Sergey Petrossov is Changing the Way We Fly

Becoming a CEO at a young age is something that millions of people dream of every day. That being said, not all ventures are as successful as JetSmarter, started by 28-year-old Sergey Petrossov.

Sergey PetrossovSergey and his family moved to the United States when he was very young and he has worked to create several different companies that have been successful and that are still working today. His company, JetSmarter is a fantastic company that allows users to charter flights on their own, with other fliers, or to charter jet shuttles to take them to the airport to make sure that they make their flight.

His love of aviation started when he was in college and when he realized that the private jet industry could be improved greatly. He wanted to create a company that would allow fliers to do more and to have more control over their flights and over their experience. He has worked to create a company that is different, that is going to provide a unique and different experience, and one that is going to change the way that they fly.

Sergey Petrossov is continually creating new technology, new innovations and so much more to make a positive impact. He has worked on a range of companies and is continually innovating and creating new technologies that make using JetSmarter and other similar companies easier and more effective overall. Sergey majored in business and technology and worked to create a company that is going to be different and that is truly going to make a difference for users.

Sergey Petrossov

For those that want an experience that is different and that is truly going to make a huge difference in the overall private jets and flights that you take, JetSmarter is a wonderful opportunity. Sergey Petrossov has made a huge impact on the private jet industry and he is continually changing and working to improve the company that he has already created and hopes to create in the future.

The Impact Of Telehealth, According To Jack Plotkin

Jack PlotkinIt’s not always easy trying to get to the doctor’s office for your annual physical but nowadays you no longer have to thanks to the advent of telehealth. As Jack Plotkin says, the whole concept is being able to consult with your doctor without having to be in the same room as them. Back in the day, they had to do it over the phone and the doctor had to diagnose it based on the scarce amount of information they had been given by their patient. As you might imagine, this did not always work well but it has gotten easier nowadays because of wearable health technology such as smartwatches and the rise of modern innovation. The devices they have now can transmit your health stats wirelessly to your doctor so they can examine the results.

This may seem like a convenient method for many patients but it’s not particularly easy for doctors as they don’t always have access to their patient’s medical records that they need to diagnose them. The nurses too also find themselves with a lack of access to the EMRs that they often need to assist their patients. Of course, this may soon be changing thanks to virtual health. Set to launch within the next year or so, this new platform will attempt to amalgamate the current medical records with the rest of the medical database making it easier for them to access whatever files they need. However, Jack Plotkin is concerned about the rising costs.

Jack PlotkinMedicare and Medicaid won’t subsidize these procedures and many insurance companies have also refused to cover it as well. So it’s currently only a procedure for the wealthy and elite but he remains confident that it will become the new norm one day. So we’ll wait and see.

Read more from Jack on Medium.

About Sergey Petrossov and His Career

Sergey PetrossovSince high school when he established his first business, Sergey Petrossov’s strong job ethic and drive to succeed as a businessman has been obvious: a tire rim import/export company for luxury vehicles. Now, Petrossov is JetSmarter’s founder and CEO, an app-based mobile community designed to assist individuals to travel through private jet for a fraction of the price and like meeting like-minded individuals. Before JetSmarter was launched, Petrossov, who was named one of Forbes ‘ 30-under-30 and one of the Top Working Professionals in South Florida, co-founded two IT projects: an internet customer service chat system and a distance learning platform for Russian-speaking academic organizations. Petrossov has no such thing as a “typical” day. He spends a few days talking to stakeholders while spending other days meeting the requirements of customers. One continual, however, is that he is always looking for ways through innovation to optimize the product, anticipating how the demands of his customers will develop and how to solve them rapidly and efficiently.

Technology continually enhances people’s lifestyles, so Sergey Petrossov never stops thinking about making the most of all the gadgets and devices individuals have at their fingertips. He’s always looking for ways to streamline procedures and use technology to create something better and simpler than JetSmarter has been successful in doing.

Sergey Petrossov

Business development relies mainly on a mixture of innovation and marketing. Constant innovation depends on anticipating and catering to the next move and trends of the customer at all times. The mistakes that occur along the manner are one of the most important elements that move a company forward. The private aviation sector is extremely inefficient, and Petrossov has constructed JetSmarter to take the sector into the 21st century with effectiveness and a younger customer base.

