Rocketship Education is the Sign of the Times

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter public school network that is usually placed in a lower-income neighborhood where exceptional schools are not available. In most of our traditional schools, the quality of education has more to do with the affluence of the neighborhood and the tax support in the area than a more balanced approach. This hurts the students as there is not always enough money to support the needs of the students.

Furthermore, just putting students in a room with a teacher does not always guarantee that the students learn enough to utilize anything of a practical nature. When students are grouped into large classes five or six times a day some of them get ahead, many fall behind and the majority of them are somewhere in the middle. The quality of education is mediocre at best.

Rocketship Education uses what they call a “Blended Education” model. There is a traditional classroom session, but it is used for high-level, broad-based input. For general themes and conceptual presentation, an overall setting is still great for getting broad agendas across.

The digital learning is an individual learning process that is good for memorization, math, detailed facts and the like. Exercises that are fun can be utilized so that the student cannot move forward until he finishes the “game” or exercise. Utilizing computerized exercises formed in the manner that students are used to seeing anyway are very useful.

Individualized tutoring is an excellent way to help the student understand and work through any issues that may have occurred. By working one-on-one with the student the positive feedback is instantaneous and very productive.

Rocketship Education incorporates the partnership of teachers, students, parents and the community in its overall approach. Parents play a key role in the process because they are the closest to the students and once they are fully involved they can really be of great help to the student.

The results tell the tale because that is what education is all about anyway. If knowledge is not able to be put to use it become irrelevant. The test scores of Rocket students at graduation are as much as a year ahead of other contemporary students from public schools.