Inside Juan “OG” Perez Expensive 50th Birthday Celebration

Juan “OG” Perez recently held a birthday celebration which in its way was lavish. In attendance was hip-hop legend Jay Z who is a close friend and a business partner. The day involved spending large amounts of money for OG as he celebrated fiftieth birthday. OG Perez, his wife Desiree, JAY Z, Roc Nation executives and other friends all started the celebrations in Zuma which is an international Japanese restaurant in midtown. The spot which is favorite for Beyonce and Jay Z served them with steak, a spread of lobster and sushi which amounted to thirteen thousand dollars. After the meal, the group then headed to Made in Mexico nightclub. It is reported that in the club the group ordered drinks worth over nine thousand dollars.

OG’s birthday came to soar when the group later headed at Playroom Nightclub. At the club, it is reported that they spent around ninety-one thousand dollars on forty champagne bottles just for a night. Immediately after the first round of the ordered drinks, there was a split of the group where jay, OG and other four people ending it at the Playroom club. The whole story went viral when one of the servers at the club posted the receipt online on Snapchat. Later on, Twitter went on fire as questions erupted on how a group of six would consume the 40 bottles of champagne. However, sources revealed that the group was seen sharing the bottles with other tables in the club.

Being born and also raised in the Harlem area, Juan “OG” Perez has for a long time been friends and business partners with Jay Z. the two first came to meet in 1996 when Perez was introduced to JAY Z by Kareem “Biggs” Burke who is a co-founder of the Roc-A-Fella records which is over twenty years now.

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