A Guilty Vegan Pleasure With Markus Rothkranz

Anyone who loves chocolate and wants an easy, healthy dessert recipe needs to see Markus Rothkranz freezer chocolate and marzipan video. This video will have you head over heels to get in your kitchen and start making your own chocolate. A healthy chocolate is something we all need to see. Not only is this video enticing, it was fun to watch him whip up all the ingredients. He takes super healthy ingredients like cacao powder, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla, raw carob powder, cashew butter and whips it up and freezes it. The marzipan consists of almonds and maple syrup which is too blended together to add to the chocolate.

The difference with his chocolate is there isn’t all the hydrogenated oils and stuff that makes you fat like many other store bought chocolates on the market. This vegan chocolate recipe could actually help one lose weight because it’s packed with minerals and healthy fats unlike most store bought chocolates. There is so much more evidence behind healthy fats helping one to lose weight and why he uses coconut oil.

There are many options for this chocolate; however, Markus suggests getting some fresh organic fruit like strawberries and cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide by soaking them in it for one minute. After that it’s time to start dipping them into the chocolate to be placed on a pan that goes into the freezer. Then after about ten minutes he shows the mouthwatering delicious chocolate covered strawberries.

This recipe has got to be the healthiest no-bake chocolate I have ever seen. He takes the marzipan and pours it into waxed cups filled with the chocolate so you can have your own little healthy reesces pieces. Then after about forty five minutes one can have some hard chocolate that will change one’s life. The candy looks ready to eat as soon as it comes out the freezer and it is so simple one will definitely need to try.

Having one’s sweets in a healthy way is a great way to help change one’s lifestyle but still enjoys those guilty chocolate pleasures. Also, don’t forget this recipe is one hundred percent vegan which means no animal products. This video is a great start for the entire do it yourself crowd that wants to make delicious healthy snacks that everyone will be sure to enjoy. He has other videos of great recipes to share if you get the opportunity to watch his awesome Markus Rothkran awesome YouTube channel.