Use Prevagen along with these tips to improve brain health

Regular Prevagen users know that it can be used to boost brain health. They also know that cognitive function begins to decline when people hit 45 years of age.

There is a reason why doctors give people who are 65 years of age or older cognitive function tests, and why it was important to know the results of Trump’s test rather than what he reported to the nation.

Politic aside, there are things people can do to make sure that they are getting what they need.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause concentration in issues in people of any age. Just ask High School or college students who have stayed up all night and who have early college classes.

They probably do not do their best. It is even more important as people age.

Get Some Exercise!

Doctors seem to overestimate the importance of exercise. It can grate on their patients to be reminded that they should exercise more at every doctor’s visit.

However, our bodies are designed to move, and of course, the brain is involved in everything the body does. Exercise prevents sarcopenia and it helps the brain stay in shape too.

Don’t Forget to Use the Brain

Exercising the body may exercise the brain, but do not forget the brain needs to be exercised too.

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Doing things like playing Word with Friends, playing Chess, Checkers, Reversi, Go or even strategy card games like Magic: the Gathering can help someone keep their mental skills sharp as they get older.

Don’t forget to take Prevagen

Prevagen is a good way for someone to bring in proper supplementation to support the brain. While it is not quite the same as taking Vitamin D for someone who does not have a Vitamin D deficiency, it’s more like using melatonin to fall asleep. It is a natural sleep aid many people can use to stay at optimal health.

The last thing in many articles that give tips about health, that many people say should be the first thing is to eat right. Certain foods, like fish and mushrooms, really do promote the health of the brain. Fish like Cod are also an excellent source of Vitamin D.

Be sure to talk to a doctor before beginning any health regimen, but most readers already knew this advice. When that is done, why not go ahead and try Prevagen? The results will speak for themselves.

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Prevagen’s Advice For Phasing Back From Vacation

First hitting the consumer market in 2007, Prevagen quickly became a highly sought after medicine to aid in memory support. One of the medicine’s early clinical trails consisted of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of adults at least 40 years of age or older.

According to the computer-based testing performed in the study, all of the participants who were administered Prevagen benefited from improved aspects of cognitive brain function including better memory while taking a single capsule a day for 90 consecutive days.

Prevagen is a proven effective medicine for improving cognitive brain function and has also been proven to be perfectly safe as several toxicity trails were conducted for its active ingredient, Apoaequorin. These trails included dosage level tests and allergy tests.

Recently the team at Prevagen has produced a list of tips to help get back in the swing of things following the wonderful, relaxing vacation season! The experts at Prevagen strongly recommend making daily bedtime and wake up schedules.

If needed, change you daily bedtimes and wake up time gradually each day until you are adapted to you optimal schedule allowing for a good night’s rest, a.k.a 7 to 8 hours a night. In addition you should make a weekly schedule at the beginning of each week so you know just what your goals, obstacles, appointments, time-management and important obligations such as work and/or schooling are every week. Keep it nice and simple for the first several weeks as you adjust to your new schedule. Read more: Prevagan | Bed Bath and Beyond and Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens

Exercise is another pivotal activity necessary for good, long-lasting mental, physical and emotional health. Even a short, twenty minute walk can have great benefits providing energy and a good attitude for the rest of the day! Be mindful to not over do it and stress yourself out as that will make keeping your schedule more difficult than it needs to be.

Don’t worry if you get a little off track from your set schedule. Stay flexible and calm as you get back on track. Remember that there are always things that you can’t control like traffic accidents and illness. Just focus on what you can manage and perform and make any adjustments necessary as you go about your day.

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