our clients are available in over 100 countries. We sell a broad range of products such as weight management, personal care, energy, nutrition, home care, fashion accessories, and luxury goods. We support victims of inequality, natural disaster, and poverty across the globe. Additionally, we financially support community-based organizations that champion educational causes.


Brief history
We started as the primary subsidiary of Q1 group of firms created by Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong back in 1998. At first, our name was GoldQuest then we changed to QuestNet. Previously, we specialized in the manufacture of customized numismatic coins, but later we began selling watches and luxury jewelry. We have served as the primary distributor of commemorative coins for the Olympic Games that were held in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing in 2000, 2004, and 2008 respectively.