Texas Native Dr. Jennifer Walden Shines In Plastic Surgery Field

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received a plethora of accolades over the years. She is a graduate of the University of Texas, and she has practiced in New York and Texas for more than 15 years. A lot of patients have gone to Dr. Walden for reconstructive cosmetic surgery. She has a lengthy resume and a plethora of patients can vouch for the quality work that she has performed.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s reviews are giving people insight into the great work that Dr. Walden is now doing in Austin. She is a former resident of Manhattan. This is where she performed surgeries on patients before she moved back to her native state of Texas. She has been seen in various Austin publications, and Dr. Walden is often called upon to discuss new technology on local television stations when new cosmetic procedures are available.

Others may know Dr. Walden from her time as a correspondent on VH1 shows that highlighted plastic surgery procedures. She has also co-authored a book about plastic surgery, and she has become widely known in America as one of the top female surgeons. All of these accomplishments and accolades have helped Dr. Walden grow her business tremendously. People are quite fascinated by the work that she has done, and they want to know more about things like rhinoplasty, Botox and vaginal rejuvenation. These are all procedures that are handled by Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews for these surgeries are outstanding.

It is evident that Dr. Walden is in a professional that keeps quality at the forefront. She has taken great measures to make sure that technological advances stay at the forefront of what she is doing. She has put her mind towards building a practice where she researches new advancements in plastic surgery thoroughly before she utilizes any of this. She becomes well aware of how new procedures work and this makes her a great consultant for those potential patients that are considering plastic surgery. Dr. Walden is well informed of how the plastic surgery arena is changing, and patients that have given Dr. Walden reviews are satisfied with her consultation and her surgical skills in her field of expertise.

Advantages of Classified Ads – What Is It?

The Nuiances of Advantages of Classified Ads
Display ads in content are the ideal bang-for-your-buck to market your organization. What’s more, you cannot post ads in numerous cities in the nation. Generally, classified ads are great for smaller budgets confined to certain locations. Classified Ads is quite accessible to target niche markets, and to create distinctive websites on exactly the same platform with diverse characteristics and functions. They are the excellent way to build well-liked business services and get more visitors to your website. Ads Classified Ads supply you with the very best approach to post your ads on their site. When it has to do with online classified ads, Craigslist is undeniably among the most popular and among the most widely-used classified ads forums on the Internet.  leolist

In the event the ad is posted in a really very good site, it is going to get lots of visitors daily. On the flip side, internet ads are unique since they enable you to be as specific as you wish to be. At length, internet ads can frequently be posted nearly instantaneously (based on the site), so if time is of the essence and you should put up your advertisement once possible, you are probably going to need to head online. Then as soon as the ad is published there’s also a chance that the great number of individuals do not know of the published ads. While display ads have some limitations, they’re a good way to start advertising. Creating very good display ads takes a bit of design and marketing knowledge. Basic With very little complexity display ads are quite simple to comprehend with respect to creation, placement and analytics, making them a fantastic place to start for beginners.

Advantages of Classified Ads – Dead or Alive?
You simply have to examine the popularity and superior services of the internet classifieds websites where you could place your ads properly and with whole address or contact numbers. Another advantage of internet advertising is it’s incredibly inexpensive. One of the benefits of on-line newspaper advertising is that you can partner it using print newspaper advertising in many instances, opting to run a similar ad both on the paper’s website and in the authentic paper even regarding placement. Another benefit of classifieds is they can be accessible by millions of prospective clients and the possibilities of getting noticed are extremely high. The benefits of using completely free classifieds website are many. There are quite a lot of benefits of selling our second hand items over the world wide web. Evaluate very carefully its advantages and disadvantages and after that begin behaving as in case you don’t have any type of advertising cash!

What You Can Do About Advantages of Classified Ads Starting in the Next 2 Minutes
Marketing comes in numerous distinct forms. Advertising is a tool of marketing that’s utilized to make awareness about a solution or assistance. While newspaper advertising is a bit more costly than online advertising, the good thing is that the paper provides many diverse options based on your financial plan. Classified advertising can be helpful for certain sorts of marketing, but additionally, it has some limitations. It is a shabby and simple route for independent companies to interface with potential clients. Advertising within your financial plan, and obtaining a big return investment and response with the folks you’re endorsing with, is considerably more profitable.

The Downside Risk of Advantages of Classified Ads
On-line publicity in the shape of classified ads provides a helpful advertising tool for businesses or individuals in an enormous cost-saving way. You may even decide to pay based on the number of folks view your ad or how a lot of people actually click on it. Likewise if you’re planning to relocate, you can have a look at the help wanted ads in a newspaper in the region where you want to live and work. You’re permitted to post a free ad on the website and leave your contact details. Thus, you obtain the most, and the majority of the absolutely free ad posting websites are intended to keep a great rapport with the clients and buyers, through feedback systems and queries. While the on-line ads are free of charge and live all of the moment, the newspaper classifieds enjoy wide readability. On-line recruitment ads require the candidate to have accessibility to computers or other electronic devices that may access the world wide web, using applications that frequently provide numerous distractions.

Website is a location where you can promote a service or product. Advertisement websites are extremely beneficial for each and every one, when you desire to discover any innovative events or also wish to share with others, with the assistance of classified ads websites you can readily accomplish it. Although your site only is composed of some web pages, but in case you also offer streaming video or audio to visitors, the price of bandwidth is something you ought to take under consideration very carefully. Yet another feature you may add in your classified ads website that’s set word count limit and image resolution for your website. Classified ads websites are promoted so as to entice a broader audience. There are many sites which provide the capability of posting the classified ads free of charge.

Learn The 6 Ways to Boost Press Release Distribution Results

There are several methods of distributing a press release distribution. Both most recommended approaches include pitching directly to reporters, publications and influencers, or making use of a paid blood circulation site.

If you intend to enhance the result of your job, you can do try these 6 methods:

When pitching press reporters:

  • Pitch to the essential media.

Amongst the fundamental guidelines in throwing is to send your pitch to essential media. It suggests, no mass throwing.

Journalists are not completely satisfied obtaining unrequested emails from advertising and marketing professionals. They are not thrilled when they cover innovation, and also you pitched them farming news.

You need to recognize that it’s a total wild-goose chase as well as likewise campaign. It boils down to a lack of research study as well as choice. If you intend to harness the outcome of your launch, you have to find time to identify your target reporters.

It does not finish there. You require to research them as well as acknowledge if you’re a great fit. Exists a possibility that they would certainly create your story?

  • Tell a story.

A few of the most common failures in giving a press release is the absence of a tale. Consumers intend to buy from you, yet certainly, they initially wish to find out about your brand.

In creating a launch, make sure that you narrate that relates to your information. People can connect with brand names right now when you use a human component.

A story has sensations. Individuals can affix promptly with your trademark name if you have an account to inform. Besides that, including a tale ensures that your brand name sticks to their mind. They could neglect your item, yet they can certainly remember your tale.

  • Construct connections.

Prior to pitching, you ought to have an existing partnership with your target press reporters. It’s a piece of cake that you would definitely pitch to a person that does not likewise recognize your brand name. Just how can they link?
Do you think they would undoubtedly uncover time to examine regarding your trademark name first? Besides, when you examine them, you’ll have an idea concerning the best they cover, their latest released work or their tossing demands.

Know the reporters remarkably well. Contact them with socials media. Situate initiative as well as time, and likewise you’ll see that you’ll have a better outcome.

When making use of news release circulation websites:

  • Select trustworthy paid circulation firms.

To raise your distribution initiatives, ensure that you work with reliable paid websites that can syndicate your information to their internet sites in addition to other locations – paper, publications, radio, career, along with the net, and get to press reporters and details magazines.

Although you spend for a charge, the end result can give you insurance coverage. Do not simply settle for absolutely free websites that just publish stories on their internet websites for a restricted time. There’s no outcome compared to using paid sites.

  • Utilize social media sites sites.

