Bhanu Choudhrie Is Helping Women Take Flight

There is a shortage of certified pilots throughout Asia and there are some who are looking for solutions to this problem. One of the ways that this is being addressed is by training more pilots through facilities like Alpha Aviation Academy. Aviation has become somewhat of a pet project for Bhanu Choudhrie, the founder of C&C Alpha Group. It all began after his company purchased a small airline with one plan that ended up boosting the aviation industry in India. While Bhanu Choudhrie is considered an aviation expert now, he is also an entrepreneur and the industry has shown to be a great investment for him and his company. In addition to owning an airline, he also opened up flight schools to educate the pilots that are now in high demand in the region.

One of the ways that Bhanu Choudhrie is trying to provide more pilots in the area is by recruiting more women to his flight school in the Philippines. Currently, women only make up 3% of all of the pilots in the world, but Alpha Aviation Academy has a ratio of one in five students at their institution being female. His group holds programs at universities in the area to try to recruit women. In addition, they also ask women who are pilots to speak to these female students to encourage others to apply. There are still people in the Philippines who are under the impression that men are the only ones who are allowed to go to flight school and Bhanu Choudhrie is trying to dispel that.

Bhanu Choudhrie earned an International Business and Marketing BA from Boston University before moving to London where he founded C&C Alpha Group. He is an Indian native which is one of the reasons why he invests so heavily in the area. He enjoys constantly learning new things and was excited to be accepted into the Owner’s President Management Program at Harvard Business School. He attended this program in intervals between 2013 and 2016. Along with being able to expand his knowledge of business, he enjoyed the learning environment that he was a part of.

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How Eric Pulier Has Influenced The Growth Of Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and technologist who has invested widely in nurturing young professionals and advancing the culture of entrepreneurship. He is also a prolific author and most of his articles address issues surrounding business and technology. Eric founded and co-founded several businesses that have elevated him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Such businesses include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, US Interactive and Akana. Additionally, Eric Pulier has channeled more effort into venture capitals that include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies and Trident Capital, which have been working with ambitious and talented startups across the country.

Education and early life

Eric attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1984, from which point he proceeded to the Harvard University. Before he enrolled for high school education, Eric Pulier had vowed to pursue his dream of becoming the most successful entrepreneur and computer programmer. He started gathering materials and conducting research on different areas of programming, and it is through this dedication that he was able to launch a database company when he joined high school.

This success story has motivated many young professionals who are looking to pursue their dreams across the country. When he joined the Harvard University for a degree in English and American Literature, Eric Pulier already had a good background in computer programming. He, therefore, enrolled for Computer Science at neighboring MIT. He completed both courses in 1984 and was able to emerge with high honors amid different challenges along the way.


Philanthropy and taking part in causes that bring light to lives is one of the things Eric Pulier has invested largely in. He started by building a platform that could help by offering solutions to intractable problems among economically disadvantaged persons.

He pioneered the creation of an educational program that was reserved for people with Multiple Sclerosis, where they could connect with the world and learn things that would help them feel better about themselves. Most importantly, Eric Pulier has been an active member of the Campaign for Free College Tuition, which is supporting the provision of free college education to all Americans.

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The Ecommerce Guru That is Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg demonstrated ingenuity and brilliance from a very tender age. His first venture, an Online Bulletin Board Service at only 13 years old, was initiated and funded by his Bar Mitzvah money. With a little tweak here and there, two years later Adam Goldenberg transformed his company to gaming website which he called Gamer’s Alliance. Offering much promise, the website caught the attention of Brett Brewer, president and founder of Intermix Media. Brewer acquired Gamer’s Alliance in 1997 without prior information that the founder was only 17 years old. At such a tender age, Adam received an appointment at Intermix Media and after two years he went ahead to become the youngest Chief Operating Officer of a public company at only 19 years old.

While at Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg met with an equally innovative entrepreneur, Don Ressler. The duo clicked and they both combined their efforts to form their first e-commerce and performance advertising company, Alena Media. The company, which was a major division of Intermix Media, was successful in generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the company. Nevertheless, Adam and Don had their time at Intermix Media cut short after the company was acquired by News Corp in 2005.

However, this did not put Adam and Don down at all as they decided to team up and explore new and bigger opportunities they knew they had within their grasp. Having gained more than enough experience in the performance advertising sector, they gathered a team from Intermix Media and held a brainstorming session in Adam’s living room. By incorporating all their ideas, they came up with a brand building enterprise that was designed to run unmonitored which they called Intelligent Beauty.

With a thirst for more success, both Adam and Don went ahead to create their first venture which was under Intelligent Beauty which they named DERMSTORE. The company was established as an online marketplace for skincare and cosmetics. Two years later they launched their second company under their brand building enterprise, SENSA, an online weight loss system. Both ventures became a reality as a result of both entrepreneurs bootstrapping all of their savings. Both companies, nevertheless, went ahead to prove worthy ventures as they were able to receive an investment of $43 million from Technology Crossover Venture

Nonetheless, their most profitable venture came about through JustFab which was established in 2011. Having been set up as an online subscription fashion retailer, the company was able to recruit over 4 million in subscribers within the same year it was launched. Having reached the 6 million member mark as of April 2012, the company continues to show even greater success, and it has received huge capital in funding from other major companies. See: