Marc Sparks Proves the Entrepreneurial Spirit Can Accomplish Anything

Marc Sparks is the spirit of entrepreneurship. He is a high school graduate who dived into the deep end of the entrepreneurship pool and became a success in the business world. He substituted passion, savvy and the never give up ingredient for formal education beyond high school and created sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products. He also started a software company and sold hundreds of million dollars worth of product.

His endeavors have not always been successful, but he always used the failures as stepping stones to success. Mr. Sparks passion is to build companies and he often starts with an idea that others think is to off-beat to succeed. He runs with the idea and works it until it does succeed. He keeps a handful companies in his private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP. He develops a business model for his idea and builds a business culture of short and long term goals, as well as long range growth plans. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

He has taken his philosophy and know-how and put them all into a book he hopes will inspire others. It is the best way he can find to let others know hard work, dedication and commitment will pay-off in the long run. Anyone willing to make the effort, no matter how much or how little training and education they have can be a success. In addition to his success, he also writes about his failures which he thinks will serve as the best teacher for finding success.

Mr. Marc Sparks has also used entrepreneurship as a springboard to philanthropy. He considers himself to be very fortunate and successful and wants to give back. He supports organizations that offer a hand up, as well as a hand out to those less fortunate. He supports Samaritan Inn, Habitat for Humanity and American Can! Academy in the Dallas area.

Mr. Sparks and his wife created Spark Tank, an innovative concept that provides the opportunity for business people involved in social services to present ideas that will benefit society. Applicants present their ideas before the Spark Tank panel and winners receive funding to help implement their ideas that will positively impact lives. Spark Tank has proven to be quite a successful program and really brought out the entrepreneurial spirit of its applicants.

Past winners have received funding to build a kennel behind Samaritan Inn to house pets of families that enter the Inn’s programs, funded the cost of a children’s camp and programs and activities so children do not have to spend time in daycare and providing fuel for a shuttle bus for a year to provide transportation for clients without vehicles to get to work every day.

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