Most Popular Free Email Unsubscribe Service

In our internet-based society, email accounts are an essential part of our lives, for both business and personal purposes. It is easy to become overwhelmed by flooded email boxes, as we tend to subscribe to multiple newsletters over time. Previously, there was no efficient method for unsubscribing to newsletters that no longer serve a purpose. There are now some useful tools available to sort through and unsubscribe without having to cancel them one at a time.

One of the most popular is a free email unsubscribe service called This web interface takes the hassle out of unsubscribing from newsletters, freeing up valuable space in your email inbox. If you prefer the web interface, simply visit, then sign up with your email address. To download the app, visit the App Store or Google Play. The app supports supports Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, iCloud, and Outlook mail accounts. You also have the option to use the service with multiple email accounts. with this feature, you can declutter both your personal and business email. 

Once you have signed into the app, all of your current email subscriptions are conveniently listed for you to scroll through. gives you the option to keep subscriptions in your inbox, unsubscribe, or add it to a rollup. The “Add to Rollup” feature allows you to compile a list of newsletters you would like emailed to you at a designated time each day. This allows you to have less clutter in your mailbox, and more space for important emails that you won’t want to miss. provides a clean user interface, simplifying the entire process. Users will also see thumbnails of each newsletter while scrolling down the list. It’s daily Rollup digests provide your newsletters of interest, avoiding an overloaded inbox. All emails from senders you have selected will bypass your regular inbox and be placed on your Rollup list. Email users no longer need to spend hours “unsubscribing” to promotional emails and newsletters, only to still receive countless new emails each day. With, you will receive one attractive email “rolled up” to quickly see important messages.

All You Need To Know About Unroll.Me

Effective email management is a critical aspect of a successful business. If you are not careful, you might end up spending a substantial amount of your working hours skimming through subscription emails in the name of looking for a really nice deal, and this doesn’t go well with your productivity.

Thankfully, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the existing gap in email management, and hence bringing forth useful email organization tools. One such tool is Unroll.Me, founded by two young partners, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. The two co-founders have a lot in common, including the date of birth and their passion for the tech world.

Unroll.Me is designed to help users deal with the mess associated with spam messages. Rather than spend endless hours going through your inbox, it compiles subscription emails into a single email referred to as The Rollup. This way, you can set some time apart to go through your subscriptions, and with a single click, opt out of the ones that don’t make sense to you. One of the greatest advantages of Unroll.Me is that the user can choose when the Rollup hits his/her email. It could be early in the morning, over the lunch hour, or after work hours.

The email organization works with Google Apps, Gmail and Yahoo email accountsMod ApkUnroll.Me has since promised to make it possible for AOL and other email service users to utilize this email organization tool – although they haven’t mentioned the launch date.

Unroll.Me is user-friendly. You just need to sign up for the free service on the Internet and then link your email account. Once you are done, Unroll.Me will go live automatically and scan your email account to check the subscription emails that usually hit your inbox. If you are doing it for the first time, scanning might run for a few minutes, especially if your Gmail account receives a lot of messages. However, subsequent scans take a few seconds.

If for instance, you have two separate email accounts, say a yahoo account, and a Gmail account, and you wish to monitor them using Unroll.Me, the tool requires that you sign into each account separately on the site.

Unroll me Is No Longer Serving EU Users is a platform that has been offering services such as email management. To provide such services, the unroll me platform would access the user’s email inbox and then carry out data mining. The content gained through the data mining process would then be used to increase competitive intelligence. The users would gain through failing to see ad pop-ups from companies such as Uber. Unfortunately, after the GDRP laws kicked in, unroll me is no longer offering its services in Europe. The GDRP laws are a new form of data protection enforcement. These laws will be effective as from May.

The website published some content that entailed notifying their users about the regional service shutdown. The company notified its users that they could not comply with the GDRP laws, which is why the people in the EU region could no longer access their services. Before the GDRP laws kick in, the unroll me platform will have deleted all the user accounts that are owned by people residing in the EU region.

According to unroll me, their services are more suited to users in the U.S. Additionally, was not designed to comply with the GDRP laws. The company has gone a step further to apologize to their clients in the EU region. Slice Technologies is the company that owns the platform. It has been alleged that Slice Technologies has been using personal information from their users to come up with market research products that are aimed at understanding consumer trends. People are critiquing the platform for not being transparent with their users since they are supposedly selling personal bits of information to other entities.

Many of the critiques have not read through the privacy policy on the platform. The privacy policies on their site indicate that they can share the personal information of their users however they please. They can share the information with any party of their own choosing. Because of such terms and conditions, the platform cannot comply with the GDRP rules. As a result, the users in the EU region can no longer benefit from the company’s services.