Michael Terpins Makes a Grand Performance at the Sartoes Rally

The Sertoes Rally ranks as one of the most grueling rally tracks in South America. The annual event is well into its second decade running and it tests the limits and skills of the rally drivers over the 155 km long track. At the just concluded Sertoes Rally, the outstanding driver and co-driver pair of Rodrigo Terpins managed to finish in the seventh place. The pair navigated the extraneous course in slightly over 2 hours. Rodrigoo and his partner drove a Prototype T1 rally car model; his brother, Michael T. failed to complete the circuit, according to Terra.com


Rodrigo Terpins’ number 326 prototype car handled just perfectly on its first outing, but the lot had to exercise excessive caution on the dirt terrains. Michael Terpins got into a minor accident on the outing that completely damaged their KM 62 four-wheel driver. The unfortunate duo was later released by the medics but that was also the end of the Sartores Rally completion of the two veteran drivers.

Social Media

The rallying brothers have an active social media presence. The duo doesn’t shy away from replying to the personal messages from their thousands of rally followers and supporters. Follow the Terpins bro’s via their Official Twitter and Instagram handles shared here.

The 25th edition of the Bull Rally, by then, billed as the most anticipated events on the rallying calendar happened in August 2017. Michael Terpins and his trusted navigator, Maykel Justo, and most importantly, their T1 T-Rex inspired prototype cars had staged full recoveries.

Facts and Figures

The Bull Sertoes course covered a jaw-dropping 3,300 kilometers but, that fact didn’t perturb the dynamic racers of Michael and Maykel one bit since they knew their car was at optimal performance levels. The 25th edition of the Sertores event saw the off-road competitors race their buggies across different types of terrains for days. The annual rally competition features UTVs, motorbikes, quadricyles and other types of prototype cars. The event saw the professional and armature riders drive through the borders of four counties.

Michael and his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins come from a proud racing family. Their father was an astute racer back in the old days but had since retired to focus on training his sons on how to race like champions