Today, individuals get info, purchase things as well as figure out anything on the net. That’s why a huge variety of the target market can conveniently see your news if it is shared on the social media websites apart from your web sites.

For example, video clip launches bring in a lot more sights and likewise engagement than typical launches. Share pictures or infographics. Offer a web link to your web site, so people can see where it is released. They are likewise able to get more information worrying your brand name.

You can share launches on Twitter or LinkedIn where extra reporters are energised. Get in touch with your target press reporters. Use hashtags and crucial phrases to enhance your launches.
When you use distribution websites, ensure that they have social sharing switch. This permits people seeing your launch to share it on their own social networks.

  • Select paid circulation web sites that supply records.

Determining the effectiveness of your distribution job is necessary. You’ll identify whether you attain your goals.

Pick press circulation firms that provide reports as well as monitoring devices for you to understand just how much your launch has reached, web page views, communication, and so forth. It’s crucial for you to see the efficiency of your outreach so you can make improvements when called for. You can furthermore use various other project gadgets to enhance the outcomes.
You can also pitch launches to influencers and bloggers. Utilizing the influencer campaign can help advertise your brand name understanding as well as interaction.

Things to Keep in Mind when Doing Media Outreach

Media Outreach is a vital aspect of this digital era of promo. You can not simply do things how you require it.

Take a look at the Things Which You must keep in mind when doing your networking outreach:

Study initially prior to pitching.

Any Public Relations outreach initiative such as a media release begins with research. This is crucial to recognize whether your energy is mosting likely to be a success or not. It involves a prolonged procedure of finding reporters, media sources, the target market and sites that support your brand name’s message.

Find a media data source which you may service.

Research study.

After developing a networking listing, have a look at their posts. Most likely to their websites, websites and also societal networking profiles. Evaluate what they’re posting and also just how they connect with their fans.

Produce a relationship.

As quickly as you have actually obtained an understanding of the networking, approach them without even requesting any kind of favor or promo. Create a web link by just appreciating and sharing their posts, asking concerns or commenting in their messages, or sending a message regarding just how well you love their articles.

Be ready.

After developing a professional connection, you may begin opening on your request.

They have a great deal of work and also target dates to do, so be sure you’re prepared when they claim yes to your offer. As they’re active individuals, they appreciate it if they float with brands that come all set. Surprise them with suggestions, stats, as well as be sure you are aware of what they do.

Reciprocate the like.

They aren’t likely to ask you something, but as quickly as they create on your tale, offer something to cultivate your partnership together. It can be in some loan or kind, such as cost-free products, vouchers or price cuts.

Customize your pitch.

You can not send them the very same e-mail which you sent out to a various reporter. If you believe they don’t understand, you are making a significant mistake.

Try to customize each pitch you delivered. It shows that you comprehend them as well as you did your study.

Attempt harder.

Can you feel irritated when a reporter did not pay your tale? It does not indicate they don’t like your narrative. You can be lacking in relationship-building, and also they’re still excited to supply you an additional opportunity.a

Try more difficult as well as work in your link. They can be needing you to apply even more initiative in understanding them.

Consider the best timing.

Timing is important in networking. Make sure you recognize which sort of media you’re linking to. That can be important as pitching depends upon their preparations.

For example, targeting web site sites thinks accepting stories around 3 months. News websites are extra worried regarding providing associated information, so make certain you adjust to their very own 12 to 48 preparation.

Send complimentary examples.

It will certainly not cost so much in your end but might offer you enhanced yields.

On the other hand, if they do not enjoy the product, it will not injure you a whole lot. What is substantial is, you tried.

Make face-to-face relationships.

Although it isn’t relevant to all complete strangers or blog owners, welcoming them to get private meetings, celebrations or just for having java, is a gorgeous time to begin resilient specialist organizations.

Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy, FAIA, who serves as executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). The announcement marks the first time an architect has received the Polk Award, which recognizes “living Mississippi-connected artists and art patrons whose body of work over a lifetime of creating, performing, and/or supporting art is extraordinary.” Past honorees include writer Eudora Welty, actor Morgan Freeman, and artist Walter Anderson.

