Rodrigo Terpins Rises To The Helm Of Rally Driving In Brazil

Rodrigo is among the top Brazilian rally drivers, and he is the brother to the famous Michel Terpins, who is also a rally driver. Rodrigo Terpin’s career was greatly influenced by his family, and his passion for the sporting career started at a small age. His father is a known former basketballer and the current President of Maccabi Latin American Confederation. Since the start of his career, Rodrigo has managed to compete in various tournaments and advance his skills and expertise.

Rodrigo Terpins is a member of Bull Sertoes rallying team, which he formed together with his brother, Michel Terpins. Rodrigo and his brother have a passion in competing in T1 prototype category. He has used various cars during several competitions before settling for T-Rex, which are specialized racing vehicles explicitly designed for the two brothers by MEM group. T-Rex has excellent performance and enhanced suspension suitable for rough terrains. Check out institucional to see more.

Rodrigo managed to secure the seventh position during the 22nd edition of the T1 Prototype. It was an excellent performance considering the competitive nature of the race, and the challenges endured during the participation. Rodrigo and his brother also participated in the recently completed 22nd Bull Sertoes Rally contest. The race covered over 2600 km, and made the two brothers travel into two other states. The race was designed to test an individual’s agility as well as the ability to adapt to various racing dynamics. Together with his brother’s team, they finished 3rd and were ranked position eight out of the thirty-eight competitors.

Rodrigo did not compete during the recent Cuesta championships. However, he has promised to take part in the upcoming rally. Rodrigo believes that together with his brother’s team, they will emerge the winners. It is essential to diversify personal interests to have a successful career. Rodrigo also has some interest in other fields such as arts, culture, science, and technology. He has maintained his ability to merge personal goals with the needs of the team, making him successful in his career. Rodrigo has also shown perseverance in various challenging situations meant to slow down his team’s performance.

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