Dr. Dov Rand Weight loss Specialist And Regenerative Medical Expert

Dr. Dov Rand is a weight loss specialist who received his medical training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. His passion is to help his patients who are having health problems as they age. Dr. Dov Rand from West Orange uses his experience and training in helping patients with health issues, such as weight loss and other medical conditions that come with growing older. He practices regenerative medicine that can greatly benefit his patients. This focus includes programs that address wellness, including IV nutrient therapy and different resolution to anti-aging and weight loss.

Dr. Dov Rand constantly develops programs for his patients on an individual basis to meet their specific medical needs. His programs include getting his patients to focus on areas in their lives that often sabotage their quality of living. Dr. Dov Rand affords his patients the opportunity to be relieved from conditions that are age-related. He is focused and determined to help his patients with restoration of their health, to improve their strength and to prevent disease.

At the Healthy Medical Center, treatments Dr. Dov Rand offers inventive approaches to menopausal problems such as mood swings, weight gain, mental fogginess, high blood pressure anxiety and hot flashes. These symptoms, are alleviated with Dr. Dov Rand’s treatments that he developed. His approach to helping his patients with aging issues such as those who suffer from night sweats, memory loss, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, low libido, fatigue and hormonal imbalance, he offers treatments that allow the body’s hormonal functions to perform normally.


Knowledge of Nutritional Approaches

Dr. Dov Rand was influenced by the study of nutritive principles. He developed the HCG nutritional program that included a hormone that pregnant women produce. This hormone develops in the placenta and nourishes the development of the fetus. A test has been done that shows the hormone can help in the prevention of deteriorating degenerative muscle in individuals who use diet to help with losing weight.

The HCG diet is accessible to patients who would like to see fast results in their weight loss program, and Dr. Dov Rand makes it available to them.