“When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy,” said MIAL President Nancy LaForge. “As a writer, author and commentator on architecture worldwide, Ivy now takes his rightful place in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.”

“As the CEO of AIA since 2011, and as an author, editor and practicing architect, Robert Ivy is a worthy ambassador for our profession,” added AIA President Carl Elefante, FAIA. “This award comes as a crowning personal and professional achievement for him as a native of Mississippi. On behalf of the AIA, I am truly delighted to congratulate him on this unique honor.”

Since beginning his tenure with AIA in 2011, Ivy has expanded the global presence and influence of the organization, which is currently at its highest membership level in its 160-year history. Ivy will be officially acknowledged during a June 2 event.


PSI-Pay is an FCA controlled payment resolutions that provide for corporates and individuals payments. It offers online accounts as well as cards to facilitate and enhance the global economy. The contactless payments utilize smart cards and credits cards as forms of making payments for the goods and services. Therefore, PSI-Pay is an organization that offers such contactless payment services. These services are much secure since they use NFC or RFID technology. For appropriate use of contactless payment services, customers are advised to tap their cards or rings to terminals of sales. As such, the usage of coins and notes in the United Kingdom is a foregone practice to the extent that even the Church of England has adopted such technology.


The church has piloted the electronic collection terminals in its forty-affiliate churches to collect donations. The British Retail Consortium has reported that almost all transactions are done and facilitated by the credit cards. PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables its associate company announced that the cashless payments dominate the modern market. The dualistic companies are the cashless payment champions in the global market.


The United Kingdom cards association released a report that more than 108 million contactless cards were delivered and about half a million bank, owned terminals had been established to facilitate such transactions. As such, PSI-Pay was the leading option. The company operates on its policies based on transparency, efficiency, and clarity and it was licensed in 2011 under the European Union money controllers. The company was registered as such to supply electronic money. PSI-Pay collaborated with the master card in 2009, and therefore PSI-Pay offers the MasterCard services.


Customers have greatly shifted to the company services. Customer security is guaranteed as the company has deployed ‘ECURITY’ to mitigate and counter any irregularities and illegal activities that may result in its usage. Contactless payment has a security feature like PIN and chips with other layers of embedded security enhancements. Again, Kerv rings are turned on and off for every transaction, and Kerv ensures balance notifications. As such, the user can easily monitor her/his transactions using a smartphone or by the use of the banking app.

Infinity Group Australia Leading Financial Advisor in Australia

In today’s age, most of the people know that they have to work hard to achieve financial security, but they disregard one of the most important components of financial security, which is making regular investments. One needs to make sure that they save at regular intervals and invest in prospective financial instruments that have the scope of growth and are fundamentally strong. The market is filled with many different investment products and banks and financial organizations have many basic as well as market-linked products. Choosing from these products can be quite difficult for an average citizen who does not have a good idea of the financial world.



Infinity Group Australia is one of the leading financial organizations in Australia that is dedicated to helping the average Australians get the best deals from the commercial organizations. The debt of the ordinary people has been rising at a rapid pace in the last few years, and most of the people are unable to cope with the financial pressure. Most of the clients of Infinity have found the lost confidence back to manage their finances with the professional expertise of the finance professionals of the company. Infinity has years of experience in the field of financial and retirement planning and has ensured that the clients can plan their finances and retirement without any issues.



In Australia, millions of people are struggling with their finances and debt and Infinity promises to help you with debt reduction. They have a good network with the financial organizations across the country and would ensure that you are able to get better investment and financial deals from the financial organizations. Planning your retirement can be really challenging, but it is also necessary to secure your future financially. One has to make sure that they continue to stay updated on what is happening in the world of finance. If you do not have your finances in order, you would have to face a lot of difficulties in the future. One of the major reasons why there are so many people not able to pay off their debt in time is because they mismanage their finances.



If you want to make sure that you continue to enjoy your life free of any financial worries, then you need to invest on a regular basis with the help of experts from Infinity. The Infinity Group Australia reviews can also be found on the internet where you would learn more about how they help you get free of debt and secure your financial future. They do not only personalized financial and investment solutions but also ensure that you can get back on your feet financially much sooner than you earlier thought was possible.

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