Ara Chackerian Wants To Preserve and Change the Wilderness at The Same Time

Ara Chackerian, a forestry visionary, believes that wilderness can play an important role in society. It could be an inspiration, a place for recreation and a place to pursue athleticism.


Due to its importance in society wilderness areas should be preserved. They must be taken care of and their resources must be kept intact.


According to patch, to help preserve the wilderness, a devoted group of wilderness experts assists public and private organizations in managing wilderness. They make sure that parts of the wilderness like trees, wildlife, the animals and everything are taken of in the appropriate manner. This group will ensure that the wilderness will be passed on to new generations.


To continue to preserve the wilderness, a person should know certain techniques that will insure that there are a variety of wildlife and shield the decreasing forest. The wilderness should also be protected from threats like fire, drought and stormy weather. People like Ara Chackerian know that one wilderness could be quite different from another forest. What works for one wilderness may not work for another one so a person must be careful not to use the same techniques for every forest.



Matt Pedigo, a member of the Michigan Wildlife Council, thinks that a park-like forest with old trees that are far apart from each other could be good for hiking, camping, and bird-watching, but it may not be good for wildlife. A variety of animal like young, dense wood for the shelter that they give. It would be good to ensure that a wilderness is good for humans as well as for animals.


Ara is not only a visionary, but he is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. His career has lasted many decades and has mostly dealy with healthcare technology. He has been able to start new companies that have become very successful. All these companies have dealt with many types of diagnostic imaging. on.



Chackerian’s current endeavor is to spread awareness of an innovative mental health procedure called transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is hoped that he is just s successful with this endeavor as he has had with other efforts.